Were The Boston Marathon Bombers ‘Mind Controlled’?

Just your average dysfunctional immigrant American family...with 'spontaneous, 'self-radicalized marathon bombers'
Just your average dysfunctional immigrant American family…with ‘spontaneous, ‘self-radicalized marathon bombers’

Were The ‘Boston Bombers’ Mind Controlled?

If it were possible to ask the elder of the two Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan, this question, it seems he would answer in the affirmative.

One of the stories that disappeared down the media memory hole late last year was a report about a five month-long Boston Globe investigation into the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and their alleged perpetrators.

A December 16th 2013 story on the investigation nonchalantly stated:

“Suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev heard voices inside his head and had an alter-ego.”

As part of a five-month investigation, the Globe spoke to a number of sources close to the elder Tsarnaev. One of them was Donald Larking. Larking said that Tamerlan believed the voices were part of a “majestic mind control”, which was “a way of breaking down a person and creating an alternative personality with which they must coexist.”

Alrighty then. Not much of interest there.

The Boston Globe investigation, entitled ‘The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev‘, is a rambling piece of investigative journalism by several Boston Globe journalists, at least one of whom traveled to Dagestan to dig up details on the Tsarnaev family history and on Tamerlan’s 6 month trip there in 2012.

The Globe report reveals a pretty dysfunctional family, with an erratic abusive father and a controlling, sometimes hysterical mother, both of whom had delusional hopes that their children would ‘make it big’ in the USA and struggled to simultaneously embrace American culture, and maintain some semblance of their complex Russian/Muslim heritage.

Good question...
Good question…

The effect that such a family dynamic had on their four children (2 boys and 2 girls) is hardly surprising and can be seen in ‘normal’ households across the USA. The two Tsarnaev girls married and divorced early and ended up sharing an apartment together as unmarried mothers. The younger of the alleged bombers, Dzokhar (Jahar), initially showed academic and athletic promise but, by the time he started his first year in college, he tended to prefer partying and smoking pot to attending classes, and even dabbled in small-time marijuana dealing. Apart from the fact that Jahar consistently complained on his Twitter postings about chronic problems sleeping, including some nightmares, he appears to have been a pretty normal (for modern day America) 19 year old kid.

The older Tamerlan was a promising boxer, winning the Massachusetts Golden Gloves tournament two years running, but was blocked from moving to national championships because he was not yet a US citizen. With his boxing career cut short, Tamerlan drifted, and in early 2012 took at 6 month trip to his home country of Dagestan. While the Boston Globe report claims that he did little of any significance there, According to a Yahoo News report in Romanian:

Documents obtained by the Russian media show that Tamerlane Å¢arnaev, the terrorist involved in explosions in Boston , was present at several of the trainings organized by the “Caucasus Foundation ” in the period January to July 2012.

The Caucus Foundation is funded with the support of the Foundation of Jamestown U.S. whose board of directors included the Zbigniew Brzezinski , former national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

The Jamestown Foundation does seem to fit the profile of one of those ubiquitous CIA front operations, with the board of directors even including former CIA Director (2006-2009) Michael V. Hayden, among other shady characters from the intelligence and business community. So it seems the Boston Globe’s trek to, and research in, Dagestan may not have been as thorough as it could have been.

Perhaps Tamerlan’s attendance at the Jamestown/CIA-sponsored ‘seminars’ were the reason that, on his return to the USA, his friends reported that he seemed more serious about his Muslim faith.

Overall, the Boston Globe’s write up of the protracted investigation strains to parlay this all-too common example of dysfunctional family life in modern day USA into the ‘fertile ground’ that sprouted two ‘self-radicalized terrorists’ who “spontaneously” decided to bomb the Boston Marathon. Something doesn’t add up. In fact, lots of things don’t add up. And there’s no point in expecting the mainstream media to ask the really pertinent questions.

So, once again, we must do it ourselves;

As already mentioned, the younger brother Johar wasn’t doing well, academically, in his first year at college. He was 19 and, strangely enough, preferred trips to NYC with friends than studying. While he wasn’t short on bravado and claimed that he was doing fine and had everything under control, the truth was that he had failed three courses – chemistry and the environment, introduction to American politics, and general psychology – and got a B in his writing class. [Given the title of this article, those three courses that he failed appear rather ironic]. Despite the fact that his average after the first semester of the 2012-13 year hovered around a D-minus, college officials authorized him to sign up for the spring term of 2013. It is unclear who did so or why, but under normal college procedures someone would have had to lift the “hold” that is placed on files of failing students like Jahar and only after being convinced the student had “special” circumstances that argued for leniency.”

I don’t know about you, but this makes me think that those “special circumstances” were very special indeed, and perhaps had something to do with someone needing Jahar to say in the Boston area through 2013.

Donald Larking - FBI dupe?
Donald Larking – FBI dupe?

Donald Larking is a disabled man who lived in the same area as the Tsarnaev family. Tamerlan met Larking through his mother, Zubeidat, who was caring for Larking’s quadriplegic wife. Larking appears to have been a classic ‘conspiracy theorist’ and introduced Tamerlan to stories of “Jewish conspiracies to control the world”, “9/11 being an inside job”, and evidence that the “Sandy Hook massacre was staged by elements of the US government”. Larking also loaned copies of books on these subjects to Tamerlan and shared copies of a newspaper he read, The Sovereign, newspaper of the Resistance!, which suggests that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by the FBI.

While Larking’s friendship with Tamerlan may have been innocent (if rather coincidental coming at a time that cast him as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ in advance of his alleged bomb plot), it does remind me of the countless times that the FBI have used ‘informants’ to entrap gullible young Americans into becoming ‘terror plot’ patsies. In some of the most infamous cases, the FBI has used people like Larking to ‘groom’ individuals into swearing oaths to ‘al-qaeda’ or to furnish the would-be terrorists with all of the ideas, plans and equipment to carry out their ‘plot’ which was, in the end, entirely of the FBI’s making.

I detailed many examples of these FBI set-ups 3 years ago in this video, if you care to take a look:

As noted above, Larking told Boston Globe reporters that Tamerlan had repeatedly expressed suspicions that someone was ‘messing with his mind’. Larking said that Tamerlan was “torn” between himself and an alter-ego and told him “You can give a signal, a phrase or a gesture, and bring out the alternate personality and make them do things“; “Tamerlan thought someone might have done that to him” according to Larking. The person inside him, as Tamerlan described it, “was someone who wanted to control him to make him do something.”

According to both Larking and Tamerlan’s mother, the voices “came to Tamerlan at unexpected times, an internal rambling that he alone could hear.” Alarmed, he confided to his mother that the voice ‘felt like two people inside of me’. As time passed, “the voice became more authoritative, its bidding more insistent”. Tamerlan confided in a close friend that “the voice had begun to issue orders and to require him to perform certain acts, though he never told his friend specifically what those acts were.

So the first question is, does the technology exist to transmit sounds or a voice from a distance into someone’s head? Actually, it does. From a 2003 New York Times article:

”Watch that lady over there,” he says, unable to conceal his boyish pride for the gadget in his giant hand. ”This is really cool.”

Woody Norris aims the silvery plate at his quarry. A burly brunette 200 feet away stops dead in her tracks and peers around, befuddled. She has walked straight into the noise of a Brazilian rain forest — then out again. Even in her shopping reverie, here among the haircutters and storefront tax-preparers and dubious Middle Eastern bistros, her senses inform her that she has just stepped through a discrete column of sound, a sharply demarcated beam of unexpected sound. ”Look at that,” Norris mutters, chuckling as the lady turns around. ”She doesn’t know what hit her.”

Norris is demonstrating something called HyperSonic Sound (HSS). The aluminum plate is connected to a CD player and an odd amplifier — actually, a very odd and very new amplifier — that directs sound much as a laser beam directs light. Over the past few years, mainly in secret, he has shown the device to more than 300 major companies, and it has slackened a lot of jaws. […]

‘See, the way your brain perceives it, the sound is being created right here,” Norris explains to the Arbus girls, lifting a palm to the side of his head. ”That’s why it’s so clear. Feels like it’s inside your skull, doesn’t it?”

In the years Norris has demonstrated HSS, he says, that’s been the universal reaction: the sound is inside my head. So that’s the way he has started to describe it.

Just to check the distances, I pace out a hundred yards and see if the thing is really working. Norris pelts me with the Handel [concerto] and, to illustrate the directionality of the beam, subtly turns the plate side to side. And the sound is inside my head, roving between my ears in accord with each of Norris’s turns.

DARPA was working on such a device in 2008:

Sonic Projector

The goal of the Sonic Projector program is to provide the services with a method of surreptitious audio communication at distances over 1 km. Sonic Projector technology is based on the non-linear interaction of sound in air translating an ultrasonic signal into audible sound. The Sonic Projector will be designed to be a man-deployable system, using hardware and signal processing algorithms which result in clear audible signals at the desired location and unintelligible sound at locations away from the desired location. The Sonic Projector system could be used to conceal communications for special operations forces and hostage rescue missions, and to disrupt enemy activities.

The second question is, how plausible is the idea of a ‘Manchurian candidate’, a mind-programmed assassin? Is there any evidence that, if someone chose to, they could ‘program’ or hypnotize another person in such a way that, against their own conscious nature, they would go as far as to kill another person(s)? The case of the alleged murderer of Bobby Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, appears to provide at least circumstantial evidence that it is possible.

Apart form the ballistic evidence that more shots were fired at Kennedy than were in Sirhan’s gun, that Kennedy was shot behind the ear and Sirhan was only ever in front of him (suggesting a set up with a second shooter) and the fact that Sirhan appears genuinely unable, to this day, to remember killing Kennedy, there is also the fascinating testimony of doctors and his [former] lawyer Laurence Teeter.

“First of all, right after the prosecution, Sirhan spoke to a prosecutor, and he engages in a very articulate colloquy about somebody else’s case. Not his own, somebody else’s. The prosecutor, sensing that something is wrong with this scenario, asks Sirhan questions to determine if he knows where he is. It quickly becomes apparent that Sirhan has no idea that he hasn’t even been taken before a judge to be arraigned. He’s totally not oriented, he has no contact with reality. He doesn’t know what has happened. This is right after he’s been taken into custody. That right there is pretty powerful evidence that he’s operating in an altered state of mind.

Sirhan Sirhan, immediately after he apparently did not shoot JFK.
Sirhan Sirhan, immediately after he apparently did not shoot JFK.

In his cell, Sirhan is met with experiments performed by defense psychiatrist Bernard Diamond. Bernard Diamond holds up a quarter in front of Sirhan’s face and Sirhan goes right into a hypnotic trance,indicating to the doctor, according to testimony presented in trial that Sirhan was an experienced hypnotic subject and had undergone hypnosis before the assassination. Well, right there is the basis for laying the foundation of the argument that Sirhan doesn’t deserve the death penalty, and there is certainly the basis for exploring the possibility that he was programmed. And then there is more that materializes along these lines.

Dr. Diamond tells Sirhan in trance, ‘Sirhan, when I wake you up, I’m going to touch my forehead and you’re going to go and climb the bars of your cell like a monkey’. So he wakes him up, touches his forehead, up the bars of the cell goes Sirhan and looks down at the doctor with monkey-like expressions. The doctor says, ‘Sirhan, who told you to do that?’ ‘No one! I’m doing it on my own!’ A perfect example of Sirhan’s high level of hypnotizability and programmability. He’s been programmed to do something he wouldn’t ordinarily do. With no memory of being programmed, with no knowledge that he’s acting in response to instructions from a programmer. It’s a perfect example of how this assassination was arranged, and there are others…”

While the evidence in the case of Sirhan may not prove conclusively that anyone can be turned into a hypno-programmed assassin, it certainly warrants further investigation into those cases where there is reasonable evidence that some form of mind programming may have taken place. I mean, investigators and the authorities have nothing to lose, right?

Further evidence that it is relatively easy to ‘hypnoprogramme’ a person and make them do something they wouldn’t normally do is presented in stage and TV hypnotist, Derren Brown’s recent show entitled ‘Assassin’:

We should also remember that the CIA (and others) have officially been experimenting with the behavioral engineering of humans (in many different ways) since the 1950s. Are we to assume that, during the course of their research, which was conducted at over 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies, they never stumbled upon the fact that some people can be hypnotized and ‘programmed’ to do pretty much whatever the programmer wants?

A Convenient ‘Drug-Related’ Murder

On the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, three young men were brutally murdered in a house in a quiet residential neighborhood in Waltham [Boston], Massachusetts. Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman, and Raphael Teken were murdered in Mess’ apartment. All three had their throats slit from ear to ear, with such great force that they were nearly decapitated. Thousands of dollars’ worth of marijuana and money were left covering their mutilated bodies. The local district attorney said that it appeared that the killer and the victims knew each other, and that the murders were not random.

Police claimed they were looking for two suspects in connection with the murder, although no one was seen entering or leaving the house on the night of the murders. Each of the three men was found in a different room of the house. Each had apparently been ‘hog-tied’ before having their throats slit. Police described the scene as ‘perplexing’ and most people (the police included) found it hard to believe it was a drugs deal ‘gone wrong’ when both drugs and money were left at the scene.

Scott Wood, a jiu jitsui trainer who befriended and trained Mess at a martial arts studio in Vermont, said “Brendan was a tough, tough kid, a strong kid. It wouldn’t have been easy to take him out like that.” The other two men were also involved in both martial arts and body building.

Friends of the victims said that they couldn’t understand why police did not speak to them. Susan Zalkin, a friend of Weissman said: “despite [it] being one of the most gruesome and unusual crimes of the year, I saw the least amount of public outreach.”

Mess, Weissman and Teken. Victims of an unresolved, and apparently uninvestigated murder.
Mess, Weissman and Teken. Victims of an unresolved, and apparently uninvestigated murder.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a close friend of one of the victims, Brendan Mess (watch a tribute video to Mess here). In 2011 Tamerlan introduced Mess to John Allan, owner of Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts in Allston [Boston], describing him as his “best friend”. It is also likely that Tamerlan knew the other two men, both of whom were Jewish.

Brendan Mess’s girlfriend discovered the bodies of the three men. Speaking to the Boston Globe she said she did not describe Tamerlan to police as a suspect in the triple homicide but rather identified him as one of many visitors to the apartment. However, police did not ask her about Tsarnaev after she gave them his name. “But if they questioned every­one whose fingerprints were in the apartment, I’m sure Tam’s [Tamerlan’s] fingerprints had to be there” she said.

The woman said Tamerlan had told Mess in the weeks before the killings that the FBI had placed him on a terrorist watch list. “Brendan said, ‘The FBI is watching him; they think he’s a terrorist,’ the woman recalled. “We laughed about it. We never took it seriously.”

The FBI quickly assumed control of the investigation into the triple homicide and, for 18 months, apparently did absolutely nothing in the way of serious investigating.

A Convenient ‘Confession’

Ibragim Todashev was a Chechen national living in the US. Todashev knew Tamerlan because both men trained in mixed-martial arts at the Wai Kru school. According to the FBI, because of this and an alleged telephone call that Tamerlan had made to Todashev, Todashev was interviewed several times at his home in Florida in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. In a final interview, which took place on May 22nd 2013, Todashev was shot 7 times by an FBI agent, at least once in the head, and, according to his father, in both the back and front of his body. The story, such as it is, goes like this:

Law enforcement officers, including an FBI special agent from the Boston field office and two Massachusetts State Police (MSP) troopers, arrived at Ibragim Todashev’s apartment and interviewed him for approximately eight hours in his living room. According to Todashev’s father Abdulbaki, the questioning took place two days before he was scheduled to leave for Russia; Todashev was questioned by the FBI agent(s) about his connections to the Boston bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The FBI claim that Todashev implicated both himself and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the murders during the questioning sometime after midnight. As Todashev was beginning to write down this formal statement that implicated himself and Tamerlan in the Waltham murders, the FBI claims he asked to take a break, and then suddenly attacked the agent, which resulted in the agent shooting him seven times.

Initially, ‘unnamed law enforcement sources’ claimed that Todashev was armed with a knife, when those ‘sources’ recanted, it was then claimed he had a ‘broom stick’, finally it was stated that he was unarmed.

When the Russian embassy in Washington learned of Todashev’s shooting, it asked the U.S. government for the relevant documentation, including the autopsy report as well as information about the firearms used in the incident. The autopsy report has, however, remained sealed, and an FBI spokesman said that no documents relating to the case would be provided to Russia until the FBI completes its investigation. The FBI’s refusal to provide details on the shooting contrasts sharply with previous shootings involving its agents.

Executive Director of the ACLU in Florida, Howard Simon, stated: “The FBI has offered completely incompatible explanations, they have failed to explain how these inconsistent stories found their way into newspaper accounts of the shooting, and have not offered any clarifying comment about what really happened.”

Ibragim Todashev's body showing the bullet wounds, and his father at a press conference in Russia
Ibragim Todashev’s body showing the bullet wounds, and his father at a press conference in Russia

Early accounts of the killing implied that the FBI agent was alone with Todashev at the time of the shooting, which appears to have been confirmed when, in early August 2013, the Executive director of CAIR-Florida Hassan Shibly said that “sympathetic” federal sources within the DOJ and FBI assured CAIR that Todashev was unarmed and that “it was the FBI agent who shot all of the bullets. If this were a survival shooting, typically all of the officers will draw their weapons”. Following Todashev’s death, his father held a press conference in Moscow where he showed photographs to reporters that he said demonstrated his son had been shot at point-blank range in the top of the head. He also claimed that his son had been tortured before being murdered.

Photographs of the crime scene show blood on the carpet leading to the entrance hallway. A private investigator hired by Todashev’s family pointed to the fact that there is no blood on the walls, and that Todashev was therefore most likely shot while he was on the floor.

Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Gary Utz, who personally conducted the Todashev autopsy, confirmed that Todashev was shot seven times by FBI bullets, four times in the torso, two times in the left arm (he was right-handed), and once in the top of the head, slightly towards the back of the head. The examiner also noted a significant bruise and contusion over Todashev’s cheekbone indicating he also had been “forcefully struck” on the left side of the head, – a point that had never been mentioned by the FBI. The blow to the cheekbone was most likely inflicted before Todashev was shot due to the fact that little if any bruising would occur after his heart had stopped beating.

A view of the room where the 'interview' took place. Note the blood in the hallway
View of the apartment and the room where the interrogation occurred, looking towards the open front door. The FBI appears to have tampered with the scene, righting the table where the interrogation took place and removing the chairs. Note lack of blood on the white walls.
The pooled blood, viewed from the perspective of the front door, through the foyer, looking into the apartment.
The pooled blood, viewed from the perspective of the front door, through the foyer, looking into the apartment.

Both Todashev’s ex-wife and friend [fellow Chechen Khusen Taramov who took the pictures of Todashev’s body] have stated publicly that the FBI were harassing Todashev.

“He was just getting tired of it because every single interview would ask him the same questions all over again and he would just say, ‘I don’t have anything else to tell you.’ They would keep calling him, and tell him to come to the office, and they’d ask the same questions about the bombing and Tsarnaev,”

The subject of the Waltham murders however, never came up according to Taramov and Todashev’s ex-wife who also claims that she has documents proving he was with her in Atlanta at the time of the triple homicide.

“They [FBI] talked to him a lot on the phone… but when they want to see him, like meet him up, it was like, from what I know, like 5 times, but it could be more, at least 5 times… never be mentioned the three, the triple murder, never… he was afraid… one of the agents was talking to me for like three and a half hours… they’d been following us… it [the interview] was really friendly, now that I think about it, it was a game.” – Tadashev’s friend Khusen Taramov

 So, if the FBI had never asked Todashev about the Waltham murders in the five or six interrogation sessions, and if his ex-wife had evidence that he was in Atlanta at the time, it seems unlikely that Todashev was in the process of writing a confession, implicating himself and Tamerlan in those murders, when an FBI agent shot him 6 times in the front and back of his body and once in the top of his head when he lunged at him with a knife, sword, stick, broom, bread stick…take your pick.

Todashev’s mother-in-law, Elena Teyer, who took the pictures of the crime scene after the FBI had unsealed it, stated:

“My theory is that Ibragim [Todashev] knew too much about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, he had too much information about Tamerlan, and they didn’t want that information to come out. Those brothers didn’t come up with the idea of bombing the Marathon on their own! Someone put the idea in their heads, and someone helped them plan it.  Why do you think the police tried to kill [Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s brother] Dzhokhar when he was hiding in the boat? They fired into that boat over 100 times. Why? He was already surrounded, and with Tamerlan dead, he was needed as a witness to find out if there were any accomplices or further attacks planned. Instead they tried to kill him.

“I don’t know what Ibrahim knew about Tamerlan, but he must have known something.”

The FBI has not commented officially on the murder of Todashev and has refused to release the results of the autopsy on Todashev’s body, claiming that the investigation was ongoing. When the Council on American – Islamic Relations (CAIR) requested that the DOJ open an investigation into the killing, the FBI responded by saying:

“the FBI takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents, and as such, we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally. The review process is thorough and objective and conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances”

According to the Huffington Post, two days ago, (Jan 9th) an FBI spokesman said that the internal investigation into the killing of Todashev was completed and would be released “down the line“, although there’s really no point in waiting because the results this “time-tested process” are easily predicted.

Over the past two decades [1993-2011] the FBI has used this internal ‘review’ process in over 150 FBI shootings [70 people shot and killed, 80 people shot and wounded]. Shockingly, in every single case the FBI found itself and its agents to be faultless and all of the shootings justified. Since 2011, the FBI tells us, the same pattern of flawless murder-by-FBI has exhibited itself. This stellar record includes a 2002 incident where an FBI agent shot an innocent man in the head when he mistook him for a bank robber.

Ibragim Todashev and his wife Reniya Manukyan
Ibragim Todashev and his wife Reniya Manukyan

So what are we looking at here? An FBI agent shoots an unarmed man 7 times in his own house while he was being interrogated without benefit of legal counsel, and immediately after he allegedly admitted to a triple murder and implicated alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in that triple murder. For me, there’s nothing suspicious here at all. But I realize that those of you that are sufficiently conspiracy-minded might conclude that the evidence suggests that Todashev was murdered by the FBI simply to provide a ‘confession’ tying ‘Boston bomber’ Tamerlan to the Waltham murders in a ‘dead men tell no tales’ kind of way. The goal being to manufacture some circumstantial (if tenuous) evidence that Tamerlan was the Boston bomber because, after all, ‘he brutally murdered three white American men (two of them Jewish) on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks’.

Even the Boston Globe admits that “nothing has been revealed to date, or turned up during the Globe examination of the case, to associate Tamerlan, at this time, with violent crime or drug dealers.”

Coincidental Evidence

But what about the ‘hard evidence’ tying the Tsarnaev brothers to the Boston marathon bombing. Is there any?

The only evidence that the two Tsanarev brothers were involved in the bombing is:

A) the alleged testimony of the famous marathon bombing victim, Jeff Bauman, who claimed that he recognised Tamerlan as the person who dropped a backpack beside him a few minutes before the first bomb exploded. Of course, when we consider the reality of ‘hypno-programming’, dropping a backpack at a place where a bomb later explodes does not necessarily mean that the dropper of the backpack knew what he was doing, or even that there was a bomb in the backpack. As the Israeli intel agencies well know, you don’t need an actual Palestinian suicide bomber to blow himself up in a Falafel restaurant in Tel Aviv, you just need a compliant Palestinian to walk into the Falafel restaurant at the appointed time and then detonate the bomb remotely. The intel agency and the media will take care of fleshing out the story for public consumption. I mean, how hard is that?

B) The allegation that the brothers killed a policeman a few days later at MIT. In that case, all that is really known is that the policeman, officer Sean Collier, was approached by an unknown person(s) as he sat in his car and shot multiple times. The only evidence linking the Tsarnaev brothers to this killing is the claim made by the Chinese man, known only as ‘Danny’, who was allegedly taken hostage by the brothers after they allegedly killed officer Collier. The story goes that, when he was taken hostage in his own car by the brothers, Tamerlan asked him if he had heard about the Boston bombings. The unnamed hostage replied that he had, and Tamerlan then allegedly made the bizarre confession:

“I did that, and I just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”

Pretty smart huh? I mean, amidst the frenzied attempt to make their getaway and avoid capture or identification, Tamerlan still had the presence of mind to make sure he told someone that they were the bombers and that they had killed Collier. My point is not to suggest that ‘Danny’ wasn’t carjacked, or even that he wasn’t carjacked by the Tsarnaev brothers, but that their behavior smacks of them having been ‘programmed to do something they wouldn’t normally do.’

Coincidentally, Officer Collier studied at the same college in the same year as Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the traffic cop who was the first on the scene of Colliers murder (officer Richard Donohue) was a close friend of Collier. Even more coincidentally, officer Donohue was involved later that evening in the alleged shoot out with the brothers in the Watertown area of Boston, where he was, coincidentally, the only officer to be shot by “friendly fire”. And to round off the coincidence-fest:

“Officer Donohue of the MBTA Transit Police remembers almost nothing of the night he was shot during chaotic gunfire on a normally quiet Watertown street, or of the murder of his close friend, MIT police Officer Sean Collier, hours before in Cambridge.”

What are the odds, eh?

Speaking of impossible odds:

One of the major, and still unresolved, incidents surrounding the marathon bombing is the arrest of a ‘suspect’, on the same night as, and literally down the street from, alleged shoot out between Tamerlan and ‘law enforcement’. There is extensive evidence, including video footage and eyewitness testimony, that a man looking remarkably like Tamerlan was stopped in a car, told to strip naked, questioned and photographed by the FBI, and then taken into custody. The official word from Boston police is that this man was not Tamerlan, however, that’s about all we know about him.

Here’s a still from the video of the arrest of this individual juxtaposed with a photograph of Tamerlan.

alive arrested

If this person is not Tamerlan Tsarnaev (and I am inclined to believe it is not), how remarkable that an innocent bystander, who looked uncannily like Tamerlan, including his build, hair and facial features, and who appeared suspicious enough to police that they forced him to strip naked and then detained him, would happen to have been right down the street from where the real Tamerlan was engaged in a shoot out with police. Shades of Lee Harvey Oswald and his alleged ‘doubles’ perhaps?
Alternatively, if this person is Tamerlan, the question arises as to what could have happened to him between the time he was arrested, apparently unharmed and healthy, and the time when this photograph, allegedly of Tamerlan’s body, was taken:


[Note: The above image was posted last year on Reddit.com (as reported by The Blaze) by someone claiming that they received it from a ‘friend’ There has been no official confirmation or denial that this is, in fact, the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, although, according to The Smoking Gun, the chief of the hospital’s emergency medicine department, Dr. Richard Wolfe, said he had seen the photo circulating and noted that it “was not taken during the medical procedures or when the medical team had control of the body. I have contacted Dr. Wolfe and am awaiting confirmation of denial (or complete silence) from him in regards to the possible authenticity of this photograph.]

In the immediate aftermath of the ‘shoot out’ and capture of Jahar in the boat, Watertown Police Chief, Edward Deveau, emerged as a serious challenger to the FBI spokesperson for the title of ‘most brazen liar in a position of authority in the USA’, as he regaled the media and public with a blow by blow account of the day’s action. According to Chief Deveau:

The brothers had an “arsenal of guns” and when Tamerlan ran out of ammunition and was “tackled and apprehended by police”, the younger brother Dzhokhar drove the stolen SUV towards police and over his brother, dragging him a short distance down the street.

We can only conclude that Chief Deveau was describing a totally different shoot out, because it turns out that the brothers had only one Ruger 9mm pistol between them. The only “arsenal” on display that night was in the hands of ‘law enforcement’, and, despite the paucity of the threat they faced, the Boston Globe reported that within a 10-minute span, “police officers fired what may be an unprecedented number of rounds in a single police incident in recent state history … [spraying] the neighborhood … [leaving] at least a dozen nearby houses pockmarked with dozens of bullet holes“.

Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau - making stuff up is a way of life.
Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau – making stuff up is a way of life.

As for Chief Deveau’s claim that Jahar ran over his brother and killed him, doctors in the Emergency Room to which Tamerlan was taken stated that there was no sign that he had been run over by a vehicle.

C) The claim that the younger Tsarnaev brother, Jahar, somehow scrawled a confession on the inside wall of the boat in which he was hiding before his capture. The NY Times suggested that, in any future case against Jahar, the prosecution would cut this remarkable piece of evidence out of the boat and present it to the court. I can’t wait to see it.

According to ‘law enforcement officials’ the text of the note said the bombings were “retribution for U.S. military action in Afghanistan and Iraq”, and called the Boston victims “collateral damage” in the same way Muslims have been in the American-led wars. “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,” Tsarnaev wrote…allegedly. Jahar said (allegedly) that he didn’t mourn his older brother Tamerlan, writing that by that point, Tamerlan was a martyr in paradise — and that he expected to join him there soon.

Again we see the wiliness of these terrorist types; Jahar was hiding in the boat, presumably in an effort to evade capture and escape, but, like his brother, he too had the presence of mind to ensure that, in the event of his capture, ‘law enforcement officials’ would have evidence to use against him in court. We must assume that Jahar wrote this note (allegedly) before the boat was riddled with bullets after he had the temerity to lift up the tarp and peek out, because several of those bullets also hit Jahar and left him hemorrhaging blood and fighting for his life.

Even more amazing is the fact that Jahar apparently already knew that his brother was dead, despite the fact that, when he allegedly sped off in the SUV, his brother was still alive and was, in fact, captured alive by the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Guard, the Boston and Watertown Police departments, the Massachusetts State Police, and Superman, all of whom were on the scene. (I kid you not, well, maybe not Superman).

As can be inferred from the content of his alleged confession, spending an afternoon under fire in someone else’s boat appears to have been a somewhat religious experience for Jahar. Despite the fact that he was, by all accounts, a completely secular young man with no interest in Islam and lots of interest in girls, partying, pot smoking and drinking, his mind quickly turned back to the religion of his homeland (which he left at age 5) and ‘martyrdom’. Shades of Mohammed Atta and his paradoxical ‘fundie Muslim’ pork-eating, strip-club patronizing lifestyle, no doubt.

When asked about the dramatic boat encounter with Jahar, Chief Deveau did not disappoint, and claimed that Jahar was shooting from inside the boat at police, “exchanging fire for an hour.” But yet again, Chief Deveau must have been thinking of some other boat shootout with a terrorist bomber, because, after he was captured, Jahar was found to be unarmed. In fairness to Chief Deveau though, it’s possible that Jahar was making very realistic machine gun noises with his mouth. Then again, it’s hard to square that with the fact that Jahar was unable to talk after his capture because, while in the boat, he had shot himself in the mouth in an abortive suicide attempt…with the gun he didn’t have.

Here’s Jahar after shooting himself in the mouth with his imaginary gun that left him unable to talk.


Luckily for Jahar however, he recovered his ability to speak in time for his first court appearance, at which time he had already undergone a change of heart, pleading not guilty multiple times to the charges against him.

In a further example of just how ingenious these terrorists can be, Jahar had also undergone a change of accent and mannerisms to the extent that his friends didn’t recognize him.

So what are we to make of all of this? When we consider this entire chain of events and recognise the implausibility of parts of the official story, does the idea that certain elements of US ‘law enforcement’ may have psychologically manipulated two innocent Chechen-Americans into becoming ‘terrorists’ and carrying out terrorist attacks against other innocent Americans fit as a plausible alternative explanation of how two brothers “spontaneously” decided to bomb the Boston marathon?

Obviously, neither I nor anyone else is in possession of any smoking gun evidence that US ‘law enforcement’ has ever used such despicable methods as a means to maintain control over the American population and keep them compliant and in thrall to the established authorities (that’s the theory as to why they would even contemplate using such methods, in case you were wondering).

All I, or anyone else has at their disposal is the available event-specific data, historical data, our skeptical minds, and, most importantly, the overall context in which such events take place.

The overall context in which the Boston marathon bombings took place is a world where 99%+ of the human population is, and has been for many generations, governed by a small number of psychopaths in positions of power who have spread their particular brand of ‘morality’ throughout the global society. Their particular brand of ‘morality’ is not the kind you’ll find in any textbook definitions of the word, but is rather a ‘morality’ based on naked greed and self-interest on the part of the ‘elite’ that is, paradoxically, promoted as the only way for everyone to ‘prosper’. One result of the spread of this ‘morality’ is that, in the world’s wealthiest nation, the USA, the wealthiest 10% owns 80% of financial assets. Worldwide, the wealthiest 10% owns 85% of global assets, 50% of children live in poverty and 80% of the global population lives on less than $10 per day.

How do so few people accrue such vast wealth at the expense of so many? The primary mechanism by which the rich, psychopathic elite enrich themselves is, and always has been, war and conquest and the expropriation of the resources of other nations. The ‘elite’ can only wage war if they a) have soldiers to fight the wars and b) a population who supports the waging of wars and, most importantly, c) an ‘enemy’ that threatens the local population and against which wars can be fought (and the resource grab effected). You may have noted that c) is essential because without it there can be no a) and b).

In this context then, where the positions of power and the incredible wealth of a psychopathic elite are dependent on the existence of an ‘enemy’ to scare the population into obeying the totalitarian dictates of the elite and support their insatiable craving for the wars against that ‘enemy’ that ensures they stay rich and powerful and in control of the population (through fear) … how plausible is it that, if the possibility existed to ‘hypno-program’ a person to carry out a ‘terror attack’ and maintain the illusion of the existence of that indispensable ‘enemy’, that someone, somewhere in the ‘halls of power’, would think it was worth a try?

Answers on a postcard to…

4 thoughts on “Were The Boston Marathon Bombers ‘Mind Controlled’?

  1. Excellent article with lots of good points to ponder. I'll add them to the long list of ponder points that keep coming up in this case. In a series of unfortunate coincidences, there seems to be a pattern emerging. The FBI didn't go near Tamerlan or the Wai Kru gym after the Waltham murders. Nor did they go to the location of Danny's carjacking to ask questions of the apartment building's owner or residents who may have seen or heard something. This means no forensic examination of the carjacking site either. Nothing. Collier's cruiser, presumably valuable evidence, has been conveniently destroyed (apparently in his memory). I'm sure Collier would've been happier to have his memory preserved along with any possible evidence which could be used to identify his killer(s). Then there's the mystery guy detained by police on the night of the shootout who yelled out 'podstava', which is Russian for setup or a reference to a double agent. What are the chances of a guy yelling that out near the shootout scene at Watertown. Oh yes, and let's not forget the Daniel Morley look alike photographed during a robbery at a convenience store approx 10-15 min walk from the location of MIT on the night of Collier's shooting. In the CCTV footage, Morley (or his doppleganger) was armed with a silver handgun. A month later, when arrested with bomb making materials and a pressure cooker in a black duffle bag, Morley seemed to be carrying a lot of guilt, saying that only God could forgive him for what he had done. Somehow, I don't think he was referring to the fact he drew a cat on his mother's face on the night of his arrest. Is mind control a possibility in this case? To my thinking, anything is possible in a case where the truth (should it ever be known) is likely to be stranger than fiction…..

  2. This is very good research. Thank you for revealing some information that is not very well known. I am a Boston guy who grew up in Watertown. There is a high probability that this is a false flag operation by the neo facist, war profiteering, deep state and that the Tsarnaevs were set up in this operation similiar to Oswald being set up as a patsy in the JFK assassination. I would like to add some information on Tamerlan Tsarnaev with regard to his boxing career. My understanding is that he had fought in the US national golden glove and had lost in a very close decision. As he was preparing to fight in the next year competition, the rules were changed. In that next year, only American citizens were permitted to compete.

    1. That's true and it made me suspicious at the time in the sense that his boxing career was deliberately cut short because he had already been 'ear marked' as the fall guy in an FBI "terror attack".

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