Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner – The Deviant Duo

    Vincent Bridges, in the vicinity of a camel, many years ago when he could still pass as a human
Vincent Bridges, in the vicinity of a camel, many years ago when he could still pass as a human

When not sponging of gullible tourists in Prague, Vincent Bridges (aka ‘Dr. Strange’) spends his time writing about how to “call down the cube of space” and has been known to impolitely impose himself on an Egyptian camel or two. Bridges claims to be an ‘Enochian Magician’. For the uninitiated, ‘Enochian magick‘ has its origins in ancient Egypt and the various cults that existed at that time. Many of these ‘Enochian magicians’ today see themselves as tasked in some way with triggering the end of the world, or ‘cosmos regeneration’ as they call it. In more recent times, Enochian magick is understood as being a fancy term for ‘Satanism’.

In recent years Bridges appears to have fallen off the map, possibly due to ill health or perhaps as a consequence of an overzealous “calling down of the cube of space”; we may never know.

Jay Weidner, on the other hand, is still very much tramping the new age circuit.

Weidner is known to regale his meager audiences with tall tales about something he calls ‘Hyperdimensional Alchemy’. This appears to be a mishmash of unfounded New Age concepts about DNA, enlightenment, galactic alignment, etc.

In 2009 Weidner gave a talk at The New Beginning Conference in Washington DC. You can watch the whole thing in parts here, but be warned, if you consider yourself an intelligent person, you are unlikely to enjoy the experience. For those without a strong stomach that can easily digest large helpings of New Age word salad, I’ve selected the most important points that Weidner feels compelled to share with the world. Calling on the vast knowledge he has accumulated as a “hermetic scholar”, he reveals that:

Weidner also claims to know what was required to be admitted into Pythagoras’ school (it involved an apple of course – see last link above).

In the long tradition of other New Age snake oil salesman, Weidner claims that he knows the REAL secret of alchemy and that it is “the elixir of life, that can take your lifespan to 400 years“. Anyone can make it with a clay pot and a candle“, Weidner proclaims, and despite the fact that his life is threatened by “the archons” because of his plans to release this secret, he is “going to release the secret anyway.”

As it turns out, Weidner’s “elixir of life” is the long since debunked ‘monatomic gold’ that was first ‘discovered’ by David Hudson in 1975. In any case, the “secret to the elixir of life” was released, not by Weidner, but by his friend Robert Cox in a book in September 2009. The book details the author’s failed attempt to produce monoatomic gold from clay, aka “the elixir of life”.

That Weidner has no problem with just making stuff up is evidenced by his statement that there is a cube at the center of a rubik’s cube. (There isn’t). Other provably false statements from Weidner include “Time travels, like everything else, in a hypershape” [he demonstrates the truth of this by holding up that apple again] and that the first Harry Potter book is the story of Fulcanelli.

You may be surprised to learn that, according to Weidner, the film Titanic tells the story of the Iron age” and that the “first Harry Potter book sold more books than any book, ever!” (see here for a list of best-selling books)

Hyperdimensional monkey man: Jay Weidner
Hyperdimensional monkey man: Jay Weidner

Weidner also states that13,000 years ago, when we entered the Bronze age, the biggest solar flare that has ever hit the earth, hit the earth.” How exactly Weider knows this is a mystery, but in any case, the Bronze Age began around 3300BC or 5,300 years ago.

Exhibiting some real insight, Weidner then tells his audience that “the Egyptian pyramids sit at the geographic center of the earth.” The geographic center of the earth is actually in Northern Turkey.

History is a piece of cake to the ‘Hermetic Scholar’ as he explains thatwhen the gnostics were killed by the church at Montsegur in 1350 they came down from the top of the mountain and they threw themselves in the fire that the Roman soldiers(?) had made for them. […] and guess what happened! Half of the army converted to gnosticism, they were so impressed by the bravery.”

It seems that the the “gnostics” he is referring to here are the Cathars. The Cathars were besieged at Montsegur in 1244, not 1350, and there is no historical record of them “throwing themselves into the fire” or that “half the Roman army converted” as a result. In any case, in 1244, the Roman army hadn’t existed for about 600 years.

In short, Weidner’s claims are a tour de force of new age gobbledygook, full of wild and contradictory statements and outright lies. In that respect, he’s little different from the hundreds of other New Age gurus and ‘experts’ who make a dishonest living by spreading nonsense to gullible people, although the extent of Weidner’s bogus proclamations serve as evidence that this particular ‘alchemical adept’ is very adept at naturally and effortlessly telling blatant lies.

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  1. "The geographic center of the earth is actually in Northern Turkey."
    And the original "Garden of Eden" lies beneath the waters of Lake Van.

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