21/12/2012, Truth and the End of the World

In an article on Sott.net earlier this year entitled How is the World Going to End in 2012?, Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote:

The world is ending in 2012. That is, the final implementation of the fascist, totalitarian New World Order will be accomplished this year and you will be in that “New World” that the global elite have designed for you, and planned to implement for a very long time now. Oh, indeed, similar New World Order’s have been staged in the past on smaller scales, but this time it’s global because they are all in on it together! Former ‘New World Order’s’ didn’t really fail, even if they ostensibly fell; they’ve just been passing the torch around for millennia, spreading the disease, growing the sickness in society, until finally, now, with global communication and incredible weapons of destruction in their hands, they are ready to finalize the Faustian bargain that you, the people, signed with your blood.

That’s what 2012 is all about. It’s not about some grand and glorious transformation or ascension to another existence! It’s not about being ‘raptured’ to heaven at the right hand of Jesus because you helped to ‘initiate the Eschaton’! It’s not about ‘Starseeds’ being taken aboard spacecraft and getting airlifted to some other planet of the ‘5th dimension’, but it is also not about ‘life continuing on as normal’. Pure and simple, prophecy is coming true, it’s just that it’s going to much more mundane and much less sensational than you might have imagined. It is the end of your world as normal, free human beings, and your reduction to pure grinding slave-hood, your children turned over to be sex toys or cannon fodder for psychopaths, and there’s nothing you can do about it now.

Those are some pretty serious charges! Are they in any way an accurate description of human life on planet earth at the end of 2012?

A few days ago I was involved in a discussion on my Facebook page with certain individuals. The topic was the recent massacre in the Sandy Hook elementary school. I had posted a video of Obama’s comments about the shooting and then questioned whether or not his apparent sorrow (exhibited by him wiping away tears from his eyes) was genuine. Several ‘Facebookers’ (few of whom I actually knew) immediately weighed in to the discussion and condemned my lack of “respect” and “passing judgement”. Here are a few choice quotes:

While all you guys are focus on how the president presented himself and judging him, you all do realize that kids are gone, KIDS, and you sit and pass judgement? Shame on you

Instead of pointing fingers and belittling people on a day that is so very sad just stop and show respect.

These children died and instead of showing respect I see hate, not love or morning (sic), this is not right, and Jaime is right on target Obama did not start the killing, he was brought into it. But stay ignorant..

FACT you don’t know how the pres reacts to the dead civilians . FACT anything you read and did not witness yourself is hearsay. FACT drones are a powerful tool and yes war is ugly and good people die too every war has had good people die , so to say the things you are makes you look silly. Every news reporter before they are allowed to print is pre read. And every person has an opinion on every thing and that sways judgements. FACT you will never understand some things and neither will I.

You can probably infer from the above comments that my initial point was that, since Obama has never shown any real sorrow for the hundreds of children that have been killed by US drones, to give one example, how can I be expected to believe that his sorrow over the Sandy Hook massacre is genuine? Basically, I found it hard to believe that a person could feel genuine sorrow for the death of one child and not another. But I’m fairly convinced that people like Obama are just good actors (it’s part of the job description) and he really doesn’t care about the deaths of any children. So I was able to let it slide in his case, and just assume that most ordinary Americans still maintained the ability to feel for the death of any child, not just an American child, and that they would understand my point. Obviously I was wrong.

Because of the way the school shooting story was being reported, and understanding a little about human nature and American culture, it dawned on me that these Facebook comments are probably representative of the opinion of most Americans on this topic. That’s when I got depressed.

To remedy my lugubriosity, I decided to reiterate my point, this time by way of a image:


I shouldn’t have been surprised at the comments this image received. Here’s a sample:

“Tragedy happens everywhere, obviously. But should foreign tragedies eclipse local ones? It is the local ones that we can truly identify with and truly appreciate . So, unless you actually went to Iraq, Syria, etc and experienced their tragedy first hand, shut up about it!”

“I never said I identify with murders only of local children. But what happens locally is likely to be perceived without any statements such as the one you made above – “the work of the US government in the name of the US people.” Foreign policy is a complex affair and to allocate guilt to one particular government a particular event is your choice, although you have to agree that there are many who would dispute that. Local tragedy, on the other hand, is largely divorced from any political and policy speculations. It is experienced viscerally. If you claim that you experience foreign tragedy in the same way without actually having been there and having understood that way of life, you’re a hypocrite.”

“It’s distasteful because it mocks the tragedy that just happened in Connecticut. The picture is not clever – it is divisive.”

Again, I’m fairly confident that a decent majority of the US population (and of other Western nations) would agree with the sentiments expressed in the above comments. On the one hand I can understand the ‘logic’ behind the point these people are trying to make – that it is ‘natural’ that a person would feel more empathy for the death of a child they know than one they don’t. It presumably follows that the same person would identify more with the death of a child in their own country than the death of a child in a foreign country. But in making this point these people were highlighting the fundamental problem: a generalized lack of empathy among human beings today and the mechanisms by which the people of this world have been infected with a disease that denatures their ability to empathize.

Caring more about the murder of one child over another is not, in any way, natural to human beings. Human society and human beings evolved with the requirement for cooperation being self-evident. In fact, recent research suggests that cooperation may even be hard-wired into human DNA. In the book, Origins of Altruism and Cooperation (Springer, 2011), the book’s authors argue that humans are naturally cooperative, altruistic and social, only reverting to violence when stressed, abused, neglected or mentally ill.


“Cooperation isn’t just a byproduct of competition, or something done only because both parties receive some benefit from the partnership,” says Sussman, professor of physical anthropology in Arts & Sciences. “Rather, altruism and cooperation are inherent in primates, including humans.”

That many people hold to the kind of value judgments expressed in the comments above is therefore not natural to normal human beings, but rather the result of the centuries-long influence of psychopaths who are distinctly different from normal humans when it comes to cooperation and empathy (i.e. they lack the instinct for both).

For centuries, psychopaths have used divide-and-conquer tactics against the normal population of this planet to facilitate the establishment of a psychopathic elite that today rules the world via a psychopathic doctrine of selfishness, domination of others and greed. War, fear-mongering and trauma have been repeatedly employed throughout history to create a phony division among normal human beings and separate them into opposing and mutually antagonistic camps. The result is that the lives of ‘others’ and their children are ‘naturally’ deemed to be worth less than ‘our’ lives and the lives of ‘our’ children. This is clearly a dehumanizing process, and it is a process that is today so well-advanced, and its noxious influence so well-entrenched in the minds of the normal people of this world, that they have come to accept these manufactured and manipulated ‘self-evident facts’ as being ‘natural’ to them as humans.

With this in mind, we can make more sense of the responses from certain people on my Facebook wall. The authors of the comments have obviously fully internalized the psychopathic ‘Us vs Them’ paradigm that has been imposed across the globe. The simple act of pointing out that many other children of ‘others’ have been, and continue to be, murdered by the U.S. government at a time when some of ‘our’ children had just been murdered, was “showing disrespect” and even “hate”. It was ‘eclipsing’ the “local tragedy”.

The person who made this comment:

“It is the local ones that we can truly identify with and truly appreciate”

unwittingly hinted at the other problem: that the U.S. government and media make strenuous efforts to hide from the American people the fact that the US military has murdered thousands of ‘children of others’. If the evidence for such murders were given the same media treatment as the Sandy Hook massacre, would the American people experience a similar outpouring of grief? I doubt it, but I also know that the murders of other children by the U.S. government and military have never been, and never will be represented accurately, or even represented at all, by the U.S. mainstream media.

I was also told that it was not possible for me to know how the president reacts to dead children, when in fact, it is possible. All I have to do is watch how he has referred to the drones that have killed so many children, or realise that he signs off on the drone strikes that kill ‘other’ children on an almost daily basis. If Obama cries every time a U.S. drone kills a child, then he has spent a lot of time crying over the past 4 years.

Another comment on my Facebook page challenged my suggestion that Obama’s tears were fake, and insisted that he was simply empathising with the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, as any father of children would do. That particular discussion ended with the individual stating, more or less, that “everyone has their own truth” and each of these truths are as valid as any other.

This rather ubiquitous belief in ‘individual truths’ can also be linked directly to the psychopathic worldview where facts don’t really exist, where there is no ‘objective truth’, just the ‘truth’ that any one individual chooses to believe at any given moment. With this worldview, Obama can sanction the murder of children one day and ‘cry’ over the murder of children the next, and ordinary people can avoid having to look at the evidence that they have internalized the psychopath’s creed and have become facilitators of inhuman acts. The torture of another human being is not ‘wrong’, for example, because my ‘personal truth’ right now is to believe that the torture ultimately saved the lives of others. I’m sure you can think of many other examples where ‘personal truth’ allows the average person to avoid having to exercise their empathy and rationalise away acts of inhumanity.

The final push to fully dehumanise normal human beings in this way began in earnest with the 9/11 attacks. The events of that day traumatised the American (and, to a lesser extent, Western) population. It instilled fear and anger, and the people were encouraged to direct that fear and anger to ‘others’ who, they were told, were responsible for the trauma. Since then the U.S. government has used that initial fear and demonisation of ‘others’ to further denaturise the American people’s empathy by committing unspeakable acts of torture and slaughter against the ‘others’ and then shoving those acts, selectively, in the face of the people and forcing them to accept such brutality to their fellow human beings as being ‘ok’ because they are the enemy or the ‘other’ and it is being done ‘in your name’ and ‘to protect you’. At the same time, the U.S. government has passed a raft of draconian laws, ostensibly to protect the American people, but which allow for the U.S. government to arbitrarily imprison American civilians without trial.

Given this state of affairs, why should any American citizen be surprised that another American citizen could show so little empathy by walking into an elementary school and murdering 20 children? Sott.net editor Anart Grey summed up the Sandy Hook school massacre by saying:

“A society that has allowed its leaders to define it by warfare, violence and domination of the weak by the strong, cannot then expect these same leaders to offer real comfort and solutions when it all comes home to roost.”

Getting back to Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s statements that 2012 would see “the final implementation of the fascist, totalitarian New World Order” and that “you will be in that ‘New World’ that the global elite have designed for you, and planned to implement for a very long time now” and that it is “the end of your world as normal, free human beings, and your reduction to pure grinding slave-hood, your children turned over to be sex toys or cannon fodder for psychopaths”… the rampant inhumanity, consumerism and apathy evident in the daily news feeds, the endless corruption of ‘austerity measures’ that further impoverish the many while enriching the few, are all evidence that points to these statements being true, and that the main mechanism by which this ‘New World Order’ has been implemented is the removal of the natural human traits of empathy and cooperation from most of the human population through top-down, society-wide propagation of the twisted ideals of the psychopaths in power.

December 21st 2012 did not see the physical destruction of the planet, but no one should take this as a sign that everything is rosy and we can all now just sit back and carry on as before. American society, and our global society, is indeed very, very sick, in a very real and fundamental way. The sickness is reaching a crisis stage, and the Sandy Hook school massacre is a symbolic, but also a very clear and concrete, warning that, if humanity does not collectively begin to manifest that which defines us as being truly human – our cooperation with, and empathy for, each other, as human beings – then we, as a species and global society, risk a catastrophic collapse under the weight of the selfishness, greed, subjectivity and willful ignorance that the ruling elite have deceptively bequeathed to us. Humans may once have been made in the ‘image of god’, today most have been remolded into the image of the psychopath.

A tall order, I know, but there doesn’t seem to be any other option.

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  1. I have read the above views and comments and this is exactly what the internet can do to promote logical discussion ,very refreshing to see balanced and in depth studies of current topics in the news ………thanks.

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