oswaldCaveat  Lector: This short essay is written for those who are already familiar and comfortable with the evidence that elements of the US political, industrial and military establishment, rather than Lee Harvey Oswald, were responsible for the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Within the first year of JFK’s presidency, it undoubtedly became clear to the CIA and other power brokers within the US that this particular president was not like the others. He wasn’t exactly supportive of the role of ‘prosecutors of covert and proxy wars’ that the CIA had carved out for itself over the preceding 10 years. He wasn’t inclined to sit back and watch as the military-industrial complex generated massive profits at the expense of the freedoms and lives of America’s growing underclass and dark-skinned people in ‘far off lands’. In short, he had the bizarre notion that, as President, he should genuinely serve the people rather than act as a mere puppet of, and spokesman for, the ruling elite of the day.¬† More to the point, he planned to use the massive support he had garnered and enjoyed among the American population to do it. Read More →