Strauss-Kahn to Sarkozy – Six Degrees of Separation (or not)

"Ever heard of six-degrees of separation?"

‘Six degrees of separation’ – that’s the idea that everyone on the planet is separated by only 5 (or maybe 6) other individuals. The idea may or may not have any basis in reality, but there’s no way for us to know because it has never been tested on a global scale, although if my experience on Facebook is anything to go by, I’d say it’s more like two degrees. Still, it’s an interesting (and rather complicated) idea to ponder, and it got me to thinking.

If I take one person I know, and then, via five other people, imagine getting to some red-neck living in a trailer at the back of a canyon in Arizona (or something like that) … that doesn’t really sound plausible. The only way I can see it working is if I chose a group of people from the same general social milieu that don’t know each other and are spread out around the world. So, I figured I’d try a little experiment, but I needed two subjects to connect, so I checked google news and the first two people I came up with were Nicolas Sarkozy and Dominque Strauss Kahn.

But then I realised I had a problem:  these two are actually separated by zero degrees, because they know each other! I can’t use them! But then I figured, “who cares” I’m gonna check out their connections anyway, so I did, so you can just ignore all of the above (sorry!) and just read on, ok?

It seemed appropriate to start off with the prosecuting attorney in the Strauss Kahn sexual assault case, who happens to be Cyrus Roberts Vance, Jr.

Cyrus Vance Jr is the son of Cyrus Vance Sr who was the Secretary of State  under President Jimmy Carter

Under Cyrus Vance Sr. Frank G. Wisner served as Deputy Executive Secretary of the Department of State

Frank G. Wisner (who has an interesting father) is the second husband of Christine de Ganay

Christine de Ganay’s first husband was Pal Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa

Pal Sarkozy is the father of Nicolas Sarkozy, the current French President

David Wisner, son of Frank G. Wisner, was  Nicolas Sarkoy’s US campaign manager during his bid for the French presidential election in 2007 (don’t ask me why he had a US campaign manager, I’m just the messenger!)

Totally Weird!

So yeah, Strauss Kahn was probably set up to one extent or another (although he was probably an easy mark), but he really has no one to blame but himself. As MD of the IMF he did, apparently, have some silly ideas about  maybe not screwing over the masses (like the Irish and the Greeks) quite so blatantly. And the fact that he has already had ‘trial by US media’ is always strongly suggestive of a hidden agenda, although the prosecution’s case may yet unravel.

3 thoughts on “Strauss-Kahn to Sarkozy – Six Degrees of Separation (or not)

  1. Or maybe DSK simply "'succumbed' to his nature once again. I'm not exactly convinced with the conspiracy hypothesis here. Maybe it's because it's not the first time DSK tries to rape a woman? Of course a setup doesn't necessarily mean he's innocent, they could have just let him down, or plant the poor woman knowing DSK wouldn't 'resist" his urges.
    Waiting to see more…

  2. Its been a rather astonishing thing to watch unfold. Sarkozy spent as much time jetting back and forth between Tel Aviv and Washington as he did campaigning in France before the election. After the election the “taste” of the French media changed noticeably. Then there was the military putsch involving the “accidental” live rounds fire which killed and wounded civilians at the anti-terrorism demonstration, which resulted in the sackingof the top military general. That smacked of set up.

    French sovereignty is toast, it seems, and that is sad. Where France goes from here remains to be seen, but if the French tolerate electronic vote machines they are doomed. Strauss-Kahn is just another obstacle to Sarkozy’s agenda. He will be swept aside, just as the general was. The parallels in these two events are eerily similar.

    I miss Chirac. He had his flaws, but no one could argue his dedication to keeping France French.

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