Signs That The World Has Gone Insane #2

A ‘piercing world record’.

Not much comment needed on this one I think. And, ok, this could just be a sign that this particular person has gone insane rather than the whole world, but when society encourages such depravity by allowing it to be recorded as a ‘world record’, I think we’re talking about something more serious than the personal issues of one person. They could have at least called it an ‘acupuncture world record’ so as to provide a semblance of civility.

Maybe Las Vegas needs to be moved somewhere else, like somewhere off-planet…


One of the sadists, Imean, 'assistants' raises her arms after Ms Randall passes the previous record of 3,100 piercings in Las Vegas



The 'record breaker' poses outside the Las Vegas tattoo parlour as piercing assistant 'Jenn O Cide' (i'm not joking, that's her name) looks on

4 thoughts on “Signs That The World Has Gone Insane #2

  1. Aahhh… Las Vegas… The spiritual heart of the United States… I find it ironic that it is maybe a 3-hour drive from the Grand Canyon; one of the most breathtaking sights in the US. Literally there is a crossroads somewhere in Nevada where one can choose left for profound evidence of the power of nature or right for the ultimate expression of superficiality.

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