Abducted Israeli Teenagers Found Dead – How Convenient (for Israel)

The 3 kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers
The 3 kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers

Ya gotta wonder…

About a month ago, a Fatah-Hamas unity government was sworn in. The Israelis warned/threatened the whole world not to recognize it because Israel has worked hard over the past 40 years to prevent any form of Palestinian unity from breaking out. But Netanyahu’s demands fell on deaf ears and several countries, along with the U.N., welcomed the development. Norway went as far as to ‘normalize relations’ with the new ‘interim government’.

About 1 week after the Fatah-Hamas deal, three Israeli teenagers went missing/were kidnapped in the West Bank. No one claimed responsibility, but, as always, Israel pointed the finger at Hamas.

Today, it was announced that the bodies of the three teenagers have been found, with the prevailing sentiment being that, if Hamas can be connected in any way to the deaths, even by supposition, the embryonic unity government is ‘dead in the water’. Of course, Netanyahu didn’t hesitate in blaming Hamas directly for the murders; he offered no evidence for his assertion, relying instead on emotional manipulation and the racism on which Israeli society thrives.

The entire episode is a bit too convenient (for the Israelis) to be believable. Either the unity government is now dead, as predicted, or Israel uses the deaths of the three teens to justify another round of bombing of the Gaza strip, literally blowing apart (once again) the latest attempt at Palestinian unity.

So, am I really suggesting that some special element of the Israeli state security apparatus could have abducted and killed three Israeli teenagers for ‘political purposes’? Sure I am. How could they have pulled off such an operation when the three teenagers were abducted in the West Bank? Quite easily, when you understand the extent to which the Palestinian territories (or what’s left of them) are infiltrated and overrun by the Israelis. For example:

Portraits of Palestinian Resistance

Electronic Intifada
Rima Merriman
8 June 2006

Palestinian resistance to the occupation comes in many shapes and forms, some of which involves armed resistance undertaken by organized groups with various ideologies. These groups are composed of barely trained young men who pit their meager and crude resources against one of the best trained and best equipped military body in the world, the Israeli Occupation Forces. […]

Israel’s control of and entrenchment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, its continual attempts to stamp out Palestinian resistance to the occupation at any cost, relies heavily on intelligence gathered by Shabak, the 5,000-strong Internal General Security Service of Israel, whose motto is “Defender who shall not be seen”.

With a cadre of well-trained, Arabic-speaking Israeli informants who are indistinguishable physically from the Palestinian population, Shabak has little problem gathering intelligence on a people whose every movement is regulated by hundreds of check points and by total Israeli control on their borders. These infiltrators prey on Arab innate hospitality and friendliness. The Palestinians call them “musta’ribeen”, i.e., “those who appear to be Arabs”. Palestinians are not surprised when someone, somewhere comes up to them and says: Got you!

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  1. I have to wonder at the number of rabid Jew-haters with Jewish names. i.e. Goebbels,Mengele, Quinn

    1. That's a good one! I also have to wonder at the number of willfully blind authoritarian types on the planet, and the untold suffering they contribute to because, somewhere along the way, the lost their humanity and ability to recognize injustice.

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