Spotted this:

“A 737 passenger jet crashed Saturday near Resolute Bay, Nunavut, in Canada’s High Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others on board.

Nunavut RCMP said First Air charter flight 6560 was travelling from Yellowknife to Resolute Bay with 15 people on board, including four crew members.”

And couldn’t ignore this detail:

“Hundreds of military personnel are currently in the area for the massive military exercise Operation Nanook. But the co-ordination centre says that the incident was not a part of a simulation planned for the operation.”

Checked into the details of the operation:

“The second part of Operation NANOOK 11 is a Canadian whole-of-government exercise that includes a simulated Major Air Disaster and maritime emergency scenarios […]

The major air disaster exercise will be conducted in the vicinity of Resolute Bay”

I mean seriously, what are the odds…

And of course, the scenario wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the warmongers-in-chief:

“Canada has also invited the United States naval destroyer USS Porter, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alder, and the Royal Danish Navy ocean patrol vessel HDMS Vaedderen and offshore patrol vessel HDMS Knud Rasmussen for the purpose of exercising and increasing its interoperability with Arctic allies.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the survivors and eyewitnesses say…if they’re allowed to say anything at all. Luckily enough, PM Harper was pre-scheduled to arrive in the area on Monday, so, let the white-wash and spin begin.

I’ve noticed (it wasn’t hard) that, just like 4 years ago when he ran for the GOP nomination (and FOX News famously did not invite him to a GOP debate featuring all other presidential candidates), Ron Paul is once again being flagrantly ignored by the mainstream media for the 2012 nomination.

While John Stewart’s Daily Show simply serves to make serious matters ‘funny’, his summation of the situation is spot on (even if it’s all ‘just for laughs’).

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Father of four, Mark Duggan, was assassinated by London police

When state ‘security’ forces murder a citizen in cold blood in broad daylight, and members of his community vent their anger in the only way they know how, who’s to blame for the fallout? The British government and the mainstream media would like us to believe that it’s the victim and members of his community. But then, we all know better than to believe the words of government officials and media whores. Or at least we should. In fact, how many times do we need to have cold, hard evidence of government and media lies dropped in our laps before we get the message once and for all?

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So the House of Commons has been debating the recent riots. Guess what? So far they’ve pondered the revocation of the human rights act, powers to close down Twitter, censorship on the internet and even that the killing of Mark Duggan (that sparked the protests) may have been a good idea.

Obviously therefore, any suggestion that there might be a ‘problem-reaction-solution thing going on here in terms of an opportunity for further population control, is completely spurious…

The only real problem I foresee is finding the space for a 100% increase in the already Orwellian number of surveillance cameras on British streets.

By the way, broadcasters have apparently been told to refer to the riots as “English” rather than “UK” to avoid provoking the ire of Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish armchair patriots. Sure, the riots have been in England, but rest assured that any ‘security measures’ implemented as a result of the actions of those unruly English thugs, will be enjoyed by all of her majesty’s subjects.

London's burning

I don’t want to say I told you so, but I did. Ok, so maybe I didn’t tell YOU, but I’ve said often enough the years that one of the benefits to the British state of the occupation of the six counties of Ulster was the opportunities for training their foot soldiers in ‘Urban warfare’ – training that could later be applied to the ‘mainland’. As part of this training during the last 30 years of the 20th century, British soldiers and the sectarian Northern Ireland police force (the RUC) fired thousands of ‘rubber bullets’ or ‘baton rounds’ (as they were later called) at unsuspecting members of the Irish community. At least 18 people were killed by these ‘non-lethal’ rounds, including 8 children, and hundreds more were left paralyzed, brain damaged and blind. Read More →

According to the US government, terrorists (not dressed like this) could use surgically implanted bombs to 'destroy our freedom and democracy'

I haven’t said much about the relatively new concept of ‘boob and butt bombers’, so I suppose it’s time I did.

While we were first treated to the ridiculous story of ‘Terrorists With Explosive Breast Implants‘ early last year (which led to thousands being groped at airports), the TSA regurgitated the ridiculous notion again this past July 12th, warning airlines around the world to the “potential risk of implanted explosives. Read More →

Saw this:



Then realised this captures the idea better:



Then decided that the concept is best expressed by this:



Good analysis of the President’s hubris here.

‘Useful idiots’ is how they’re usually referred to, but not all people unwittingly involved in government cover-ups are stupid. If they were, there would be no need to bump so many of them off after the fact.

Then again, it depends on what you definition of the word ‘stupid’ is. Possessing information that could expose government skullduggery and not keeping your mouth shut might sound ‘stupid’ to some.

Take the members of Seal Team Six who allegedly looked the arch evil-doer in the eye before gunning him down. Given that the ‘killing of Osama bin Laden’ was a badly scripted fantasy, and the members of Seal Team Six undoubtedly knew it, how does the government/secret government (whatever) deal with possible leaks? Easy. There’s a ‘war’ going on in Afghanistan (supposedly) and wars are the best place to covertly bump people off. Hence this latest piece of government/media theater:

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