As a rule, Israel (“that shitty little country” according to a former French diplomat), only wages conventional war as a last resort, and even then, unlike the US of A, it lacks the manpower to invade and occupy foreign nations and must limit itself to blunt force bombing runs (or attacking Palestinian fishermen with gunboats). But the fact is that Israel doesn’t need to expend vast resources on conventional war, because there is another, equally (or perhaps more) effective way for such a pathologically-driven apartheid state to achieve its twisted objectives.


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I’m only half-joking. Check out this interview he did recently with the BBC on the topic of  public sector strikes in the UK

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Just in case you missed it (when he said it for the sixth time in answer to different questions), Miliband thinks that: “at a time when negotiations are still going on, he DOES believe these strikes are wrong and, after today’s disruption, both sides should get round the negotiating table, put aside their rhetoric, and stop this kind of action happening again. Parents and the public have been let down by both sides, and…..the government has acted in a reckless and provocative manner.”

And some people still claim politicians are disingenuous talking heads…all he really needed was a reboot!