American Ambassador To Libya Reaps What His Masters Sowed

US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, in the hands of Libyans who are not paid by the CIA.

As the US envoy to the “Libyan opposition” during the Libyan “revolution”, former US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, oversaw the dismemberment of the prosperous and developed Libyan society that existed  under Gaddafi. Stevens’ masters in Washington and Langley, Virginia, were the main financiers of the “Libyan opposition”, a gang of paid mercenaries from other African nations. When the Libyan army was eventually defeated by these mercenaries, with the help of 11 months of NATO bombing of all major Libyan cities (and the murder of 40,000 Libyan civilians) Chris Stevens and his friends installed a select few of these mercenaries as the new Libyan government. Despite these facts, the US government, and that foul witch Hilary Clinton, have the effrontery to be surprised and “appalled” that Stevens and a few CIA agents were killed by Libyans angry at the destruction of their once proud nation.

Go figure.

One result of the 11 month NATO bombing of Libya was thousands of former Libyan army soldiers with no job and a serious grudge against the USA. So let’s get real here, which is more likely: that the attack on the US embassy in Libya was the work of Libyans incensed at a badly dubbed, US-made film that mocks Islam, or that it was a well-planned act of revenge by former members of the Libyan army (specifically the ‘Khamis Brigade) against the representative of the country that led an attack that killed 40,000 Libyan civilians and soldiers, and installed a pro-Western government that is entirely unrepresentative of the Libya people.

There was also a bit of a to-do over the following statement issued by the US embassy in Cairo, which was also the scene of protests over the last two days:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions,” the statement said, apparently in response to a vitriolic video mocking Islam that was promoted by anti-Muslim Florida pastor Terry Jones. “Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Apparently, some American senators and congress…eh… people, view the Cairo embassy statement as an apology to the protestors. If it WERE that, I’d applaud it, but what it clearly is, is the words of a group of Americans in the embassy in Cairo who were freaking out and willing to do or say anything to make sure they got to see their families again.


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  1. When are you Muslims going to get it right, If your God is so almighty powerful he could enact his revenge himself without any help or support from the unwashed militant masses. Americans owes no apology to a bunch of goat herders who got their feelings bruised because of a damn movie about their phony prophet.

    1. I think you'll find that the attack on the American Embassies was the result of American aggression in those countries. 11 months bombing of Libya last year, American meddling in the Egypt "revolution" and continued American drone attacks on civilians in Yemen. Clearly these "goat herders" know a damn sight more about what's going on in the world than you do.

      1. If only the world worked in such simplistic way that you perceive we would have no need for diplomacy, That 11 months of bombing in Libya gave the Libyans what they wanted , a country without Muammar Gaddafi ruling over them. I am for letting all Muslim countries rot in their own bile, with no help or trade from the western world .. this approach would soon bring them back into the reality that to prosper they need to play by the rules … not mob rule, not by be-headings, or terrorism. Perhaps if they would show that their God is a God of peace we might be able to have a dialog … but such is not the case because there is no peace in Islam is there ?

        1. man! pagansun, i have to say ive never heard such an enormous pile of horseshit anywhere than in your comments, you are either a government troll and if so not a very good one, or youre just the most arrogant un-informed moron to have been given two legs on which to walk.
          you are so full of hate and vitriol for anything alive outside your own country, i imagine youve never left your trailer park, let alone your country. put down the root beer, turn the t.v. off and for gods sake get an education, because whilst youre spilling dishonest puke about foreigners the bankers are robbing your country blind, and you wont be happy when the social cheques stop turning up.GET INFORMED

      2. Using your logic that the attack was the result of American meddling and thus is justifiable, then I say to you … are we as Americans not justified because of 911 to just nuke just about all of the middle east ? All super powers meddle in the affairs of smaller countries to gain influence, this is true of Russia and China. But yet we single out America who has given so much in blood and money and received so little from the Muslim countries in return. How quickly you forget how we come down on the side of the just and fight for Muslims when they are the victims of genocide. I think the time has come for a different approach, one that no longer Kowtows to the Muslim belief system one that shows the same amount or lack of respect the the Islamist factions shown us. let us drape the dead bodies of their martyrs with the carcass's of swine. Clearly the Muslims wish to die for their faith is overshadowed by our willingness to help them reach their goal. It is time to deliver upon the Muslim world the same type of atrocities that they have bestowed upon us. Let them fear us for a change on their road to meet Allah.

        1. I see. So "all of the Middle East" was responsible for 9/11. Obviously you've been living on an intellectual diet of CNN and Fox News. You sir, are an idiot.

          1. Oh … I get it America BAD …. all Islamist extremists ….. GOOD. and where do you get your world perspective from , Al Jazeera ? You view of the situation is simplistic at best – Who The Muslim world should be mad at, is the Religious figures that rule them with an iron fist and keeps them in poverty while they live in luxury and decadence. The average uneducated Muslim male is easily led astray by those who wield religious rhetoric like a sword.

          2. And who supports the fanatical religious leaders in the Middle East? Like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Who supported Mubarak all those years of dictatorship. One guess.

  2. Americans (we) are pathetic. Gaddafi was a great leader. Americans don't have goats I guess 'PaganSun.' Gaddafi built a pipe line across the desert to get water to people in the south, was going to create an African Currency free of the world bank and International monetary system. He had free housing for any and all of his people. If you went on to College after public schooling, Libya paid for your tuition and other fee's IN FULL. It's sickening how little we (americans) know about what's really happening in the world. Thanks Mr. Quinn for sharing a bit of Reality, vs. Ramblings that we get from the West.

    If anyone lived there and an outside force came in and ruined your country's and your continents future.. I think you'd be pretty pissed of, and rightly so.

  3. If you assassinate the President of Iran, if you assassinate the leader of Libya, if you murder the leader of Iraq, what the hell do you expect Americans. Oh I forgot, the American people have no connection to their government. And not one commentator has the guts to say what is common knowledge: American Embassies are nests of CIA subversives.

    1. Yes " All" embassies are the nests of their country's security forces. this includes Muslim embassies in the western world. It is the nature of the beast. But this fact is not reason enough to storm an embassy and kill people. The only thing you are proving to the west is that you are violent terrorists worthy of extermination by drones. America does not murder world leaders, their own people do, America helps topple the dictators we propped up for decades because we see what way the political wind is blowing … and we were hoping the Islamic Countries were ready for democracy … apparently they were not.

      1. with all due respect! My God! you are naive. the west doesnt prop up other leaders, it installs them and then murders them when they have done the dirty work. your statement and i quote "The only thing you are proving to the west is that you are violent terrorists worthy of extermination by drones"! this comment is like saying "Im going to beat the hell out of you and if you respond by showing me violence or defending yourself that proves you deserved it in the first place" ! your naivity and lack of knowledge not only about world events and history but even more so about your own country and its crimes, is legendary. im from the uk and whilst i love my country im well aware of britains crimes and immorality past and present.

        1. I think you're missing the point. The West does "prop up other leaders", and yes, when required, it murders them and installs others. "Im going to beat the hell out of you and if you respond by showing me violence or defending yourself that proves you deserved it in the first place" is precisely the attitude that Western governments have taken towards the Middle East and precisely the attitude that Western governments want the Western population to adopt. What's legendary here is your own ability to miss the point entirely!

  4. That's all your side is capable of. Sodomizing. Must be something from you sick mind. Just like Muslim heaven when they eat like pigs, drink and copulate. So spiritual.
    This won't change the direction of history. But one day you, barbarians, might just piss the civilized people of. Never forget how NAZIs ended.

  5. There are many things wrong with America, but it's heart is in the right place. World diplomacy is difficult across cultural lines but we make the attempt to reach our helping hand out …even to our enemies. Pre Obama we attempted to export democracy no matter if you wanted it or not, often at the end of a barrel of a gun if necessary, since Obama things have changed, an Arab Spring never would have happened if it did not go in our favor – so things have changed. We are still the greatest Nation on the face of the Earth, We are the most humane, we over all others are always there to help with natural disasters… to feed starving children. We helped over throw cruel dictators only to see our Embassies sacked and our flag burned by militants who have no clue as to how they are being manipulated by their militant religious leaders . How long do you think this will be allowed to happen till the free world kicks back with no sympathy for Islamic interests and sensibilities. Islamic Fanatics … somewhere out there … is a drone with your name on it just waiting to release its payload.

  6. Your Muslin God and his Prophet and his followers must be very weak and insignificant to be offended by a poorly made movie that portrays the Prophet in a somewhat negative light – Is their no opposing voice in the Muslim world ? You should be free to believe in what ever God you want or no God if that is your calling. ….It should not be met with calls for death for all those who oppose your opinions on Religion.

  7. PaganSon is definitely a troubled individual. He says we should nuke the Middle East? Pagan, where were the 9-11 criminals from? I will give you a hint. There were 19 of them, and they hailed from only four different nations. I’ll give you another few hints? Not one was from Syria, nor one from Iran, nor one from Iraq, or Libya, or Yemen, or Somalia, or Aghanistan, or Pakistan. How well do you know the nations of that area Pagan? Yes, you are a drone bee of the MSM, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. “We thought they were ready for Democracy”? Say WHAT? No, we “though” we could topple leaders who we enables for so long and replace them with “new” and more “pliable” leaders. Notice please, how Saudi Arabia was funding and directly many of these “revolutions”. Now why on earth would a autocratic kingdom like Saudi Arabia want to bring Democracy to the neighborhood? Why would they want to be surrounded by people who choose their own leaders, set their own course for the future? Pagan, like Joe said, “You Sir, are an idiot”!

    1. You seem to be under the assumption that you have a great understanding of the political climate of the middle east, but what you assume to be intellect superiority is noting more than left leaning immature foolishness. The problems of the middle east are tied to one thing the adherence to their religion, it's dogma and the gullibility of an impoverished culture of youth that sees no hope of improving their lot in life. No matter what steps the west takes, it is never enough for these fanatics , Their is no compromise with Islam … 1400 years as a religion and they have entered their dark ages, ripe with all the evils not too unlike the Christians in the same time period. We should not be required to capitulate to these religious fanatics who cling to their foolish ideal of being martyrs for Mohamed and collecting their 40 virgins in the afterlife. I doubt you will even get this so I will not invest too much time in schooling you in how the world actually works and the delicacy of diplomacy, but I am truly surprised by your naivety of mid east affairs.

      1. Ah yes, the old "they're religious fanatics" meme, all 400 million of them. You sir, are either a Fox News fan with a fatally compromise bullshit detector, or you are a conscious shill for big Western governments that not only created the modern day Middle East, but have installed and propped up most of its right-wing fascist rulers. If the youth of the Middle East want to improve their lot in life, as you say, most of them know how to do it: eject, once and for all, the long line of Western government installed puppet rulers. But to do that, most of the youth of the Middle East also understand that they must first stop, once and for all, Western meddling in their countries. THAT is what you completely fail to understand.

  8. These Mideast wars are being fought for Israel's interests — destruction of Arab regimes that will deliver hegemony to Israel in the region. Israel has over 300 nukes. Rid of its rivals, thanks to the stupidity of the US military and the rape of the US taxpayer, Israel will control the globe's oil supply and will be situated in the center of all shipping. Game over, Pentagon cannon fodder.

  9. i agree with your blog to a degree but i think time will show that the ambassador was sacrificed by the cia, they installed Al-CIA-da in libya to do their dirty work, now they they want to attack libya to remove the rebels they sent there in the first place, and what better excuse othan the murder of mr ambassador on t.v. for all to see.
    His murder should be a lesson to those in middle mangement of the globalist agenda that they themselves will fall victim to the whims of their bosses, this is all about central banks trying to completely globalise the planet into a big hi tech prison for us the slaves.

    I like your descriprtion of hilary clinton, she is a repulsive excuse for a human, she disgusts me and she wears her evil on that sagging bitch of a face she has, as a woman she's a dried up old hagg, the prettyness she had as a young woman has been slowly and creepingly replaced with a look of real evil. she is a degenerate

    1. Time will tell as you say James. But I see no reason why the US would so quickly want to remove their recently-installed puppets in Libya by sacrificing their "man in Libya". I think we are reaching a point where the peoples of the Middle East (and the world in general) are much more prone to protests and violent action against authorities.

      1. well its simple my friend.. this so-called "Arab spring" is a huge lie, a more accurate description would be the "Globalist spring". its not about muslims, arabs or jews, these peoples and their disagreements are just used as an excuse to turn over a hornets nest.. i urge you all to familiarise yourselves with the term "Hegalian dialectic" if you are unfamiliar with it. The globalists just want to accelerate mayhem in libya as well as the other middle east countries an they move their puppets around the map. Syria and assad for example have been very tolerant of different religions and nationalities living together in relative peace for decades, up until this year hardly any trouble happened syria and all my life i have been aware of syria being one of the few countires in the middle east which had a stabilising influence in the middle east. As for libya, it was attacked because gaddaffi was planning on introducing a new currency based on gold, whcih would have meant the west would have to pay for oil using gold, and not with the dollar or sterling.

    1. Do a little research on it. All authoritative sources have stated that Libyan society was the most prosperous in Africa, before NATO destroyed it and installed a gang of cut-throat Islamic fundamentalists.

      1. you nailed it my friend!! right on the button, incidently those fundamentalist you talk have a name AL-C.I.A.-DA

    2. the same could be said about western countries. "the prosperous and developed american or european societies that exist under fraudulent fractional reserve banking systems which create recession, depression, trade wars, currency wars, and world wars. youre joking right? kinda makes gaddafi look like a pussy.
      the reason gaddafi is dead is because he trod upon the toes of central bankers by having the audacity to try to create a gold standard currency for libya whcih would have meant that libyan oil would have to be purchased with a real value monetary exchange "GOLD", not worthless paper

  10. Huge qualifier in " most prosperous in Africa". This still does not make them "prosperous and developed". When you make a realitive statement as "most prosperous in Africa", what are you comparing it to, Zim?
    Problem is that the rest of Africa is not a good baseline to measure by.
    Sorry, can't be spun.

  11. Huge qualifier in " most prosperous in Africa". This still does not make them "prosperous and developed". When you make a realitive statement as "most prosperous in Africa", what are you comparing it to, Zim?
    I do agree that that country has and is being run by thugs, just a different banner now.

  12. Wow…did I stumble onto a Muslim site or what???? Gaddafi a saint? The skewed opinions that some present as facts never cease to amaze!

    1. Why don't you do your own research, like use your own brain, rather than relying on US govt. and Western media propaganda? Clearly those entities have a vested interest in presenting one side of the story. Doesn't that even bother you that you are accepting probably biased information?

      1. joe im afraid it doesnt bother them, they accept only what comes off mainstream media, they are too lazy and ignorant to put the work in and research their own media sources, because if they did and they found out that mainstream media is sponsored by vested interests and political blackmail then they would have to do something about it, but they are blinkered sheeple who have not seen the truth yet, but public apathy always leads to tyranny, and these pepole will be shaken out of their safe little nests when the pain they suffer becomes apparent, they know nothing becasue they care to see nothing

  13. the very name PaganSun reveals everything, no need to pay attention to that pagan sun worshipper aka illuminati distinfo agent

  14. FYI, the WTC was actually demolished by traitors within the American government and had nothing to do with Muslim hatred towards the USA. It gave the Americans a great excuse to go round marauding defenceless countries and murdering foreigners.

    Just watch videos # 4 and 14 of this 26 part interview with Dimitri Khalezov – links are at the very end of the page:

    There’s an article too, if you prefer to read rather than watch:
    BTW, that url will be flagged as having malware. Pay no attention as it’s only the CIA wishing to stop people reading that exceedingly damaging article.

    Spread this info if you wish to kick the NWO in the cojones.

  15. Doesn't anyone find it obvious that Saddam Hussein died soon after he started selling oil for euros and probably quietly converting his country's US$ to gold? The Almighty Petrodollar was under direct attack! That could not be tolerated! Iraq destroyed, gold gone to London. Some time after Col. Qaddafy proposed to N African and MidEastern leaders the gold dinar as payment-system instead of US$, his country and himself were also destroyed, the gold taken to London. The gold bankers really-really needed it. Now that Iran is selling oil for gold, it will also be attacked. How well that will go? As the Zen Master said: We'll see! Everything has its intended and unintended consequences!

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