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As most of you probably know, there’s a very strange link between the latest Batman movie and the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre. At about 1hr 50minutes into the movie a map is shown on a table with the words ‘Sandy Hook’ written in pencil on an area of the map. One of the actors even puts his fingers over the words. Here’s the relevant video segment and a screen grab of the map.



The words ‘Sandy Hook’ has no relevance to that scene or any other part of the movie, so it is rather strange that those words would appear at all. The words are pointed to by the actor as the ‘target’, but even then from a plot point of view, it’s difficult to justify having any words written on the map, a simple gesture to a point on the map itself would have sufficed.

So in case you haven’t grasped the idea fully yet, what we are confronted with here is: a movie was released six months ago and played in movie theaters across the US. While the movie was being shown in one of those theaters, a person (possibly with accomplices) walked into the theater and opened fire on the audience killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. In the movie in question, there is an, as yet, inexplicable reference to the name of the school that would, six months later, experience a very similar type of gun attack where 28 people were shot dead, 20 of them children.

Other than the Sandy Hook village in the town of Newtown, Connecticut, I was only able to find two other places in the US named ‘Sandy Hook’. One is a beach in New Jersey, and the other is a small town in Kentucky. The only plausible explanation I can come up with right now to explain this, is that, somehow, someone involved in the production of the movie decided to use the name Sandy Hook because it is the real name of an area close to NYC and Gotham is supposed to be a fictional version of NYC. But it would be useful if someone from the production of the Batman movie could come forward and offer some explanation for what, right now,  seems to be a very bizarre coincidence.

As regards the alleged gunman at the Sandy Hook school; according to media reports, about 3 years ago, after his parents’ divorce, he “fell off the map” and there is extremely little known about what he had been doing and with whom he had been doing it, during those 3 years.

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  1. Indeed, Adam Lanza's cyber-footprint is eerily small for a so-called 'tech geek'. As for the Dark Knight Rises ref to Sandy Hook, what tickles me is how anyone watching it found that on the map! Surely you'd have to have been watching it in on a large cinema screen SINCE the school shooting to be able to spot it? I don't have photographic memory though, so maybe someone who does will be able to tell me if it's even possible to remember seeing a name appear very briefly at an obscure angle on a map in a movie they watched half a year ago when it was showing in theaters…

  2. Quote: "…about 3 years ago, after his parents’ divorce, he “fell off the map” and there is extremely little known about what he had been doing and with whom he had been doing it, during those 3 years."

    My guess: He was being mind-programmed to do what he did a few days ago in the school. He is not the first. He won't be the last. Research about Dr. Greenbaum, MK Ultra, black-ops and mind control projects by ultra secret government agencies. This is not new.

  3. Maybe someone watched it after the school shooting and saw the name, and then there are the people who check up on films, cartoons etc. to look for any subliminal messages. If this isn't a coincidence, I think that it may be another sign that the whole thing was planned and the higher up's being more than proud to show off in one way or another.

    Even when people watch the movie, either before or after the shooting, such things do get picked up by the mind. Kind of like how they use very brief flashes of images in psychology research that the concious mind does not pick up, but the unconscious mind does and the researchers then check for changes in the brain. Or how very brief flashes of commercial products are shown during an episode of a TV series that the concious mind doesn't catch, but the unconscious does. In the hope that it influences a person when shopping and seeing the brand's name.

    So, if this was done consciously, and these words from the map is somewhere present in a person's mind (which comes from a movie that is connected to a shooting), and then after a period, the conscious mind hears about the shooting in ''Sandy Hook'', it may add up the fear (?) … maybe a bit far-fetched though – or it doesn't do anything and the PTB just like to show off how much power they have or something. Just a few thoughts.

  4. Thanks for that Joe!

    Just a note, on this youtube link:

    There is a note from the author saying that that scene belongs not to Batman as he had earlier thought, but to the new 007 James Bond Skyfall movie.
    I have seen neither and don't know to which it could belong, but thought I'd give you a heads up.

  5. Hi, I am following the conspiracy theory since Boston Bombing and I saw an earlier video on YouTube mentioning the #18 and in relation to Sandy Hook, and Boston Bombing and I think even Colorado Shooting. I just watched the clip pf the Batman where it is said to show Sandy Hook on the map and the actor before hand, states "we have about 18 hours…." – strange?

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