Sandy Hook on Gotham City Map – Plausible Explanation

In relation to the Sandy Hook reference in the latest Batman movie, I wrote:

“The only plausible explanation I can come up with right now to explain this, is that, somehow, someone involved in the production of the movie decided to use the name Sandy Hook because it is the real name of an area close to NYC and Gotham is supposed to be a fictional version of NYC. But it would be useful if someone from the production of the Batman movie could come forward and offer some explanation for what, right now,  seems to be a very bizarre coincidence.”

No one has come forward, but there is now a plausible explanation for why the name Sandy Hook was used on the map of Gotham city.

Scott Getzinger died in a car crash on April 7th 2012. Mr. Getzinger, who was born in Bradford CT. but lived in Newtown CT., worked as a property master in the film and television industry, providing props for more than 25 movies, including “Spider-Man,” “Independence Day,” “The Truman Show” and the upcoming “Men in Black III” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” A property master on a movie is responsible for the props, and it seems possible that given that Mr. Getzinger lived near Sandy Hook CT. he might have been responsible for choosing that name for a location on the Gotham City map in the Batman movie.

1 thought on “Sandy Hook on Gotham City Map – Plausible Explanation

  1. That may seem plausible but it is just speculation. I believe that the production company should come forward and explain how the map was changed. I should not be hard.

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