English Riots – Results and ‘Cui Bono’

So the House of Commons has been debating the recent riots. Guess what? So far they’ve pondered the revocation of the human rights act, powers to close down Twitter, censorship on the internet and even that the killing of Mark Duggan (that sparked the protests) may have been a good idea.

Obviously therefore, any suggestion that there might be a ‘problem-reaction-solution thing going on here in terms of an opportunity for further population control, is completely spurious…

The only real problem I foresee is finding the space for a 100% increase in the already Orwellian number of surveillance cameras on British streets.

By the way, broadcasters have apparently been told to refer to the riots as “English” rather than “UK” to avoid provoking the ire of Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish armchair patriots. Sure, the riots have been in England, but rest assured that any ‘security measures’ implemented as a result of the actions of those unruly English thugs, will be enjoyed by all of her majesty’s subjects.

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