Psycho Bloomberg and the Marathon Runners

Just wanted to share a great example of the kind of twisted bullshit that politicians come out with when trying to justify the unjustifiable (or worse). The core of the manipulation usually involves an appeal to people’s emotions. You may have noticed that they do this, a lot, because it usually works.

First check out the video:

So Bloomy the bullshitter’s argument is, basically, that everyone has to believe that the 107 people who died as a result of hurricane Sandy would want the marathon to go ahead and thereby provide “an economy” for those left alive. I may be wrong, but I’d wager that Bloomy knows bugger all about what poor people want, least of all dead poor people. Also, I doubt the dead people could give a toss whether or not the marathon went ahead. If they care about anything, it’s probably about the families they left behind, most of whom were the hardest hit by Sandy and most of whom are still waiting on power to be restored while Bloomy gets his pants in a twist about the marathon.

Moving on to the second bullshit artist; Mary Wittenberg is the President and CEO of New York Road Runners. According to Mary, the reason the marathon should go ahead is because it would hold the promise of the “core experience” of running the marathon being augmented with a “9/11” type emotion, due to the fact that large parts of NY and NJ coastal areas are destroyed, 107 people are dead and millions are still without power.

You see, according to Mary, the NYC marathon this year would have held a kick-ass extra “emotional experience” because, if it went ahead, runners could feel extra “emotional” by knowing that while they are running, millions of people are suffering just a few miles away, and that BY running (rather than say, helping those suffering) they are in fact helping SO much!

Which, to me anyway, makes it pretty clear that people like Bloomberg and Wittenberg (hmmm..’bergs’) have no idea what normal human emotion really is. For them, emotion is  all about the self and what it wants, including when getting what it wants involves the suffering of others.

As a parting shot, the NY Road Runners released a statement blaming “antagonistic” media coverage. It had, of course, nothing to do with the citizens of NY who still possess some level of conscience being incensed at the total lack of decency and humanity on the part of Bloomberg and Wittenberg.

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