Religions – Mainstream Vs New Age

Mainstream religions’ like Christianity, Judaism and Islam offered a path to spirituality (and therefore human evolution) that required the subservience of human potential to an unknowable ‘higher power’ and the belief that we are ‘sinners’.

Then ‘New Age religions’ came along, and, as a reaction to mainstream religions, offered the opposite: a spirituality that is free from dogma (anything goes) and everyone can be as powerful as they wish, as long as they first believe they can. No more paying for your sins and kowtowing to religious authority, now you can just step into your inherent spirituality, your innate divinity, and it’s a done deal!

Both approaches are oversimplified extremes with a seeds of truth. The truth about human beings and any spiritual path or evolution open to them is far more depressing, which is probably why so many people don’t notice it or don’t want it.

For the mainstream adherents: There is a higher power, but it doesn’t care about you. There is a “heaven” but you ain’t getting there on blind belief in fiction and feeling holy through self-righteousness and periodic flagellation.

For the New Agers: You can discover your “innate divinity”, but first you have to spend a few lifetimes getting to grips with just how unspiritual you, as an average human being, are and how little you actually know about anything.

Before there can be any human evolution, both (which by now means just about everyone) have to first wake up to the fact that the human race, individually and collectively, is probably the most ignorant, selfish, arrogant, childish, immoral, conscienceless group of semi-sentient beings in the entire Milky Way. Evidence? The words ‘Milky Way’ made about 90% of people who read this think of the candy bar!

3 thoughts on “Religions – Mainstream Vs New Age

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