Obama and Medvedev Caught On Mic

So Obama and Medvedev were caught having what they thought was a private chat at a nuclear summit in South Korea. Obama is overheard telling Medvedev that he needs ‘space’ on the contentious European missile defence shield nonsense, and that, after he is re-selected, he will have more ‘flexibility’, which presumably means he will finally scrap the plans to install missile bases in Poland and other Eastern European countries for the ridiculous purpose of protecting most of Europe from long-range missile strikes from Iran.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Obama-Medvedev.wmv]

Supposedly, blogger and other news sites have jumped all over the ‘exposé’ as evidence of Obama’s ‘weakness,  kowtowing to foreign governments or that he plans a much more radical second term’, assuming he is selected to be President again. All of which is rather bewildering, because no one seems to have understood the comments for what they are: clear evidence that US Presidents (and the public faces of most other major nations) will say whatever they need to say, to both the US public and foreign leaders (and anyone else who asks), in order to receive approval from their backers for re-selection. Once elected, they can, and will renege on all such promises and follow the agenda set for them by people who are, not only never caught on tape, but never actually seen.


1 thought on “Obama and Medvedev Caught On Mic

  1. It’s amazing that, even after watching this clip, most people will pass it off as nothing. Unreal how ‘cocky’ these creatures are.

    BTW, it’s been speculated ever since Medvedev’s ‘election’ that it was Putin who was still running Russia. Medvedev’s response to Obama is clear evidence that that is, in fact, the case (“I’ll pass this information to Vladimir”).

    Keep up the good work, Joe.


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