CIA Mortar Hits Golan Heights – Israel Fires Missile Into Syria

The IDF (“the most moral army in the world”) fired a guided missile into Syria today after, they claim, a stray mortar from Syria hit an Israeli military post in the Golan Heights, a part of Syria that Israel illegally annexed in 1967. It’s unlikely this was a ‘stray mortar’, given that there has been no fighting near the Golan. It’s much more likely that this was a deliberate attempt by the CIA’s ‘Syrian rebels’ to provide Israel with an opportunity to make the first small steps to involve itself overtly in the Syrian conflict.  Covertly, the Israelis have been up to their necks in the attempt to destroy Syrian society since the get-go.

The last time a wayward mortar left Syrian territory was last month when a mortar hit a Turkish town and killed 5 people. The corrupt Turkish government made a ballyhoo over the incident and rattled a few sabres,  only for it to be revealed that the mortar in question was specific to NATO and given to Syrian rebels by Turkey itself! If that isn’t a self-inflicted wound I don’t know what is. And since Israel’s entire existence is predicated on the presence of a permanent ‘terrorist’ threat to its ‘existence’, the Israelis are well-versed in the tactic of attacking themselves (or rather, the Israeli people) to provide continued justification for Israeli brutality in the Middle East. It should come as no surprise then that the so-called ‘Syrian rebels’ – in reality a gang of hired killers, trained, funded and armed by the Americans, the Brits and the Israelis – have asked the Israelis for help in their little mercenary war for profit against the Syrian people.

Update: Mon 12th Nov: Israel has again fired “directly” on Syrian military targets and refused to comment when questioned about the provenance of the fire from Syria. That is to say, the refused to admit that the mortars came from the CIA’s ‘Syrian rebels’


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