Strange Coincidence? – Malaysian Airlines Plane Replica Stored at Ben Gurion Airport

By now you’ve probably heard about the “duplicate” Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6ER.

Based on the data at it appears that there is a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6ER being stored at Tel Aviv airport.

The missing plane had a tail number of 9M-MRO. The one at Tel Aviv has tail number 9M-MRI.

"duplicate" Malaysia airlines plane now at Tel Aviv
“duplicate” Malaysia airlines plane now at Tel Aviv

Christopher Bollyn appears to have been the first to write about this latest “conspiracy”, suggesting that the plane at Tel Aviv is a “duplicate” that may be used at some point in the future to carry out a “terrorist attack” masquerading as the missing Malaysia airlines plane. But this is pure speculation.

At the beginning of 2013, Malaysia airlines had 17 active Boeing 777-2H6ERs, all “duplicates” of the missing one, save their tail numbers. Since then, 3 have been withdrawn, one way or another, from service.
In Jan. 2013 one, with tail number 9M-MRK, was withdrawn and is now stored at Orlando/Sanford International airport.In April 2013, the “Israeli” one was withdrawn, acquired by GA Telesis, an American-based second-hand planes/plane parts dealer, given a new tail number (N105GT), stored at Tarbes airport in France in October, and then moved to Ben Gurion airport in November.

In March 2014, the third was ‘withdrawn’ by some, as yet unknown, agent as it flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

I can understand, to some extent, that some people may get a little worked up at the fact that there is a Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ER plane sitting in Israel, a country whose government and intelligence agencies have a history of involvement in “false flag” terror attacks, but to parlay this into a theory that the Israelis are going to use this plane to make the missing plane ‘reappear’ as part of a fake terror attack is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

As noted, there is another “duplicate” plane sitting in Orlando. Maybe the US government is planning to use that one in a fake terror attack too? In addition, several Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ERs were previously owned by other airlines, and all of the remaining 14 active service Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ERs are scheduled to be withdrawn and replaced with newer aircraft.

So in a few years, there may be 14 “duplicates” of the missing plane sitting in hangars around the world, just waiting to be used, I suppose, in ill-conceived terror attacks to be blamed on Iran, Russia or… take your pick.

Meanwhile it appears that they just want this story to go away, declaring the plane officially ‘lost at sea’ somewhere in the vast expanse of the South Indian Ocean.

This has been an extraordinary episode in aviation history. While many planes have vanished out of thin air, none had so many passengers as MH370 and none were flying at a time everything is trackable and few things can be ‘lost’.

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