Sandy Hook and Christopher Rodia – Most ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Can’t Think

Nancy Lanza's, not Christopher Rodia's, car  being removed from SH school.
Nancy Lanza’s, not Christopher Rodia’s, car being removed from SH school.

Apparently many alternative news pundits and Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists are still fixated on the idea that a man named Christopher Rodia was the REAL owner of the black Honda Civic that has been identified as the car of Adam Lanza’s mother and which was found outside the Sandy Hook elementary school. The basis for this erroneous belief is police scanner audio that was picked up from the morning of Dec. 14th and details Connecticut State Police response to the massacre.

I obtained the original audio files from I had to pay a small sum for the full files. I have listened to them, and it is pretty clear that it is rather unlikely that the aforementioned Christopher Rodia had anything to do with the Sandy Hook massacre, even if his name and DOB is mentioned in the audio. This doesn’t seem to dissuade the conspiracy nuts though. In fact, it just makes them even nuttier.

What so many of these nutty people have apparently missed is the fact that the audio files clearly contain police communications about MORE than just the Sandy Hook event.

In the audio streams there are several communications from Connecticut State police who are clearly not involved in the response to Sandy Hook and are just out there doing their ‘normal’ jobs of stopping people for no reason and catching speeding drivers.

The Connecticut State police scanner audio from the morning of Dec. 14th 2012, as provided by, begins at 9.34am and lasts for one hour until 10.34am i.e. it begins at about the time Lanza is said to have entered the school and lasts for one hour.

Below I will provide all relevant excerpts from this hour of audio, with my comments, which include the, now infamous, references to the license plate of Nancy Lanza’s car and to Christopher Rodia.

If you wish to download this audio (which is split into two half hour files, you can do so here (first part) and here (second part). Right click and ‘save as’ to your computer.

First audio segment: 9.34am – 10.04am

At 00:15, an officer refers to an “apartment door” and says “he is not responding to me verbally” (this probably has nothing to do with SH).

At 1:55 an officer seems to be reading out an license plate and refers to a ‘Camry’ which is likely to refer to a Toyota Camry car.

At 4:28 a female officer says “we’re outside waiting for the ok to go in” (This may be the first reference to SH)

At 5:15 the same female officer says “it’s now in lock down” (This is most likely a reference to SH)

At 6:15 a female officer says: “Dickenson drive, 12 Dickenson drive” (this appears to be both the address of the fire house at the entrance to the SH school driveway which was the designated staging area AND the address of SH school itself).

At 6:20 an officer says: “car is responding the shooter is apparently still shooting in the officer area 12 Dickenson drive.”

At 6:47 an officer says: “personnel take exit 10 then a left on 34 then continue on riverside road, Dickenson drive, make sure you have your vest on.”

For the next few minutes there are various communications that seem to relate to officers arriving at SH school. At 8:39 for example an officer asks for “directions again please” another officer then gives the same directions to SH school for officers arriving from some distance away that are clearly NOT familiar with the area. That is to say, they are out of town CT. State Police.

At 9:18 an officer says “I have Newtown on the line yet”

Another officer responds: “Get Newtown on the line so we are coordinating with them they may just want us to establish a perimeter”.

At 10:45 more instructions are given about which exit to take and how to get to SH school. These are clearly not the communications of police that are familiar with the area. That is, they are not Newtown police.

At 11:49 an officer calls out a license plate “X-ray Libra Golf, 941”

Then at 12:15 we hear a female officer or dispatcher say: “We’ve got an injured person in room number 9 with numerous gunshot wounds”

Between 13 and 14 minutes, more descriptions of how to get to SH are given.

At 15:00 an officer says “negative on description, ok, shots were fired about 3 mins ago, quiet at the time.”

Then there are more descriptions of how to get to SH School.

At 17:30 an officer says: “can you swing down here and get us a pink slip for his toll form please?” (this sounds like a communication that is NOT related to SH).

At 18:18 an officer says “do you have a case number on this”? (see above)

A female responds “number is 18264” (see above)

At 18:38 an officer says “no violation, just the same kind of complaint from yesterday that he forgot the…” (see above).

At 19:15 an officer says “Newtown’s reporting one suspect down, the building has now been cleared” (clearly a reference to SH)

At 20:23 an officer says “Dickenson 91 in the liberty way parking lot, reported no injuries but possible side airbag deployed” (clearly NOT a reference to SH, but keep remember ‘liberty way’)

At 20:45 another officer says “… motor vehicle stop…” (do I need to say it?)

At 21:58 another officer says “same location 544 Xray Charlie Lima Connecticut 40”

At 22:47 another officer says “got a speed limit sign down”

At 25:13 more directions are given to police officers who are arriving to the scene of the SH shooting.

At 26:24 an officer says “33 headquarters, motor vehicle stop” the same officer repeats “motor vehicle stop”

Immediately after this a female voice says “12 Dickenson drive, Dickenson drive”

At 27:00 the same voice that said “33 headquarters, motor vehicle stop” at 26:24, says: “722 VHA, radar”  (clearly NOT a reference to SH)

At 28:56 an officer says: “street, near a park, connected trailer V87 278 unsecured load” (clearly NOT a reference to SH)

For the next few minutes there are intermittent police communications that appear to be about the SH response.

Segment ends 30:32

Second audio segment 10.04am – 10.34am

At 1:20 a female (possibly a dispatcher) says: “please respond, liberty way […] (see reference to ‘liberty way parking lot’ in first segment above).

At 1:39 an officer says “Connecticut 872 Y Yankee, E Echo, O Oscar, 872 YEO possible suspect vehicle.” (this is the license plate of the car of Nancy Lanza, the mother of Adam Lanza).

At 2:04 an officer with a deep voice, clearly NOT the officer that made the previous 872 YEO license plate report, says: “run the eh… operator, he’s a Florida license Connecticut as well, first name is Rodia, R-O-D-I-A, Christopher A. Date of birth is, eh…August 6th ’69.”

For the next 8 minutes there are various communications all of which appear to refer to SH, people being evacuated, staging areas and more directions for CT. State Troopers who are still arriving.

Then at 10:15 an officer says: “665 YRG” this could well be yet another call from a CT. State Trooper who is NOT at SH but is still out on normal patrol and is calling in a license plate.

At 11:34 and for the next few minutes we have yet more directions about how to get to SH school.

At 15:34 an officer says: “we have big furret? Connecticut 258 Yankee Yankee Hotel, 258 YYH, Laser.”

For the next 6 or 7 minutes the transmissions are all about SH and the staging areas etc. and people coming out of the building.

At 22:02 an officer says: “763 Zula Rima Julliet, 763 TLJ Lucifer.”

At 22:36 what sounds like the same officer says: New Jersey plates, a couple of occupants, eh…not sure where exactly on stoneway, I got cut off on the caller…”

At 25:12 what sounds like the same officer says: “Fat van? near 55 stoneway when you’re ready. Jersey, Charlie 6 6 Bravo SS, New Jersey, Charlie 66 Bravo Sierra Sierra, there’ll be a few males in the van…”

27:10 an officer says: “Ford Econoline, eh registered to the Courier car rental out of Wayne new Jersey.”

Another officer responds, the occupants are out of state they’re doing a documentary on owl(?) hunting in Canaan (?)

The rest of the audio refers mainly to the SH police response.

The two communications in bold above are what have caused the erstwhile conspiracy theorists to get their knickers in a twist. They claim that, together, the comments constitute ‘clear evidence’ that Christopher Rodia owned Nancy Lanza’s car. But, taken in context, i.e. that both communications are part of a continuum of Connecticut State police communications on the morning of the SH shooting that include State Police responses to the shooting AND things like traffic stops by police who are NOT involved with the response to the SH shooting, and that both types of communications are naturally interspersed…well the rational conclusion then is that Rodia was just one of several people who were stopped in their cars by a CT. State police officer somewhere nowhere near Sandy Hook school.

As evidence that some of the State police communications were coming from pretty far afield and had nothing to do with Sandy Hook; the reference to “Liberty way parking lot” in the audio most likely refers to Liberty way parking lot in Greenwich CT. which is 45 miles from Sandy Hook. The word ‘Greenwich’ is also spoken by a dispatcher in the above audio, although I didn’t include it here. If you want to hear it you’ll just have to listen to the audio yourself. If you do, you’ll be among a select few individuals who have actually bothered to listen to the audio, unlike the legions of SH ‘conspiracy theorists’ who prefer to pull theories out of their backsides rather than engage in serious research and, in doing so, make anyone trying to honestly investigate the SH shooting look like a nutjob. People like Brendan Hunt appear to fall into this category.

If you’d like some further evidence that Rodia is unlikely to be the owner of the Honda Civic, here is a copy of his consolidated property tax statement, showing that he does not own a Honda Civic. If he did, it would be on this statement.

Therefore, I’d appreciate it if someone could explain to me how a cop at SH school could receive Rodia’s details from the car license plate 872 YEO when Rodia doesn’t own a car with that license plate.


See here for a larger version

And just for good measure, here’s the consolidated property tax record for his wife (or maybe it’s his sister, I can’t remember now). Oh look! She doesn’t own a Honda Civic either:


See here for a larger version.

Will the bullshit artists quit their yapping and spreading of disinfo now? Unlikely. It’s a nutjob’s job to spread disinfo and ignore facts.

52 thoughts on “Sandy Hook and Christopher Rodia – Most ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Can’t Think

    1. The thing is Tim, by going through this kind of 'debunking' of the spurious claims about Sandy Hook, we are left with the realisation that the people who did this did it VERY well. They left literally NO hard evidence. How easy is that to do when carrying out an operation like SH? It also tends to implicate the media to an extent that the control is almost complete. That's what people need to understand from operations like SH.

  1. Joe,
    I agree that people jumped the gun with the Rodia thing and I came to the same conclusions as you about this as well. But do you really think that using such a condescending tone in your article is going to be effective in helping people realize they were wrong? Even by your analysis the proximity of the Rodia thing to the Lanza plate reading in the recording sandwiched between primarily SH transmissions is an understandable explanation for why this mistake would be made by some. Given this fact the insulting title and overall tone of your article is uncalled for. In this short piece you use "conspiracy theorist" six times and "nut" or "nutjob" five times. That's just not an effective approach to reporting. I would love to be able to refer to this analysis but your tone is very off-putting and all too similar to what we so often see from debunker shills.

    1. I dunno Larry. Are they not "nutjobs"? And it is about "conspiracy theorists". The thing is, people haven't just "jumped the gun" about the Rodia thing, they're persisting in making those claims. They don't seem to care about facts or trying to be rational and really looking for the truth. They seem to care only about getting more attention and hits on the internet boobtube aka youtube. I can tone it down if you really insist though!

    2. I wish everybody in the world believed you. I get tired of having this trash talk come up when I'm just trying to look at the facts or when I want to be entertained. I just don't like trash talk.

      Well done.

  2. Some people made an honest and understandable mistake, some people jumped the gun by running with it without fact checking, and no doubt some professional disinformation artists are continuing to push it simply because it's false. The point being that they are not all "nutjobs" and I don't think the term "conspiracy theorist" should EVER be used due to how loaded it is. Language and tone is important particularly when combating psychological operations. There is no place for sarcasm in legitimate reporting. It cheapens the information. This entire article could have been written without any of that and it would have been much more effective in my opinion. Thanks for taking the constructive criticism and for agreeing to tone it down because I really feel that you are doing a great service here and I hate to think that its effectiveness is reduced.

  3. Mr. Quinn has graciously provided the property tax records for Christopher and Diane Rodia which does clearly show the vehicles owned are not Honda Civics.

    Now we just need the property tax statement for Nancy Lanza that shows the Honda Civic and this vehicle issue will come to rest.

      1. I saw a lady on a youtube making a search on Public Records about Adam Lanza, and she ONLY found the "Father" the "Mother" and the "Brother" Ryan. She then did a search for relationship for each of the three and NONE of them showed a relationship with a Adam Lanza as being son or brother. Meaning NO Adam Lanza recorded in Newtown CT. I would like you to do same and show the results you get!!!

    1. Check Gene Rosen's property tax statement. There is an identical black civic in his driveway when he did one of the interviews. Would like to make sure the plate is not 872 YEO. In any event, SOMEBODY owns that license plate.

      1. Yes, i noticed that. I cant see the license plate though. But i did notice that that car has a piece of either white plastic or a towel in the back window, like the car has a broken window! I wonder if that window was shot out?

        1. Gene rosen owns a honda accord I am trying to blow up the license plate picture of Gene's car. you can tell it is not 872- but it is hard cause it is very blurry in the video if anyone else can grab the license plate number of Gene that would be great!!

  4. THANK YOU! Can you do this for the student's in Soto's class? I cannot figure out how kids wound up on Rosen's lawn if Lanza shot the ones who fled. But if you start counting, you wind up with a problem, at least I have.

  5. Curious…I have a quick followup question.

    Since the "Rodia" portion has been effectively debunked, did you ever hear a valid response to the original request on license 873 YEO listing Nancy Lanza as the owner? If not, doesn't it strike you as being a tad odd that a request would be made for information on a suspect vehicle that is never followed up and never repeated?

    BTW, property tax info can be found here:

    1. Yeah, I'm looking into getting the tax records that show Lanza's car.

      Thanks, but that tax record site only show the taxes paid/due on Nancy Lanza's residence at 36 Yoganada Street.

      1. Look again. It also shows the cars. A 2009 BMW 3 Series ($498.16) and a 2010 Honda Civic ($305.28). I searched by "Lanza." If you can't find it, I have a screen print I can email you. Interestingly, it shows she only paid half of the taxes for her house ($6075.62) with the other half due on 01/01/13. Maybe she was expecting the world to end on 12/21 or maybe she couldn't afford the entire amount.

        Regarding the audio recordings, I am still interested in whether or not you ever heard the proper answer to the request for info on license 873 YEO. I never did.

        1. A screen shot would be nice. Thanks. I didn't think it was so strange that there was no answer to the request for info on Lanza's plate. There were other similar requests for plates in there that weren't answered. I've no idea why only snippets of conversations and not the full conversation (or least an answer from dispatchers or whoever to comments or questions made by cops) were included. Someone with a better knowledge of the way police scanners work etc. would have to answer.

  6. To clarify, Diane Rodia is Christopher Rodia's mother, not his wife or sister.

    The license plate is 872 YEO, not 873 YEO as has been put forth a few times in the comments.

    I see the links in the comments for Mz. Lanza's records, but I do not see this information anywhere in the article proper, as you stated was updated.

    Thanks and have a good day.

  7. At 19:15 I believe the officer actually says, "…the building has not been cleared."

    Several researchers have been transcribing this phrase as "…now been cleared," but to my ears it's pretty clearly "…not been cleared."

  8. Completely false. The plate# the officer read to dispatch was very clear, matching the black Honda Civic that was picked up from Sandy Hook Elementary School. You can't debunk facts, regardless of how hard you try. It's funny because I listened to the entire recording too, and FYI, all the cops even remotely close to Newtown were called to the "shooting". Apparently you don't know how they respond to different calls. Christopher Rodia was driving a silver/champagne Nissan Altima on that morning, he claimed his black Civic was stolen, only it hasn't been reported stolen. Next time, gather all the facts & info before you attempt to debunk the 'undebunkable'.

    1. It seems you didn't understand the article. Yes, the number plate of the black Honda Civic was read out, but there is no evidence that it belonged to Rodia, there is evidence that Rodia does NOT own a Honda Civic. There is evidence that Nancy Lanza owned a Honda Civic.

  9. Yes, your tone is quite condesending considering all of the holes in the story from day 1. I just read another article by you in which you admit that false flag operations are common place, but yet you call me nuts for trying to gather actual information and wade through the BS from the mainstream media. What about adam Lanza death being reported the day before the shooting. The ME that explains that the rifle did ALL of he damage, yet it was in the trunk of that car. too many holes to be take your abuse. The sloppy nature of this wag the dog staged event in which I still have yet to see any bodies, other than the dead girl sitting on the presidents lap the following day. Do your homework, Mr. journalist, or you will be the next investigated for false flag cover-ups.

    1. You're obviously missing some facts about the case. The rifle was not in the trunk of the car. The dead girl was not sitting on obama's lap.

  10. I think the bottom line is, people jump the gun. I wish people would take more time to educate themselves before they make claims. Live and learn I guess. Thanks for the informative article.

  11. There was footage….guy in the woods….car search….people on the roof. Footage exists of many things we are not seeing. Perhaps of inside the school or of entry into it.

    This did not happen as claimed. People are dead.

    O. How many unused schools do you know that can be readied and refurbished in three weeks or less? Construction workers must have swarmed the area. P aid for by…..? Are construction people, security, network, electrical…that good at their jobs? Did the school have asbestos to be cleaned? Code inspections?

  12. THANK YOU! Can you do this for the pupil's in Soto's class? I cannot determine how children ended up on Rosen's garden if Lanza taken the ones who left. But if you begin keeping track of, you end up with a issue, at least I have.

  13. Anyone heard from Robbie Parker lately? Why all the photoshopping in his photos? What’s with Gene Rosen’s rehearsal video?

  14. Thanks for releasing documents that actually contribute to the evidence linking Rodia to the scene of the crime. According to this information he owns a 99 Chevolet Cavalier, which just happens to be the model of vehicle that was parked in the corner spot CLOSEST to the Honda Civic! Thanks for this information which I will proudly use to suggest more strongly of his possible involvement.

      1. A mere suggestion, barely supporting the claim and easily disputable if I can find someone to run the plates, and it goes smoothly. I'm just saying, it's a pretty overlooked coincidence, if you ask me. 90% of people argue that the claim is false because they simply believe Sandy Hook didn't even happen. I just want to bring things to the table that people have overlooked, or not been exposed to at all. Everyone else can make that decision, if they want to link him to the scene in their own personal timeline of the story. Ambiguous, yes, but this is all speculation and I'm not claiming that is his vehicle- only that it could possibly be (it could have been anyone's cavalier), based on his tax statement.

    1. The dispatcher that gives Rodia's ID said either 53 Edwards or 53 Headquarters. 7 seconds later he says, "Rodia, operator", NOT, RUN THE OPERATOR. YOU ARE A LIAR OF SIMPLE AND AUDIBLE WORDS. You and a few other clowns added the words run and the which were never said by the dispatcher. Chrisptopher Rodia was registered to the suspect vehicle and nothing whatsoever can change that simple fact.

      1. It's not a fact, and it's not simple. It's your interpretation of what was said. The fact remains that there are many problems with the Sandy Hook story, and it is almost certain that there was more than one shooter. End of story.

        1. There is no different interpretation for 2 clearly spoken words. His voice is perfectly audible with no background noise or anything else that might create a debate over what he said. He spoke the name Rodia, then briefly paused and followed with 'operator'. In other words, the name that came back after the ID request for 872-yeo was in fact Chris Rodia. The dispatcher never uttered the words run or the.

          The facts I am posting here have nothing to do with one or more shooters. You are changing the subject and pretending that he spoke three words when he clearly only spoke two.

  15. Your theory requires that the request for the plate was ignored. That's pretty silly and you seem to be unaware of the current party line for the excuse given.

  16. There are pictures of the car Adam Lanza used and it has the same license plate number as the audio for Christopher Rodia's car. You haven't debunked anything, you shameless shill.

  17. I just have one question. What about Robby Parker? Was he an actor or did he just not seem to care a whole lot about the death of his daughter? This has bugged me from day one. He's laughing until he gets to the mike and seemingly has to work up some grief. Someone said that grieving parents do laugh,which to me was a poor explanation. No they don't especially after their child has been brutally gunned down.

  18. Here's the unscrambled audio related to Christopher Rodia. He provided more detailed information than what would be ceded from a driver's license. The man was apparently reading from a computer screen. Notice how long it takes for him to find (9 seconds) his birthdate.

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