A Barrel-Full Of Bad Apples

Iraqi civilian being beaten by British soldiers in 2003

“Operation Iraqi Freedom”, that’s what they tried to sell it to us as. Some, in fact most, of us knew right from the beginning that the Bush regime et al were exporting death and occupation, not freedom and democracy, and importing oil and natural resources. That’s why at least 36 million people around the world (the real figure probably being much higher) demonstrated in March 2003 against the illegal invasion of Iraq, with 3 million Italians on the streets of Rome constituting the largest ever anti-war protest. Even in the culturally, socially and politically isolated US of A, it only took two years of the Iraq ‘war’ to convince a majority of the population that they were being (badly) lied to by the smirking chimp spokesman for big business.

It’s been over 8 years since Iraq’s sovereign nation status unofficially ended on the day 100,000+ US and British  troops (and many more plain clothed psychos) landed on Iraqi soil.  ‘Time heals all things’, they say, but that’s mostly a bunch of crap. The only thing time really does is allow for the lies on which the vast majority of major world events are based, to be slowly revealed. Sometimes very slowly.

Operation Iraqi occupation and plunder then. How exactly do you go about invading, subduing and occupying an entire nation?

First you need a small clique of conscienceless psychopaths in power who carry the correct genes for the manifestation of the terminal illness known as pathological greed for greed’s sake. (They should also display a natural tendency to delight in the suffering of others)

Then you need a significant quantity of intellectually-challenged, emotionally-dead  foot-soldiers who have excelled in their intensive boot-camp ‘how to be a remorseless killer’ training program. (It doesn’t matter that there are some, a majority even, that actually have a conscience of some description, because when it kicks in, it’ll generally just tend to make them walk away from anything that disturbs them).

The third thing you need is ownership of the media networks to ensure that the propaganda and lies get catapulted in all the right directions.

And finally you need a population back home who have been raised from birth on a diet of toxic physical, emotional and mental food (so that they are unable to think, feel or rationalize normally). With the help of your media networks, throw in some kind of traumatizing event (i.e. kill a few of them) and offer them a whipping boy in the shape of the to-be-occupied nation (they don’t even need to know where it actually is or who lives there, just a name will do), and you have yourself an imperial conquest and plunder recipe to beat them all!

If for some reason some details of the brutality with which you have subdued the host nation leak out to the public, spare a thought for them and their fragile minds, don’t risk causing some kind of schizoidal disintegration by asking them to reconcile the truth of the leak with the lies you have been telling them. Instead, just tell them  that it’s just ‘a few bad apples’.

Back story to the above: recorded by one of the soldiers wearing a camera attached to his helmet, the above video shows an Iraqi civilian who was picked after the British SAS had failed in their efforts to find those responsible for the killing of 6 ‘Red caps’ (British Military Policemen, how dare those Iraqis actually fight back!) As ‘revenge’ for the killing of the British occupiers, this Iraqi civilian man was brutally assaulted and left for dead. This video clip shows less than a minute of his one hour ordeal. This is just one of many thousands of similar inhuman acts carried out by American and British ‘forces of liberation’ against the Iraqi people over the course of the last eight years.

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