The Queen’s Jubilee: One Big ‘Who’s The Best Slave’ Competition

The Queen's Jubilee: one big 'who's the best slave' competition

I don’t know how many people outside of the UK are aware of the English Queen’s Jubilee celebrations that have been going on since Saturday, but it has been a shocking display of mass psychosis if there ever was one.

I posted a comment on a story in an English newspaper about the event (comment is on page 5 and responses to page 6), and, ok, the comment wasn’t exactly pro-Jubilee or the track record of the British Empire (the idea of a ‘glorious’ British Empire appears to go hand in hand with celebrating the British monarch, ‘Queen and country’ and all that) but even I was surprised at the number of vitriolic responses to my comment provoked.

Apparently, over the past few days, millions of English people have been reveling in their status as “subjects” to the British Royal family and woe betide anyone who rains on their parade (although it did rain on the actual parade).

The definition of a ‘subject’ is: “a person under control or dominion of another”, so it’s pretty fascinating to me that so many English people are so eager to publicly display their inferiority and subservience to another person, to promote their slave/serf status and, apparently, believe that this somehow makes them more important.

I suppose that makes them all ‘authoritarian followers’, a phrase coined by Bob Altemeyer and discussed in his excellent book The Authoritarians. ‘Authoritarian follower’ basically describes a person who has no inner sense of his or her own authority and therefore idolises those they perceive to have authority.

In a world such as ours, governed by psychopaths, that makes for a dangerous mix.

3 thoughts on “The Queen’s Jubilee: One Big ‘Who’s The Best Slave’ Competition

  1. Totally agree Joe. I know it is possible to get 'free man' status but that would be complicated whilst I still can't remove my hed from the corporate slave mentaity that surrounds me. If I had a £ for everytime i've been told 'but you need a job because you need money to live' I would not need a job! Its as if 'having a job' is THE only option.
    I don't watch TV and I don't read newspapers so I have done an excellent job of avoiding all the utter craziness over the last few days. On next to the flippin Olympics are another huge fare I suppose!

  2. Yep, those sheep that love their servitude, and will vehemently attack anyone who states that there is another way, another possibility. I simply observe them the way a wildlife biologist observes animals.

  3. Not much reason for a monarch these days in our technocratic brave new world… but damned if I would have brought it up at the soirée I attended last night in honor of her majesty. A house full of otherwise intelligent Brit expat retirees reverted back to their childhood brainwashing and patriotic programming. The empire had brought civilization to the wogs and heathens of the world, and they were all the better for it. End of discussion!

    Although he had it in his database, the DJ ignored my request for Lennon/McCartney's song, Her Majesty. I slipped out early.

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