7 thoughts on “My Debate on Iranian Press TV on the subject of the Paris Attacks

  1. I thought it was a really good and informative interview Joe. Keep up the great work. Gary

    ps. I tried to log in but the registry didn't recognise my email addy to send a password reminder?

  2. Great interview M. Quinn.

    M. Lane being the president of the American Institute for Foreign Policy, give us a very clear picture of the members of this institute. Unbelievable ! I really wonder if they are "close-minded" or they do that only for the money.

    1. it is hard to find out material on Michael Lane and his American Institute for Foreign Policy, and I have tried but he appears to be a straw man working for the neocons

  3. I have yet to find out who this guy, Michael Lane, is as I cannot find any website where his Institute is listed online and not sure where he comes from but looking and will tell you later.

  4. What a journalist friend of mine told me was "his bet is that Michael Lane is supported by AEI (American Enterprise Institute) or the Washington institute for near east policy, both think tanks in Washington DC and that is who he thinks Michael Lane of the American Institute for Foreign Policy is.

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