Charlottesville: Only Losers Take the Bait

                                                     Over-dramatize much?

The ‘white supremacy’ march and car attack on antifa counterprotestors at Charlottesville last week has been presented by the mainstream media as clear evidence of the endemic racism in America, particularly among Conservatives and those who voted for or support Donald Trump. There’s a serious problem of racism and discrimination in America today, against Blacks, Latinos, homosexuals and transgenders, or so we’re told. Something has to be done, therefore, and everyone should get behind these ‘minorities’ and their fight for ‘equal rights’.
In this hystericized atmosphere, supposed ‘representatives’ of just about every other minority you can think of have jumped on the victimhood bandwagon. If you’re a member of a minority and feel that you’re being discriminated against, then you’re actively encouraged to get out and protest about it. If you’re a member of a minority group and don’t feel like you’re being discriminated against, then you’ve probably internalized and accepted the discrimination, and need to wake up and start protesting.

What all of this reveals is not so much that discrimination is rife in the USA today, but that victim-hood promises all sorts of unearned privileges and even power, so you’d be a fool not to get some while the getting is good.

But back to Charlottesville. The basic sequence of events is that a group of intellectually challenged, blowhard, would-be ‘white supremacists’ organized a march in the town to protest the proposed removal of a statue to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Left wing activists organized a protest march. Pitched battles ensued and the cops mostly took the approach of standing back and letting them beat each other for a while until they inevitably had enough and went home.

But events took a deadly turn when a ‘white supremacist’ decided to drive his car through a group of antifa people, killing one woman and injuring several others. This was a god-send to those who would like to see social chaos spread as far and as wide as possible in the USA, because it served as ‘evidence’ that the tiny minority of ‘white supremacists’ – and the large demographic of Conservatives that supposedly support them along with ‘their president – really are a deadly threat to multicultural America. In addition, it offered just cause for the radical left to push ahead with their dangerous agenda of attempting to enforce equality on everyone and wipe out discrimination of any kind.

These guys had a national army behind them
These guys have delusions of grandeur

Along with the ludicrous claims of his traitorous alignment with Russia, Trump has been demonized by Clinton and her deep state friends as a ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ who enjoyed support only from like-minded ‘deplorables’ in the population. So events in Charlottesville also served the ongoing deep state agenda to reinforce this image and hamstring Trump’s presidency and destroy any hope that he might implement policies, both at home and abroad, that might genuinely improve the lives of the majority of American people.

In short, both ‘sides’ in this phony debate have been further ‘radicalized’ by events in Charlottesville, while the crooked psychos in the deep state are only too happy to see the American people divided against each other rather than united against them.

Charlottesville Setup?

There is reason to believe that Charlottesville was a contrived ‘flashpoint’ to serve the goals of the ‘deep state’ that I have outlined above. The crassly cliched nature of the ‘white supremacist’ march was the first indicator of this. The images of a few hundred young white guys carrying tiki torches in a night-time procession on the campus of the University of Virginia immediately called to mind Nazi torch-lit parades of the 1930s, and that was precisely the point. This was pure propaganda, i.e. the use of loaded language and imagery to produce an emotional rather than a rational response from the public in service to a hidden agenda. In the event that some might not be swayed by the mostly comical image of the tiki-torch-bearing would-be Nazi youth, the car attack that killed one woman served to add some gravitas to the picture and drive the message home in an emotional way.

The second indicator that Charlottesville was far from the image the media has portrayed is the contrast between the tough-talking, gun-toting ‘speaker’ for the ‘Unite the Right’ march in Charlottesville – Christopher Cantwell – as seen in the Vice News documentary, and the subsequent video of him blubbering to camera and disavowing his principles simply because he thought there was a warrant out for his arrest (there wasn’t). If Cantwell as leader of the protest in Charlottesville is indicative of the caliber and conviction of the best that ‘white supremacy’ in the USA has to offer, there is little to fear from that particular sector of society, and absolutely no reason for the left to continue in its zealotry.

The third piece of evidence that Charlotttesville is another CNN “nothing burger” can be seen in the background of the organizer of the ‘Unite the Right’ march, Jason Kessler. Until October 2016 when he ‘came out’ as a white nationalist, Kessler had been an Obama supporter. Further evidence of his liberal pedigree is found in the fact that, at a speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city in February this year, Kessler live-streamed himself while an attendee questioned him about his past involvement with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In November 2015, Kessler wrote on his blog:

“I consider myself a free speech, pro-abortion, anti-affirmative action, environmentalist, non-interventionist, anti-Cultural Marxist, vegetarian, pro-equality atheist who has close Muslim friends but also recognizes the existential threat of Radical Islam & who recognizes the value immigrants bring to the United States but also recognizes the importance of entering the country legally.”

In December 2015, Kessler also wrote on his blog:

I can’t think of any occupation that I admire more than the professional provocateur, who has the courage & self-determination to court controversy despite all slings & arrows of the world.”

One last suggestive piece of evidence: the possible presence of FBI informants at the Charlottesville rallies. On both sides. FBI infiltration of far-right, white supremacist groups is a well-known and long-standing reality. But, according to True Pundit, they have also infiltrated antifa – a no-brainer for anyone with a passing knowledge of the FBI and “homegrown” extremist groups.

Given the last few years of political turmoil, we can all understand that someone might have a change of political heart. Having spent most of my adult life holding nominally ‘leftist’ view, today I find myself fitting more of a ‘right’ profile (although such simplistic monikers are almost meaningless these days). But I find it hard to believe that an Obama supporter and advocate of abortion, equality and immigration, with close Muslim friends, could honestly transform himself into the point-man at far right-wing, torch-lit, Nazi march in less than a year.

Then again, why should any of us be surprised that this kind of insidious (if asinine) propaganda is being used to manipulate public perception? Why should any of us think that the people that brought us the Saddam WMD hoax which launched a foreign war would not use the same tactics to try to sow social chaos and division at home, if it served their purposes? Whatever your opinion on this issue, there is one rule that applies to all and is good for all: don’t enter the mass hysteria bubble, ever.

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