Gaddafi Dead – Just Like Saddam Hussein

Where is he now?

You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe the media hype over the alleged death of Mumar Gaddafi. Once bitten twice shy and all that. As I noted at the time, the death of Saddam Hussein was more than likely faked. The story of the Gaddafi’s ‘death’ strikes me as a little too similar to that of Saddam (pulled from a ‘hole’, ‘hiding like a rat’ etc.) and the images and videos that are doing the rounds on the mainstream media sites are waaaay too grainy to be proof of anything. At least one of them (below) is clearly a doctored version of an image purportedly taken at the site of Osama’s death, which in itself could be taken as evidence that the same people were involved in both media events.

Look at ‘Gaddafi’s’ left shoulder.  The pictures of the dead men at ‘bin Laden’s compound‘  contained one of a man with a “water gun” beneath him. The gun was bright green, the blood was dark red, and the man wore a white shirt and had dark black hair.  He had one hand across his chest.

Here’s the original:

Look familiar?  The CIA photoshopper simply flipped the image and put Gaddafi’s face on it.  The water gun was simply moved  slightly so that the orange on the gun isn’t visible. (Hat-tip to Pundit Press)

Of course, it is no secret that the events in Libya over the past few months have been nothing but ‘regime change’ by NATO forces, with the ‘freedom-fighting rebels’ being a gang of cut-throat mercenaries (paid with US, British and French taxes) and entirely unrepresentative of the majority of the Libyan people. But the will of the majority has never been a concern when it comes to NATO’s phony  ‘revolutions’.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Gaddafi.wmv]

In fact, let’s be honest and logical about this, the publishing of grisly (and grainy) photos and video of the alleged death of Gadaffi is not for the benefit of the global public at all. Rather, it is for the benefit of the leaders of any other nations who might be thinking about disobeying the dictates of the US Empire and the World bank. After all, who wants to be dragged out of a ‘hole’, unceremoniously shot and plastered all over the global media? Even if it isn’t really you, that kind of bad press can be hard to shake off.

Just read the words of Brit Foreign Sec. William Hague, and laughed out loud:

“We would have preferred him to be able to face justice at the International Criminal Court or in a Libyan court for his crimes. We don’t approve of extra-judicial killings. “

Which is such fantastical BS that I think Hague deserves a prize. If Gaddafi was in fact executed today, then Hague and his ilk in the US and France are undoubtedly delighted. Gadaffi in the dock at the Hague was the very LAST thing any members of the US, British or French criminal enterprises (aka governments) would have wanted to see. Mainly because of the large quantities of beans he would have spilled.

16 thoughts on “Gaddafi Dead – Just Like Saddam Hussein

  1. I'm a Photoshop artist and just laid those two photos on top of each other. You're right, they're the exact same image with the face swapped out. The orange on the gun isn't showing on the Gaddafi image because it's cropped out. I'd like to know where the Gaddafi photo was found and who's claiming that it's real.

  2. Suppose his death was real (which i disbelief). his death is unjustified, though probably deserved. it was completly unnesesary, his death was out of anger and revenge, not out of a liberty reason. all they (and every other citizens) had to do is deny him power stop serving him or the system and they did it. next they should have established their new nation. killing him wouldnt make a difference even if he is a wealthy man, still powerless. i mean he is not like a final boss in a video game you have to kill to acheive freedom, you are already born free. having thought about this for a while the point is he is only ONE man, while the french revolution for example was against many.

    1. people didn't revolt. People are with gaddafi, not against. This comes from Libyans, not fax news. I have video of over a million people demonstrating FOR HIM.

    1. That doesn't really look like him either- It makes me wonder how many potential look-alikes they may have shot and killed until they found a good match.

  3. the question is what is the source of the picture in your article ? I couldn't find any mainstream news station that showed this picture as a proof that he is dead. could it be that the picture you are discribing in the article is just a hoax from somebody on the net ?
    what I mean is: is it a official released picture and if so what is the source ?

    I've watched 2 or 3 different videos where you (supposedly) can see Gadaffi surrounded of a crowd of people. I have to look into them deeper to say what I think…..

  4. I think you mean Osama Bin Ladin's death photos were faked, which I don't doubt. Saddam Hussein's death was NO FAKE, he was publicly executed by his own people after standing trial.

  5. just to complicate things! Aishas denies her father is dead

    Genet Tadesse

    Attention : Aisha Gaddafi has denied the death of her father Muammar Gaddafi ! Oct.21-11
    Rictvagencia Rede Internacional
    Haisla Gaddafi's daughter denies the death of her father,says he is alive ….. Talking and the family did not recognize the facts that the present NCT Press report of the death o Gaddafi!

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