ISIS and Coincidence Theorists

ISIS-libyaDays before Isis released its gory video depicting the Christian Egyptians’ beheadings, Libya’s former Prime Minister warned that the group would soon reach the Mediterranean and even Europe if order was not restored in the country.

Ali Zeidan said Libya’s fractured government and easy access to weapons seized during the fall of Colonel Gaddafi made it more susceptible to the activities of jihadists, according to The Times.

“(Isis) are growing. They are everywhere,” he added.

Here’s where the coincidence theorists come in.

It’s just a coincidence that the US invaded and occupied Iraq and created the conditions for the rise of ISIS in that country.

It’s also a coincidence that the US and EU trained and financed the “Syrian rebels” to wage war on Assad and facilitate “ISIS” to take over large parts of Syria and then Iraq, carrying out expertly filmed beheadings of Western citizens.

It’s equally coincidental that NATO bombed Libya in 2011, ousting Gaddafi, coincidentally opening the way for “ISIS” to get a foothold there and carry out these recent beheading of…you guessed it, Christians.

All of which is scaring the hell out of Western Christan populations thereby, coincidentally, opening the way for the US and EU governments to justify further imperial military adventures in the middle east and beyond.

Coincidence? You betcha! And don’t get me started on “incompetence theorists”.

13 thoughts on “ISIS and Coincidence Theorists

      1. And before that? Ottoman empire? Slavery? Invading Europe? The Sub Continent? Have you ever studied it? How it spread? Rather STS ain't it? What islam did to so much of the world is very similar to what Europeans did to the Native Americans. Ever studied the life of Mohammed? Bit of a bad boy wasn't he? Why is it you and SOTT will freely attack the West and Israel (which is often merited) but barely say a thing about islam? Do you seriously think that if Israel ceased to exist and if the West left them alone that islamic nations would be stable societies?

        1. There was nothing wrong with the Ottoman Empire. Jews, Christians and Muslims alike lived in relative peace. Slavery? The most prominent slave traders were white western Christians. I’ll remind you that Muslims brought civilization back to Europe after the “dark ages”. That was your “invasion” I suppose.

          It seems your reading of history is either selected or based only on official sources, and even then you appear to ignore officially accepted truth about the Muslim world. It seems you’re allowing the crass black and white anti-Muslim propaganda of the last 10 years to influence the last 1000 years!

          It is beyond doubt that if the West had not repeatedly interfered in the Middle East over the last 100 years, most of the Middle East would today be dominated by progressive, secular modern pan-Arabist governments. It s was precisely that kind of movement that the British, French and Americans repeatedly stamped out in favor of supporting “right wing” fundamentalist Islamic minorities.

  1. I'm in the process of answering your post but it seems you haven't answered my questions pertaining to Mohammed and islam.

    1. What would you like me to say about Mohammed? Who was, most likely, a fictional character, just like Jesus. As for Islam, maybe you should read my reply again. I answered all of your points.

  2. Fictional or not you could say something about his character. Remember millions see him as a role model. Ever read the koran and the hadith? As for the pan arab democracy you talk of, highly doubtful, if the rest of the world can't do it how can they? You seem to take a "Horrible Histories" view of it all. That is, barely mention it. My reading of history is not selective, I've learnt about islam first hand from moslems themselves and and was invited to convert. I can understand if you don't want to say anything negative about islam and Mo. You don't want to cop a bullet, you know that.

    1. Say something about who's character? Mohammed? Are you nuts? He's a fictional character! Millions see Jesus as a role model too, except they use him to justify war on Muslims. You've obviously swallowed too much mainstream media propaganda and lies. Better try a purgative.

      1. Doesn't matter if he's fictional or not he's a role model. There's a big difference between whats written about JC and Mo. Mo is an extremely violent character. Am I nuts? is Ayaan Hirsi Ali nuts too? Been looking at your SOTT site and see that you say virtually nothing about islam or mo, both excellent examples of ponerization and psychopathy. Nor do you say anything about feminism or the gay rights movement even though the C's mentioned that the latter was a program. The only t hing that sets you apart from other lefties is your dismissal of the global warming scare campaign, which is one of the few things you do right.. As I said before, I've studied islam and experienced first hand what it's like, it's nasty! Seriously, you and SOTT, pathetic!

        1. Yes, you are nuts. The violence that has been done in the name of Christianity far surpasses that done in the name of Islam. Deal with it.

          1. Doubt it, and islam was violent long before the USA came into being, anyway doesn't mean that you have to avoid discussing islam. I've been studying SOTT and the forum, I do searches for mo, islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, next to nothing, ditto too for the seriously ponerized feminism and gay movements. Searched for the genocide of West Papuans by the Indonesians, zilch, nada sweet FA. Plenty on the US, Israel and so forth. Pathetic.

  3. SOTT shares an article on a Jewish peer who is a paedophile.

    Search SOTT for the Rotheram mass rape. Nothing! Search the forum it get mentioned in a thread that decribes moslems as victims. It's mentioned in another thread too which comes to a screeching halt a the mention of it because people may start to talk of moslems in a negative way. Hey Joe how about an article on what's happening in Sweden and the 'sensitive zones in France' and the poor wittle muswim victims.

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