Israel Needs Psychological Help

When Israel attacks Palestinian schools and hospitals and businesses and orchards, and claims that it is “targeting terrorist infrastructure”, I believe them.

It seems clear that many Israelis view the simple fact of the existence of the Palestinian people as a dire threat to the Israeli ‘way of life’, and even to the very existence of Israel. In that sense, all Palestinians terrorise Israelis without ever lifting a finger.

If those damn Palestinians would just disappear somehow, the Zionist dream would finally become a reality. But the Palestinians won’t disappear, they won’t even die, they just sit there in their ghettos, a constant reminder of all of Jehovah’s broken promises and the failure of the experiment that is the modern state of Israel.

Of course, the rest of the world has a responsibility to not support the Israeli delusion, and should understand the underlying problem: that we are dealing with mental illness writ large across the Israeli state.

Indeed, the rest of the world should take action to protect the people of the Middle East (and the world), and the Israelis themselves, from the threat inherent in a nuclear-armed Middle Eastern nation made up of political leaders and a citizenry in the grip of such pathology.

Israelis need psychological help, pushing reality in their faces without addressing the underlying psychological issues just seems to exacerbate the problem.

What’s the psychiatric treatment for a ‘victim complex’, and can it be applied en masse?

3 thoughts on “Israel Needs Psychological Help

  1. "What’s the psychiatric treatment for a ‘victim complex’, and can it be applied en masse?"

    To treat a "victim complex" the denial problem must first be solved by acquiring the ability to face "unpleasant truths". I fear however that only few would be willing to take advantage of a helping hand before it's too late…en masse is rather impossible..

  2. The title pretty much says it all. Israel has gone way beyond the need to defend itself over the years. The country's become so trigger-happy that it could start a real bloodbath soon if nothing is done.

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