'Hypocritze' much Bibi?

For some reason, (perhaps yahweh was punishing me for writing nasty things about Sarkozy), I stumbled upon the video of Bibi Netanyahu’s address to congress in May 2011. Certainly, the entire speech is one long, sickening lie from start to finish, but what caught my eye was the heckler about 5 minutes into Bibi’s address, and Bibi’s response. Read More →

The first round of French elections take place on April 22nd.  Two weeks later Sarko and his ‘socialist’ opponent, Francois Hollande, battle it out to see who gets to be Emperor of France. Sarkozy was looking at certain defeat in early March, until he got his ‘9/11’ in the form of an ‘Islamic terrorist’ patsy. The question remains, who really killed those soldiers and Jewish school children and teacher in Toulouse and Montauban?

The Sott Report, featuring yours truly, investigates:

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‘Saint’ Francesco Fucilla. Clinically Insane?

Along with Niall Bradley, I just finished a little investigation into a guy called Francesco Fucilla and dozens of what appear to be his UK based ‘penny stock scam’ companies.

Based on emails that he has been sending to mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Fucilla seems to have more than a few screws loose, not just because of the content of this emails, but also because he seems happy to copy several people on his bizarre emails. That fact is most worrying because it suggests that he is unaware of just how insane he sounds, indeed, it suggests that Fucilla’s definition of ‘normal’ is very different from most people’s definition. For example, he signed one of his emails  with:

“Saint Francesco Fuicilla Logician of Logicians,  advocate to advocates, physicist, cosmologist, inventor, Writer Seismologist, geologist, biologist, financier, economist, political philosopher, philosopher of science, prof of professor , saint , humanist,   etc etc etc”

Take about pathological grandiosity! The problem is, there appears to be no evidence for any of his alleged credentials, except his own claims. Check out his ‘resume’ page. Note also in the above that he can’t even spell his own surname properly. Read More →

'Sarko the American' gets his '9/11'

Since my on the spot analysis and speculations on the likely truth behind the recent shootings in South-Western France, more information has come to light that suggests that I was correct – Mohamned Merah was indeed a French intelligence asset who was groomed and then ‘burned’ in the service of a staged ‘Islamic terror’ attack and the re-election of Nicolas Sarkozy in the upcoming French Presidential elections. Read More →