Amazing Discovery of Missing Girls Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

Shows that it isn’t hard for people to be “disappeared”, and makes ya wonder how many other missing persons are actually being held around the world by your average psycho citizen scumbag.

These are the three human siblings (obviously misidentified as human) who kidnapped the three girls between 9 and 11 years ago and held them in their house in Cleveland, Ohio. The evidence suggests the girls were repeatedly raped and abused by the subhuman species known as the Castro brothers. Worse still, at least one of the girls gave birth to what is most likely the progeny of one of these freaks of nature. Latest reports suggest the girls may have given birth to up to 5 babies by the Castro creatures.

Ariel Castro
Ariel Castro
Onil Castro
Pedro Castro

Check out Charles Ramsey, a neighbor of the Castro brothers, describing how he discovered the Amanda Berry as she was trying to escape the house.

7 thoughts on “Amazing Discovery of Missing Girls Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

  1. One of those phychos actually worked as a school bus driver. The women were all malnourished, and the oldest said she was kept upstairs, where chains were found hung. She says she had three miscarriages from the beatings. The other two girls were reportedly kept in the basement. I live in the area and again I’m astonished by the complete ineptitude of the police. These girls were all abducted within blocks of where they were rescued. Thank goodness the man had enough of a heart to not ignore Amanda’s call for help. Sadly, taxpayers will be strapped with the burden of court costs for these scum, but the public will never hear Dzokhar’s side of the story. Thanks for your post, Joe.

  2. Disgusting. We'd put down a dog for far less so I hope execution is an option for these three.

  3. Joe, you might want to consider updating your archived pages in fairness to the two other Castro brothers who were found not to have anything to do with it at all…unless you know something I don't…

  4. Update from last week. The accused agreed to a plea deal saving his sorry ass from the death penalty, agreeing to a life term, with no parole plus another 1000 years for good measure. Also, he gives up all parental rights to the 6 year old and the house is to be destroyed in the next few weeks. I still think the other brothers knew, but had no contact with the girls [according to the girls statements to police]. The good news is that Amanda was at a concert over the weekend, and appeared on stage looking very good, and the youngest also appeared on TV stating she would be home schooled to complete high school, and was planning to go to college. Such courage and resolve! The third girl who suffered the miscarriages was living with Gina, but is keeping a very low profile. Thank goodness they won't need to appear in court, but even the prosecuter said he only agreed to the plea for his own sake, not for saving the girls from testifying.

    1. Thanks for the update Mary Jane. I too am suspicious of the other brothers. While the girls have said they had no contact with the brothers, bags were used to cover their heads on occasion, so how could they know. Anyway, glad to hear that things are going well for them, or as well as can be expected after such a truly horrible ordeal and abuse by an man who doesn't quality as human, IMO.

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