Tilting at Pipelines: Geopolitical Madness at the end of Empire

putin-2.siRussian president Vladimir Putin recently sent a letter to 18 European countries that are consumers of Russian gas, telling them that, while Russia is eager to honor all of its energy commitments, the situation in Ukraine is getting to the “critical” point where supplies of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine may be threatened. Speaking to reporters, Putin summed up the essence of what he wrote to his EU counterparts:

Russia is acting very neatly, very considerately and respectfully towards our partners. We will certainly guarantee in full the honoring of all our obligations to our European consumers. We are not the problem, the problem is ensuring transit via Ukraine …

What’s he talking about? Read more »


Strange Coincidence? – Malaysian Airlines Plane Replica Stored at Ben Gurion Airport

By now you’ve probably heard about the “duplicate” Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6ER.

Based on the data at Planespotters.net it appears that there is a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6ER being stored at Tel Aviv airport.

The missing plane had a tail number of 9M-MRO. The one at Tel Aviv has tail number 9M-MRI.

"duplicate" Malaysia airlines plane now at Tel Aviv

“duplicate” Malaysia airlines plane now at Tel Aviv

Christopher Bollyn appears to have been the first to write about this latest “conspiracy”, suggesting that the plane at Tel Aviv is a “duplicate” that may be used at some point in the future to carry out a “terrorist attack” masquerading as the missing Malaysia airlines plane. But this is pure speculation.

At the beginning of 2013, Malaysia airlines had 17 active Boeing 777-2H6ERs, all “duplicates” of the missing one, save their tail numbers. Since then, 3 have been withdrawn, one way or another, from service.
In Jan. 2013 one, with tail number 9M-MRK, was withdrawn and is now stored at Orlando/Sanford International airport.In April 2013, the “Israeli” one was withdrawn, acquired by GA Telesis, an American-based second-hand planes/plane parts dealer, given a new tail number (N105GT), stored at Tarbes airport in France in October, and then moved to Ben Gurion airport in November.

In March 2014, the third was ‘withdrawn’ by some, as yet unknown, agent as it flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

I can understand, to some extent, that some people may get a little worked up at the fact that there is a Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ER plane sitting in Israel, a country whose government and intelligence agencies have a history of involvement in “false flag” terror attacks, but to parlay this into a theory that the Israelis are going to use this plane to make the missing plane ‘reappear’ as part of a fake terror attack is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

As noted, there is another “duplicate” plane sitting in Orlando. Maybe the US government is planning to use that one in a fake terror attack too? In addition, several Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ERs were previously owned by other airlines, and all of the remaining 14 active service Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ERs are scheduled to be withdrawn and replaced with newer aircraft.

So in a few years, there may be 14 “duplicates” of the missing plane sitting in hangars around the world, just waiting to be used, I suppose, in ill-conceived terror attacks to be blamed on Iran, Russia or… take your pick.

Meanwhile it appears that they just want this story to go away, declaring the plane officially ‘lost at sea’ somewhere in the vast expanse of the South Indian Ocean.

This has been an extraordinary episode in aviation history. While many planes have vanished out of thin air, none had so many passengers as MH370 and none were flying at a time everything is trackable and few things can be ‘lost’.


Unelected Ukrainian Government Creates ‘Facts on the Ground’ – No One Protests

The USA's unelected man in Ukraine signs deal with the EU

The USA’s unelected man in Ukraine signs a deal with the EU

I don’t understand the Ukrainian ‘revolution’.

Before the Ukrainian protests kicked off last October, a general election was scheduled for 2015.

As the protests grew and intensified, the elected Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovych, agreed to bring elections forward to this year and to implement a host of measures, including reverting to the 2004 constitution, which drastically reduced Presidential power.

On paper, these changes met the vast majority of protestors’ demands, and promised a new government this year, via elections. Yet just as this agreement was being signed, the violence in Kiev flared and 100 people, including policemen, were shot dead…by someone.

The result was the appointment of a new president, a new prime minister and a new cabinet, with “ultra-nationalists” in many high-profile positions and in control of the army. None of these people were elected by the Ukrainian people, and the Prime Minister is the man named by US Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland as the US choice for Prime Minister.

So while we are asked to believe that the goal of the protests in Ukraine was to bring an end to government corruption and unaccountability, bizarrely, they have resulted in a totally unelected and therefore unrepresentative Ukrainian government taking power. If I were Ukrainian, I’d be a little disappointed. I might even protest.

Admittedly, there are elections scheduled for May this year, and the current administration is only ‘interim’, yet the USA’s choice of ‘interim’ Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, appears to be establishing some ‘facts on the ground’ that are unlikely to be up for debate come May. For example, today he signed a deal with the EU, and talks with the IMF  and NATO, are in process. Again, if ‘democracy’ and the ‘will of the people’ were important to me, I’d be a little put out if I were Ukrainian.

So my question is; why, if the Ukrainian people are so determined to have ‘real Democracy’, are there no ‘people power’ protests in Ukraine over the fact that an unelected group of individuals, who were pushed into power by the US State Dept., are signing deals with the EU, the IMF and NATO in the name of the Ukrainian people? The whole things sounds a lot like a coup.


Imperial Hubris: Ukraine as a ‘regime change’ too far for the American Empire

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He is the great and powerful OZ!

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He is the great and powerful OZ!

All anti-imperialists that have been secretly longing for the day when the last great Empire of our ‘modern’ era would finally do what all the ‘best’ Empires have done – overextend itself in both reach and hubris for all to see and usher in its collapse – should be looking at the situation in Ukraine with hope and expectation.

Well, maybe I’m getting a little carried away there, but the US-Ukraine-Russia debacle does seem to be presenting ‘we the people’ with a rare opportunity to see the great American Empire as the monolithic edifice, composed largely of lies, propaganda, rhetoric, fear and public credulity that it is. There is, perhaps, a chance to see that the emperor really is naked, and that our overblown overlords and their “greatest democracy on earth” exist and persist only because we all believe their carefully crafted lies served up to us in the yellow journalism of the Empire’s fourth estate, the mainstream media.

As the empire fades and the hubris of its leaders increases however, it seems even those carefully crafted lies aren’t having the desired effect. This week, both Obama and John Kerry exposed America’s vaunted ‘exceptionalism’ as being based on exceptional dishonesty when they made statements about Russian intervention in Ukraine. The funny thing is, both Obama and Kerry were actually trying to do the opposite – present themselves as paragons of righteousness. Apparently the Neocons from whom they take their orders failed to mention to these two spokesmen for Empire that ‘chutzpah’ should never be pushed too far, lest you expose your unmitigated effrontery and impudence for all the world to see. Read more »


Nuland – Pyatt Phone Call: Hard Evidence of how ‘Democracy’ in the ‘Free World’ Works

Nuland, Pyatt and a couple of useful idiots.

Nuland, Pyatt and a couple of useful idiots.

The USA has a reputation as the world’s greatest advocate for democracy. Most people in Europe and the USA believe that it is an accurate description and reflection of the aims and effects of US foreign policy. The US State Department is tasked with implementing foreign policy.

But we have a problem. While the general public holds to (and is encouraged to hold to) the quaint notion that the people of any given democratic country elect their leaders, the reality of how modern ‘democracy’ works under the American Empire is not just somewhat different, it’s precisely the opposite.

3 weeks ago, a telephone conversation between US Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland (originally ‘Nudelman’) and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt was recorded and released (probably by Russian intelligence).

The conversation made it VERY clear that the US state department was selecting the next Ukrainian government rather than affording that right to the Ukrainian people. Read more »


‘Pussy Riot’ – A Grotesque Creation of the US State Department

'Punk Rock Band' 'Pussy Riot' with token guitar which none of them know how to play

Useless idiots: ‘Punk Rock Band’ ‘Pussy Riot’ with token guitar, which none of them know how to play

When the US government sanctioned the beating and arrest of US citizens for swaying from side to side in the Jefferson Memorial a couple of years ago, it provoked no response from the Western media (and therefore the Western zombie-citizens who rely entirely on the media for their ‘opinions’). Yet the Russian government, sorry, ‘Putin’ (because everyone knows Putin is a dictator, right?) is broadly denounced as a ‘tyrant’ by these same Western zombies (again because their ‘outraged opinion’ was deftly inserted into their brains by the Western media) for putting a stop to the ugly spectacle of deranged Russian women sticking chickens up their vaginas in supermarkets, daubing outlines of phalli on bridges, staging ‘orgies’ in a museum and cavorting around like retards in Russian Orthodox churches as part of their 3 year long international attack on the Russian government.

Disconnect? For sure, but, like I said, don’t expect any logic from the collective mind of the citizens of Western zombie nations. All you can hope to do is understand the psychopathic logic of Western governments and the way it infects the minds and manipulates the emotions of Western citizens.

‘Pussy Riot’, or 11 Russian women between the ages of 20-33, has received direct funding from the US state department and appears to be one aspect of the US government’s decade-long attempt to undermine Russian society and its president Vladimir Putin. Read more »


Psychopaths in Power and the Imminent Collapse of Global Society



I can’t really comment in any informed way on societies in the East, except to point to the Chinese slave workers who produce mountains of plastic crap for Western nations to use and then dump in the ground and oceans; the Middle East’s role as a bombing target, ‘terrorist’ recruiting ground and civil war factory for Western warmongers, and South East Asia and Africa as a block of new ‘nations’ born out of the ‘white man’s burden’ to civilize their people via brutal colonization and then grant them ‘independence’ in the form of never-ending debt to Western banks.

In the West on the other hand, where I live, I can say with confidence that our modern society, its political and social conventions, customs and morality, has past it’s expiry date and is well and truly moribund. If I were a political or social cartoonist, the image would be a giant rotting corpse plastered in thick make up and doused in cheap perfume with a greedy banker’s hand up its ass making it move and talk to fool the public into thinking that they actually has a future worth living in.

Leading the cast in this tragicomedy (heavy on the tragi) we find our psychopathic leaders and their media whores trying extra hard to convince us that everything is just fine. But that smell, that stench of lies and the screaming contradiction between what they say and what we can all see (if we look) is making it increasingly hard to believe them, and even our own wishful thinking. Read more »


‘World Cancer Day 2014′ – The Cancer Pandemic: Forget Sugar! Blame The Smokers!

roll-your-own-cigaretteEarlier today I posted a comment on this BBC article. It was one of those comment boxes where you submit your name, location, ph. number and email address and it gets sent off to the BBC’s department of censorship for rejection.

My comment went something like: “It’s nice to finally see some official recognition that sugar is involved in cancer. Governments should redirect the funds they allocate to anti-smoking campaigns towards a campaign to inform people about the dangers of a high-carb diet and to promote a Paleo diet, as  a way to prevent the spread of cancer”.

The strange thing is, right now there are no comments at all under that article, and there is no longer any option to comment, so I was wondering what actually happens to them and what the point of asking for comments is.

A while ago I found out. A nice program researcher from the BBC called me and referred to my comment and asked me if I would like to take part in a BBC radio show that is to discuss the ‘tidal wave’ of cancer that is bearing down on us all. Read more »


Philip Seymour Hoffman: Death Hoaxes of Hoaxes of Hoaxes

Philip-seymour-hoffmanThe claim that the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman was ‘predicted’ ‘earlier this week’ by a tabloid media site appears to be a hoax. Actually, it’s a hoax of a hoax.

There is a website called Mediamass, that appears to run some kind of software script that is linked to google search. The way it seems to work is that if someone searches google for the name of a famous person and the words “dead 2014″ or just “dead” or “died” the Mediamass site will produce a web page with that person’s face on a fake tabloid mag called ‘Starmag’ and some text explaining, not that the famous person in question has died, but that the famous person was reported to have died and that the report was in fact a hoax. The story and picture are themselves a hoax. Read more »


Dave McGowan Loses the Plot over Boston Bombing ‘Actors’

Last year I wrote an analysis of the Boston Bombings and the idea that ‘actors’ were used in place of victims. In that article I made reference to other websites and researchers who had taken up this meme and run with it. Author and researcher Dave McGowan has been cited most often (to me at least) as having made the best case for ‘actors’. McGowan has published a multi-part series of articles, all of which rely heavily on photographs to make his case. In this article I’ll be looking at the ‘evidence’ that he presents for the ‘actors’ theory. Before I begin though, I should explain how and why my approach differs from what appears to be the way McGowan has approached this event.

The short explanation is that my approach employs a sane mind, logic and critical thinking. McGowan’s approach employs mostly his imagination. Read more »


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