Sandy Hook Psy-Ops – Police State Here We Come

polstat1As you probably know, a lot of conspiracy web sites and ‘2nd amendment’ types in the USA are up in arms (literally?) right now about what they suspect is a covert attempt by the US government (or some section thereof) to rob them of their right to own guns.

The plot, according to the hard-line conspiracy theorists, is that the recent massacre in Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut was in some way ‘staged’ and was, essentially, a means to an end, the end being that the massacre provides plausible just cause for the government, congress etc. to table legislation to abolish, or at least water down, the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

Why would the government want to disarm the US population? Well, it’s pretty obvious! The only thing stopping the US government from implementing an overt police state in the USA is the 100 million American’s that own guns. That’s the theory anyway. Of course, probably very few gun lovers in the US are hardened conspiracy theorist who think that the government was behind the Sandy Hook school massacre, but you can bet that most of them are conspiratorially-minded enough to believe that the government may try to use the massacre to rob them of their favorite piece of cold hard steel.

My take on the Sandy Hook massacre is that there are enough surpassingly strange and as yet unexplained aspects of the shooting for me to, at the very least, question the veracity of the official ‘lone nut’ story. At the same time however, my take on the gun lovers conspiracy theory is that it is bunk. That is to say, if the Sandy Hook massacre was some kind of government psy-op, it had nothing to do with any attempt to take guns out of American society so that the government could implement an overt police state. The reasons are as elementary as the classes that were being given to those beautiful children just before they were slaughtered.

First of all, it seems likely that any new laws passed as a result of the massacre will be limited to the banning of the sale of assault rifles nationwide. This will have very little effect on gun crime in the USA because most people who own guns  in the USA do not own assault rifles. Such legislation would also do nothing to rid the country of the assault rifles already owned by Americans. At best it would lead some owners to sell their weapons, which would just transfer them to the black market.

Secondly, taking the hardened conspiracy theorist approach, if the government was behind the Sandy Hook massacre and the goal was to disarm American citizens, then it should be plain by now (assuming many of the other ‘lone nut’ massacres were also part of the same government plan) that these types of shootings result in an immediate increase in gun purchases:

Colorado flooded with record 4,200 gun-buyer background requests

Gun sales surge after Connecticut Massacre

  • The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says it set a new record for single-day background check submittals this past weekend.
  • In San Diego, Northwest Armory gun store owner Karl Durkheimer said Saturday “was the biggest day we’ve seen in 20 years. Sunday will probably eclipse that.”
  • In southwest Ohio, from dawn to dusk a Cincinnati gun show had a line of 400 waiting to get in, said Joe Eaton of the Buckeye Firearms Association
I know many people adhere to the idea that the government is run by a bunch of incompetents, but if the plan were to disarm American citizens by carrying out massacres like Sandy Hook, then we’re dealing with an all new level of fecklessness here.
My point is, if you’re going to buy into a conspiracy theory that the government was in some way involved in the Sandy Hook massacre, then you should at least be consistent and assume that, if they are smart enough to carry out such a deception, they are smart enough to know what the result would be, and that that result is part of their broader goal.  That’s the way I am approaching it right now anyway.

There are a LOT of very disturbing inconsistencies and unanswered questions about the official story of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Enough, I would say, to allow for a tentative conclusion that some state agency may have been involved. Using the deductive reasoning I suggest above, I also tentatively conclude therefore, that, far from disarming the American people, the desired goal was to encourage those Americans who, until now did not own a gun, to equip themselves with one.

Of course, this leads to the next question of why? Why would the government want more Americans to be armed? There are many possible explanations, but I don’t even believe that arming the American people was a major part of the agenda behind the Sandy Hook massacre. It was, rather, an indirect consequence of the main agenda. The main agenda, in my opinion, was to instill visceral fear in as many Americans as possible. Fear of their fellow Americans, fear that their neighbors, or their neighbors kid, of some guy in the mall, at school, at work … fear that anyone, really, could be the next ‘lone nut’ who might take out a couple of dozen innocent civilians on a whim.

Why instill fear of this nature? Well, this kind of fear tends to make the average person more disposed to looking to and relying on authority and the forces of law and order to protect them. It gives the government more freedom to enact new police state laws and helps to ensure that such laws will be met with the least resistance and most acquiescence from the population. After all, there is no shortage of hard evidence that the US government has been making strenuous efforts to pass legislation that will, if it continues, lead to a truly overt police state USA.

The 9/11 attacks were a psy-op to traumatise and scare the American people into accepting the ‘reality of ‘foreign terrorists’ that their government had to invade and occupy other countries to defeat said terrorists and thereby protect the American people. Events like the Sandy Hook massacre (and all the others that came before) may be psy-ops with a more domestic agenda: to traumatise and scare the American people into accepting laws that usher in an overt and draconian police state USA in order to ‘protect the American people’. Of course, in reality, it’s all about protecting the elite from ever having to face the day when the true will of normal human beings expresses itself.

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