So a ‘lone wolf’ ‘home-grown terrorist’ has been apprehended, in the nick of time, by the FBI and NYC cops. Or so the story goes. The problem is, we’ve heard this one before, many times. Jose Pimentel, like so many others alleged ‘jihadis’ before him, is undoubtedly the victim of yet another FBI sting operation rather than a dangerous terrorist. FBI sting operation? “What’s that?” I hear you ask. Well, in case you’ve fallen victim to the 10-year-long ‘war on terror’ government and media mind-job, allow me to explain, or rather, allow me to point you to some fairly reliable sources. Read More →

Psychopaths are genetically incapable of feeling shame

Further to my last post about it being somewhat difficult for Americans  to exercise their  right to free speech; the peaceful “Occupy” campaign that took place in front of the University of California, Davis recently provided nother even more blatant example of the fact that the authorities don’t really give a rat’s ass about the stipulations of the first amendment to the United States Constitution, specifically, the point about not interfering with the ‘right to peaceably assemble’. Read More →

A couple of images from the ‘Occupy Portland’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests, November 17th, that make it pretty clear that the right to free speech and public protest in the USA take second place behind state-sponsored protection of private banks:

It’s hard to effectively exercise one’s right to freedom of speech with a face-full of pepper spray

Protestor pepper-sprayed directly in the face by police thug for no reason other than the fact that she was exercising, albeit loudly, her right to free speech


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