The sad news of the drowning of two-year-old Liam Keogh in a ‘ghost estate’ in Atlone, Ireland, presents a tragically perfect analogy to the wholesale plunder of the Irish economy by the psychopaths who sit atop the world’s  banking cartels. Instead of a decent future for Ireland’s youth, they have left a literal and financial death-trap.

Just so people know that US politicians running for (and in) public office will make shit up out of thin air and have people believe it, here’s Rick Santorum speaking about Obama ‘Healthcare’ on February 3rd, where he ‘informs’ his audience about ‘voluntary euthanasia’ in Holland (the Netherlands):

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Hundreds of thousands of people have been repeatedly taking to the streets of Damascus to show their support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Photo taken October 12, 2011

While the mainstream media is going to great lengths to convince the world that events in Syria are the result of yet another ‘people’s revolution’, the facts point clearly to yet another US government-sponsored bloody ‘regime change’. Given that the US has been a de facto global empire for at least 60 years, with all of the power, infrastructure and influence that entails, how difficult do we think it would be for agents of the empire to manufacture a ‘revolution’ in any given country? The answer, surprisingly, is ‘not so easily’. But it is doable, as long as the empire is willing to murder innocent civilians to create the impression of a brutal regime in need of removal. And the USA has never balked at murdering a few hundred, a few thousand, or even a few million civilians to ensure it gets its geo-political way, to the delight of psychopaths in power everywhere. Read More →