A ‘piercing world record’.

Not much comment needed on this one I think. And, ok, this could just be a sign that this particular person has gone insane rather than the whole world, but when society encourages such depravity by allowing it to be recorded as a ‘world record’, I think we’re talking about something more serious than the personal issues of one person. They could have at least called it an ‘acupuncture world record’ so as to provide a semblance of civility.

Maybe Las Vegas needs to be moved somewhere else, like somewhere off-planet…


One of the sadists, Imean, 'assistants' raises her arms after Ms Randall passes the previous record of 3,100 piercings in Las Vegas



The 'record breaker' poses outside the Las Vegas tattoo parlour as piercing assistant 'Jenn O Cide' (i'm not joking, that's her name) looks on

Most people are aware that, throughout history, in order to further their imperialistic goals, great powers have sought to portray entire populations as little more than animals. You’re living in ‘history’ now. Will you believe the propaganda this time?




Foreskin man in action

Even though they’d be a great medium for it, comic books aren’t known for tackling sensitive social, religious or cultural topics in an overt way. People who read comic books are looking for fantasy and escapism rather than intellectual stimulation – just like people who read men’s magazines. Maybe that’s why a new comic produced by Matthew Hess, the president of MGMBill, an organisation that has authored a bill that has been submitted to the US congress to ban Male Genital Mutilation (hence MGMBill), has made the headlines recently.

Unashamedly titled ‘Foreskin man‘ the comic book series features a blonde superhero doing battle with the evil ‘Mohel’ (Mohel being the Hebrew word for a Jewish person trained in the practice of Brit milah or ‘Bris’ (circumcision).

I have to admit that my first reaction on hearing about the comic was ‘what a good idea!’, but when I saw the comic and the reaction it had received from certain quarters, my reaction was more along the lines of ‘this the best idea since anti-Vegetarian man!’ Read More →

Inveterate psychopath Henry Kissinger

Sepp Blatter, the newly reelected President of FIFA, has stated that war criminal and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be part of a commission to deal with corruption in the World Soccer governing body.

Blatter himself has been accused of corruption by the FIFA by the general secretary, including “systematically mismanaging FIFA by deception, illegal payments, violating the statutes and cronyism since becoming president in 1998”, so the idea that he would be setting up a ‘commission’ to investigate himself is outrageous.

But even more insane is the idea of inviting Kissinger to participate in rooting out high-level corruption. At a press conference BlatterĀ  told reporters:

“This will be a commission of the wise. Kissinger loves football: he’ll be part of it”

Kissinger is ‘wise’ but only in the sense that he possesses the conscienceless, preternatural awareness of a psychopath, a skill that he has employed many times during his years in the US government and officially outside of it in the role of ‘political adviser’ to people like Nelson Rockefeller.

So, in the sense that Kissinger has a proven track record of dismissing the rights of the many in favor of the rights of the few elite, like when he said this about theĀ  Chilean people’s democratic rights in 1973, right before the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of socialist President Salvadore Allende:

“The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”

I suppose he will be very useful to a FIFA Commission dedicated to investigating its own corruption.

Lebanon too was targeted for a CIA 'revolution'

Let’s not kid ourselves, when just about every ‘revolution’ (not to mention many acts of terrorism) in Eastern Europe and the Middle East over the past 10 years has obviously been the work of the axis of evil spy agencies known as the CIA/Mossad/MI6, why would anyone be mad enough to think that what is going on in Syria right now is any different? Such ‘revolutions’ have, after all, been more or less the precise raison d’etre of those so-called ‘intelligence agencies’ for many decades.

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