Saddam Hussein’s Ear

Six years ago I wrote an article: ‘The Capture, Trial and Conviction of Saddam Hussein – Another US Intelligence Farce‘ in which I presented pretty compelling evidence that the ‘Saddam Hussein’ that was tried and hanged in 2003-4 was not the real Saddam Hussein. It has long been accepted that Saddam used body doubles, so the idea that the US would have used one of these is not so far-fetched.

Recently, for some unknown reason, I found myself looking at images of Saddam and watching videos of his ‘trial’ and videos of interviews with him before he was allegedly captured. I invite you to listen to the voice of the person we know to be the real Saddam when he was interviewed in early 2003 by Tony Benn, and to the voice of the Saddam who was allegedly caught in 2003 by US troops when he was speaking at his show trial in 2004. And compare them.

One more interesting piece of evidence that I did not include in my original analysis is the apparent difference in the shape of the ears of the two men in question:

Trial Saddam: note the unusual shape of the tragus


Real Saddam

9 thoughts on “Saddam Hussein’s Ear

  1. The ears look very similar to me, any difference is caused by the different angle and lighting of each photograph.

  2. what i found even more curious about Saddam Hussein is why a man who has never in his life grown a beard . decides to culivate one of the finest beards you have ever seen during the year of his captivity. and throughout the court cases. and also a local joke in iraq at the time of his capture was the photo of him being taken out of his hiding place (american photo) in the background was what must of been the only date tree in iraq in flower at that time of year

    1. Hi, Dr. Bley… Isn’t it true that human noses and ears continue to grow with age? Couldn’t this account for the differing appearance of the tragus in question?

  3. Same ear. Same tragus. Human ears and noses continue to grow with age. Given the time passage between the photos, it could account for the difference. The shapes sufficiently match when angle is accounted for.

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