Did Mooslim Terrorists Attack the Boston Marathon? You Bet Your Ass They Did!

Boston-Marathon-explosionWhile mainstream news outlets haven’t dared to suggest it yet, it’s totally obvious to me (and a large percentage of ignorant people in the US and Europe) that Muslim terrorists were responsible for the bombs at the Boston Marathon today. I mean, seriously, who ELSE could possibly have the motive to attack American citizens in the process of exercising (oh cool, a pun!) their divinely and constitutionally-mandated right to run around the streets of America’s greatest cities? Everyone knows that Mooslims hate running, and let’s not forget that they attacked one of the WTC towers from Boston’s Logan airport. COINCIDENCE?? I think NOT!

Don’t listen to the boolsheet that some people are spreading that the “gun nuts” did it because they were angry that the Marathon organisers had set up a special marker at the end of mile 26 to honor the Sandy Hook dead. That’s NOT true!

Look, it’s obvious that the whole “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here” approach HASN’T WORKED! They ARE HERE, NOW! So come on folks, don’t hold back, don’t wait for the lamestream media to ‘grow a pair’ and tell the truth that we all already KNOW (I mean, is 12 years of mind-programming not enough for christ’s sake?!). We need to NOOK them out of their spider holes all around the US. Sure, that might cause some collateral damage to Americans, but, ya know, ain’t it worth it to protect our Freedumbs and Dimocrazy??

Until then, grab your guns (before they’re taken away by that foreign interloper in the White House) and let’s go git them thar Mooslims! We’ve had enough already!! You heard it first here.


15 thoughts on “Did Mooslim Terrorists Attack the Boston Marathon? You Bet Your Ass They Did!

  1. You need to get your ass kicked! How dare you jump to conclusions and blame Muslims for what's happening today. There's no proof ANYWHERE to support that you crazy son of a bitch. Until there's proof of ANYTHING you need to sit your ass down and shut up.

    1. You need to be out more on the Internet Samantha to learn some irony… And, maybe have some knowledge about who the author is before YOU jump to any conclusions.

  2. We need deport local Muslim populations and start WW3 to end Islam

    just imagine, US , Russia, China, India, Europe, Australia, Japan,Canada, all south america, southern Africa Vs all Islamic nations, no one needs a military expert to predict outcome of the war

  3. very sad to know the views of people, no human being can blamed for its relegion.
    and the person attack on human for any reason, is not muslim. there is never allowed to kill innocent peoples in Isalm.
    What ever, the person who are blasting and killing, are not muslim, they are terrerist.

  4. Joe, you forgot to write that on the spot miraculously well-preserved plans of the attack were found, of course in Persian…

  5. As a thinly disguised piece to root out idiots who cannot read or comprehend Sarcasm, this piece does it in shed loads. Supports my thesis that many in this world were born and had their umbilical humor cord cut at birth – 10/10 Joe as always!

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