Boston Bombing Official Story is a Tissue of Monstrous Lies

Murder of two brothers, by the psychopathic elite, for the entertainment of the people
The murder of two brothers, by the psychopathic elite, for the entertainment of the people

As more details come out, it becomes increasingly clear that police/security officials attempted to murder both brothers and cover it up with a tissue of lies. In the case of the elder brother, Tamerlan, they succeeded. The younger Dhzokhar has been effectively silenced and passed into FBI custody.

Almost a week after police claimed that the Tsarnaev brothers fought a rolling street battle with dozens of heavily armed police officers, we learned Wednesday night that they had only a single handgun, according to sources who spoke with  ABC News and the AP, something that directly contradicts what officials had previously said.

And that’s just the beginning of the bullshit that the police and FBI appear to have deliberately spread to the pusillanimous mainstream media, who then passed it on to the brainwashed public.  Here are a few more ‘revelations’ that paint a VERY different picture of what happened last week in Boston:

  • After the manhunt, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said the brothers were “heavily armed” and numerous reports detailed a fairly extensive arsenal. According to a New York Times  report from April 21 citing a law enforcement official, “The authorities found an M-4 carbine rifle … two handguns and a BB gun.” Now unnamed sources say there was only a SINGLE 9mm pistol between the two brothers. Indeed,  photos of the shootout suggest only one brother had a weapon.
  • Boat gunfight? – Police initially reported that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev fired on police when they found him hiding in a boat Friday night. “ It was back and forth … yes — he was firing,” Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau told CNN Saturday. In its definitive “ tick tock” of the events, the Washington Post reported that the suspect inside the boat “was shooting back.” That has now been exposed as BULLSHIT!
  • Yesterday, the Washington Post and the AP sheepishly admitted that Tsarnaev was  UNARMED when police found him after what what was described as a “gunfight”. The truth appears to be that police riddled the boat with bullets, threw in a few flash/bang grenades, and then decided to try and contact the defenseless Dzhokhar. In the process he was shot in the neck, and police then lied to the world that he had “shot himself”.
  • 7 -Eleven and the MIT officer – Initial reports suggested the brothers tried to hold up a 7-Eleven, and then killed an MIT officer who either responded to the robbery or just happened to be in the area. But days later, authorities revealed that the holdup was committed by different suspects and the confusion was caused by the close proximity of the two events. There is still no evidence that the brothers actually killed the police officer.
  • Carjacking – Some reports indicate that the person whom the brothers carjacked  escaped while they inexplicably went into a store to buy snacks, while others say the brothers  let the victim go because he wasn’t American. It’s also still unclear which brother stole the black SUV, and which drove the Honda that followed.

In short, there are so many holes in the official story, that the entire case against them should be thrown out on the grounds of insufficient evidence and evidence of intent to pervert the course of justice on the part of the police and FBI. Indeed, given that it has been revealed that the FBI had the two brothers on their files for years, the FBI should be thoroughly investigated for what role it played in the Boston Marathon bombings.

I personally called this scenario on the very day of the Marathon bombings and in subsequent posts. I facetiously encouraged readers to immediately declare that it was “Muslim terrorists”.  I received a considerable amount of flak from people for my “lack of sensitivity” to the bomb victims. Well, to be completely honest,  because I have seen this type of scenario over and over again, I have as much sympathy for the two brothers as I have for the bomb victims. While the bomb victims were not specifically targeted for death, the two Tsarnaev brothers, as FBI patsies, clearly were. While no one is dancing on the graves of the marathon bomb victims, millions effectively dancing on the grave of the elder brother and rejoicing at the effective torture and capture of the younger.

Every single person who, in any way, rejoiced at the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the brutalisation of his brother, Dhzokhar, and then reveled in the disgusting display of jingoism that followed, should be utterly ashamed of themselves. If another bombing takes place, YOU will share part of the blame.

33 thoughts on “Boston Bombing Official Story is a Tissue of Monstrous Lies

  1. This article is bullshit!!! Yes I rejoice at the death of brother #1 and

    wish the police had killed brother #2

    1. hey scarlet, u should do what sheeps do best, head to the lushes field and graze on it, let us humans do the thinking

  2. There is no excuse for police and officials lying to cover up their misaction or inaction, or just to make themselves look like great big dangerous guys; but as far as I can tell, there is no doubt who placed the bombs for the helpless marathoners to encounter. Throwing out legitimate evidence just because it is exaggerated or because retractions to EVERY SINGLE statement did not follow instantaneously is no excuse to release a dangerous person who is without a doubt responsible for the bombings. How anyone can rejoice in a young man losing his life in this senseless way, I don't know. The surviving young man has ruined his life. At 19, his life is over. Anyone who can rejoice about that is just sick.

    1. What evidence would that be that they would throw out? In fact, what evidence AT ALL, have you been showing that links these two guys, besides a red circle?

  3. Hey Joe…you're a jackass!!! Anybody who has 'sympathy' for these terrorists ought to have his head examined. You are complete idiot. I KNEW some jerk would side with these two bombers and say the police used excess force or some other lies. These guys were planning to plant another bomb in Times Square the next day!!! You are unbelievable!!!

  4. Regardless of what was done to/toward the bombers after they had already set the bomb off. They should both be dead. Not tried and convicted and then supported by the tax payers of this country. Personally, I did not follow any bit of what happened after I had heard that yet another fool had set off a bomb in a public place. Therefore, I was not brainwashed by anyone. I heard about a bomb and then someone told me that one bomber was dead and that the cops had caught the second. Why any American would sympathize with either of these boys, is just plain ridiculous. I think the families of the people that they harmed and killed should be given this person once he is healthy again, and allowed to seek justice however they see fit

      1. Not really..—The commissioner seemed to think there were some actors—that is, he used the term "actors" and then rephrased it to "individuals" Got him on tape, and then later he was cut off. has a video regarding statement made by Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis who
        calls the two Boston Marathon explosion suspects, actors. He rephrases the statement to say, individuals. Is this a Freudian slip, or . . .Obviously the brothers got the short end of the stick if they were "actors." But, enough creditable people who should know, suggest this was a put up job—
        Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – says that most terror attacks are committed by CIA and FBI.
        Media — 13 March 2012 Apparently it's not always what we think it is, but, the intention is to make us think it is—
        and that is exactly what a false flag is banking on.

        1. Security officials often use the term "actors" to refer to individuals who "act" i.e. "take action". For example the terms "state actors" and "non-state actors" has often been used in the context of the "war on (of) terror". Basically, it's a new type of "war on terror" speak that has become increasingly common.

    1. You have not been shown any evidence that these two planted the bombs, so in fact, you were brainwashed if you believe they are guilty.

  5. Thats what i suspect the whole time,those brothers has nothing to do with the bombing they just set them up,everyone saying those two are very nice brother s even the teacher cannot believed they commit those act,thats why police shot him by the neck so he don't talk anymore!
    come on people, the poor boy is suffering because of those police!

  6. Look again in detail at the photography. The evidence that at least one of the bombings was staged using actors is overwhelming. Chris Spivey is quite obviously a nut, but the photography on his site and many others proves conclusively that actors were used, unless someone went to enormous lengths to control and fake all of the photography in a double bluff, which would be almost impossible and also pointless.

    1. I really don't see any "overwhelming" evidence for 'actors'. The same is true of Sandy Hook, there is no evidence despite the many claims that it was "staged". People who claim that "actors" were involved in such attacks don't seem to follow through with their logic. I mean, what would the point be for the FBI or CIA or other 'murky' US intel agency to plan an attack on US civilians and then decide to NOT actually carry out the attack but use "actors" instead? The whole point of these attacks is to spread very REAL fear and terror. It would be far more complicated to try and stage such an attack with "actors" rather than just plant the bomb or carry out the shooting and have the REAL victims give very REAL performances.

  7. The second brother wasn’t killed, yet…The artcle at the end reads as if he also died, which is confusing.

  8. I'm not denying what you're claiming in this article, but could you post references? "this has now been exposed as bullshit" isn't really evidence. It's hard to find this article credible when it just sounds like opinion.

  9. I am so tired of discussing the rights of these terrorist. Irregardless of the 'sensationalist' media reports; there is conclusive evidence those 2 brothers committed the bombing and several people are now dead and permanently scarred for life psychologically and physically. Can we for once focus on the rights of the dead and those that got hurt and what is left of those people that have lost a loved one through this senseless acts? I'm sure we'd all feel differently if it was one of our loved ones that got 'shredded' to pieces. Furthermore, let's celebrate the fact that the authorities has for the meantime, prevented a couple of moronic monsters to devise and conduct future terrorist acts.

    1. You're missing the point Al. There is NO conclusive evidence that the 2 brothers committed the bombing. Don't you CARE enough about the truth to be concerned about that rather than believing a comfortable lie?!?!

  10. I'm sickend that someone posted this disgusting article on facebook. Not one person commented or liked! I'm sure the 2 brothers didn't plant the bombs, kill innocent people and children either. Thank God for our freedoms, people in this country have no reality of how good we have it. The asshole who wrote this article needs to go live in a 3rd world country and have he and his family get there brains blown out by some terrorist, then maybe the USA won't seem so bad. Guess what, the justice system there won't give a shit about you or your family. Oh that's right we now have our own terrorists here to do the job so you don't need to leave. You can just sit by watch innocent people get blown to pieces and then put the blame on the police force that is out there trying to keep you safe. Your a selfish, stupid idiot. Shame on you!

  11. Is America still a free republic or have the communists and fascists finally taken over? It would appear so.

    One of the fundamental principals in American jurisprudence is the concept that an accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The standard of proof for criminal charges is beyond reasonable doubt. It is not clear and convincing evidence and certainly not a preponderance of evidence. Again, the measure is beyond reasonable doubt.

    Is there reasonable doubt at this point in the investigation? Yes, there is.

    Let me offer a similar scenario. You see man number 1 with a handgun and he is approaching man number 2. You hear gunfire and man number 2 lies on the ground, shot. You see man number 1 walking away without the gun. You did not see man number 1 shoot man number 2 only the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Your reasonable conclusion is that man number 1 shot man number 2 but you did not actually witness the shooting. Probable cause: yes, conclusive for guilt: no.

    You say, well, who else could have done it but man number 1? The prosecution will try and convenience you that man number 1 did it. The defense will counter with evidence that shows there was a third man involved who has not yet been taken into custody. Did the prosecution make its case? No, the jury (assuming a petite jury) must take the position there is reasonable doubt that man number 1 did not shoot man number 2 and either find for the defendant , not guilty or at the minimum, rule as a hung jury.

    Remember, the government has UNLIMITED resources including law enforcement investigative power and money to prosecute. In today's political environment Lady Justice has no blindfold and has been subjugated to the whim of popular nationalism.

    Remember the Duke Lacrosse case? Those students were crucified by the tabloid media and a corrupt prosecutor looking for glory and fame but were ultimately found to be innocent of the rape charges.

    We must act calm and rational and seek the facts alone even under the duress of horrendous, evil crime and the temptation to bend under the whip of hysteria and conjecture. Otherwise the cabal of communists and fascists will have succeeded in destroying our freedoms and our natural rights as Americans.

    1. there is no more "Innocent until proven Guilty" in the USA. Which is a shame because that is "justice". I agree with you, Those Boys were innocent! and should of been treated Innocent until they were proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt

  12. to be honest i quite agree with you Joe Quinn because first of all the police FBI whatever, didn't give proof to the world whatsoever because they haven't given a footage of the brothers actually placing the bombs in the library or shit and even if they the police have no right to kill or torture like that because its wrong and its probably because they are Muslims and how come that idiot of a guy who shot 11 people in a cinema didn't get killed or tortured or sent to Guantanamo bay huh because most Muslims are in fact all of them are so this is just to make islamaphobia a worldwide thing. and how comes they don't check if his disabled or not mentally stabled like the gunman who shot 11 or whatever people in the cinema huh this is just to give Muslims a bad image.

  13. Very nice article Joe! But nobody want to listen!! I will share this article ;))

  14. Hi there,
    Im not a truther, but am worried about the revictimisation going on on twitter tags like freejahar & justice4jahar . It is giving truthers a very bad image.
    Any chance some of you could do some education on those tags?
    Victims & their families would be really pleased.

  15. Go anywhere outside the USA and the comments by the people attacking this article would appear to be written by a collection of rabidly insane zombified cretins. They pass here only because of a combination of the hive mentality and the Stockholm Syndrome.

    The web of lies so weakly supporting this staged event is obvious to anyone with a 3rd grade mental aptitude. If your mind is weak enough to buy this pack of lies at face value, you are beyond help.

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