Kenyans Know A Stolen Election When They See It – What About Americans?

>It’s no fun living in a world ruled by Psychopaths. They lie, cheat and steal elections. So what’s a decent ordinary human being to do about it? The choices are limited to precisely two. Ignore it and believe them when they say their lies are truth, or take a stand, in one way or other. Today President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya began a second term having “won” elections a few days ago amid widespread allegation of voting fraud. In response, many Kenyan people took to the streets. For sure the violence and death that continue to mar these protests are terrible, yet the blame for the deaths lies largely with the heavy-handed response of Kibaki’s security forces and the support he receives from the American and Israeli governments. Yet what price do we place on justice and the people’s right to not be treated like ignorant cattle by their “elite” rulers?

In America George Bush stole both the 2000 and 2004 elections. This is an established fact and can and has been proven, yet there was hardly a murmur from the American people. It is one of the enduring ironies of our times that the citizens of the “greatest democracy on earth” appear to have been robbed of the fundamental tenet of all democratic nations – the right to publicly protest the criminality of their political leaders.

What is wrong with the American people? What is mechanism that has reduced their political and social conscience to that of a retarded child? Is it the sophistication of the propaganda to which they are subjected compared to other nations like Kenya where the state relies on brute force to silence opposition? Certainly Americans are bombarded daily by mind-jellifying programming from a host of sources. From their TV sets to their PCs to the billboards on the way to work to the products in the shopping mall, all scream in both subtle and flagrant ways the “greatness” of all things American. But can this possibly be enough to wipe away the glaring crimes of the Bush government? Crimes that include the genocide of over 1 million innocent Iraqi citizens in the last 4 years and the imposition of draconian legislation that has effectively turned the US into a police state. Where IS the voice of the American people?

Perhaps the answer is that the spirit of democracy in modern America has been utterly broken in its people and exists only in the duplicitous words of the Bush government. Perhaps the American people DO see, but they see too clearly, or rather they see, or feel, in a vague unconscious way that as they sat idly by denying the obvious, their psychopathic leaders have been slowly building the prison walls around them. And only now, as they sit in the prison of their own complacency do they taste the unsavory reality and the futility of believing that, at this late stage, anyone can do anything about it.

Yet one option remains open to the American people, and it is certainly as unsavory as the reality that confronts them – to use the example set for them by citizens of dozens of nations around the world over the past 100 years, and rebel. To not quail before a threat to their physical safety and take to the streets, to cling not to life and limb but to the noble ideals that are set down in the American constitution, universal ideals of truth, justice, love and empathy for our fellow human beings. To unite in spirit with the repressed around the world and to identify and rout our common enemy – that instra-species predator called the psychopath.

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