Western-backed death squads in Syria aka 'al-qaeda'

Western-backed death squads in Syria aka ‘al-qaeda’

Western governments (in league with their Middle Eastern client states) began their proxy war attack (via paid mercenaries aka ‘al-qaeda’) on Syria in 2011. The ongoing Syria campaign is just the latest in a long line of direct or indirect attempts at ‘regime change’ by the Western (and global) elite over the past 10 years (although their history of attacking and destabilizing and overthrowing sovereign governments goes back at least 100 years).

Each time I have commented on these illegal and inhuman invasions and proxy wars, I have pointed to the evidence that we are not, and never have been, dealing with a ‘popular revolution’ or  a ‘civil war’ or a ‘terrorist threat’, but rather, always and everywhere with the age-old, tried and tested murderous tactics and outrageous lies of Western powers.

These type of ‘regime change’ operations include the use of several scurrilous, brutal and, frankly psychopathic tactics: Read More →

This week we discussed (along with our guest) the major legacy of the Sandy Hook massacre (other than those brutally murdered): the gun control debate, and pretty much outed it as a distraction to the real problem: Corrupt and psychopathic government.

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    Vincent Bridges, in the vicinity of a camel, many years ago when he could still pass as a human

Vincent Bridges, in the vicinity of a camel, many years ago when he could still pass as a human

When not sponging of gullible tourists in Prague, Vincent Bridges (aka ‘Dr. Strange’) spends his time writing about how to “call down the cube of space” and has been known to impolitely impose himself on an Egyptian camel or two. Bridges claims to be an ‘Enochian Magician’. For the uninitiated, ‘Enochian magick‘ has its origins in ancient Egypt and the various cults that existed at that time. Many of these ‘Enochian magicians’ today see themselves as tasked in some way with triggering the end of the world, or ‘cosmos regeneration’ as they call it. In more recent times, Enochian magick is understood as being a fancy term for ‘Satanism’.

In recent years Bridges appears to have fallen off the map, possibly due to ill health or perhaps as a consequence of an overzealous “calling down of the cube of space”; we may never know.

Jay Weidner, on the other hand, is still very much tramping the new age circuit. Read More →

Last night I co-hosted a  new internet radio show by Sott.net. The title was “The Sandy Hook Massacre – What Really Happened”. It was an interesting discussion!

You can listen to it here.


We’ll be on air every Sunday morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world (sorry Asian and Oceania people, it’s Monday mornings for you!)

With the topic of the next show being “Gun Control”, we expect it to be pretty lively. Callers welcome.



[Note: this is an edited and expanded version of a previous article titled “Sandy Hook and Christopher Rodia – Most ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Can’t Think“]

Many of the most notable events in modern (and even ancient) history have provoked some form of ‘conspiracy theory’. That is to say, ordinary people were not satisfied with the official story about how the event unfolded because all or some aspects of that story simply did not objectively make sense. Despite what the mainstream media would like us to believe about ‘conspiracy theories’, most conspiracy theories are based on objective problems with the official narrative. But note that I said ‘based on’. The problem with conspiracy theories is that, while they usually reflect a more accurate overview of a major event, they are forced to rely on theory (due to deliberate with-holding of data by official sources) rather than hard evidence (which would disqualify them as theories) and are therefore open to abuse by people who tend to use their imaginations to complete the picture rather than the more critical functions of the human mind.

Compared to other similar events where many people found the official story implausible, the Sandy Hook massacre has provoked a veritable flood of conspiracy theories, and many of them are not based on any hard evidence. Read More →

Nancy Lanza's, not Christopher Rodia's, car  being removed from SH school.

Nancy Lanza’s, not Christopher Rodia’s, car being removed from SH school.

Apparently many alternative news pundits and Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists are still fixated on the idea that a man named Christopher Rodia was the REAL owner of the black Honda Civic that has been identified as the car of Adam Lanza’s mother and which was found outside the Sandy Hook elementary school. The basis for this erroneous belief is police scanner audio that was picked up from the morning of Dec. 14th and details Connecticut State Police response to the massacre.

I obtained the original audio files from Radioreference.com. I had to pay a small sum for the full files. I have listened to them, and it is pretty clear that it is rather unlikely that the aforementioned Christopher Rodia had anything to do with the Sandy Hook massacre, even if his name and DOB is mentioned in the audio. This doesn’t seem to dissuade the conspiracy nuts though. In fact, it just makes them even nuttier. Read More →

In relation to the Sandy Hook reference in the latest Batman movie, I wrote:

“The only plausible explanation I can come up with right now to explain this, is that, somehow, someone involved in the production of the movie decided to use the name Sandy Hook because it is the real name of an area close to NYC and Gotham is supposed to be a fictional version of NYC. But it would be useful if someone from the production of the Batman movie could come forward and offer some explanation for what, right now,  seems to be a very bizarre coincidence.”

No one has come forward, but there is now a plausible explanation for why the name Sandy Hook was used on the map of Gotham city.

Scott Getzinger died in a car crash on April 7th 2012. Mr. Getzinger, who was born in Bradford CT. but lived in Newtown CT., worked as a property master in the film and television industry, providing props for more than 25 movies, including “Spider-Man,” “Independence Day,” “The Truman Show” and the upcoming “Men in Black III” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” A property master on a movie is responsible for the props, and it seems possible that given that Mr. Getzinger lived near Sandy Hook CT. he might have been responsible for choosing that name for a location on the Gotham City map in the Batman movie.

A reader asked me to look into the site wellaware.com, the owners of which have been spreading spurious nonsense about ‘actors’ at Sandy Hook (amongst several other notable historical events and persons).

It took just a few minutes of perusing the various ‘investigations’ at wellaware.com to conclude that the ‘researchers’ that run that site are:

registered blind


equipped with an IQ of around 50


deliberately spreading nonsense to get attention.


a combination of all three.

I won’t go into debunking all of their blatant BS because it is so obvious and would be  a waste of time, but I will provide one example of their “proof” of a “Sandy Hook hoax”, that you can take as representative of their overall powers of discernment.

The owners of Wellaware.com claim that Robbie Parker, father of Emilie Parker who was murdered at Sandy Hook i.e. this guy:


Is actually Professional Skate boarder, Tony Hawk, i.e. this guy:


Take your time. Compare and contrast, and then conclude.

Watch this short Youtube video which the author states is “absolute proof Sandy Hook was staged”:

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt

Are you convinced? Well hang on, I’m about to provide fairly convincing proof that the person who made this video, and all those who promote similar fantastical, subjective nonsense about Sandy Hook, have a serious problem when it comes to critical thinking: Read More →

Truth wears no mask, bows at no human shrine, seeks neither place not applause, she only asks a hearing.” – Carl A. Wickland


police_sandy-hookWhen 20 children and 8 adults were murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre I, like most other people, were shocked and horrified at what appeared to be an act of senseless brutality. When a person experiences the tragic and untimely loss of a loved one, particularly in unusual or apparently inexplicable circumstances, the initial intense feelings of grief usually give way to a desire to understand HOW and WHY the tragedy occurred, in an effort to make sense of it and achieve some kind of ‘closure’. This is a very normal and natural human reaction. We have an innate need to understand the world around us and how things ‘work’. In our modern, technological world, most of what we understand about our world and how it works is provided to us by some authority or other. And most of us accept the conclusion of those authorities as being true. In some cases, those explanations are true. Read More →