This world is a dystopian freak show, by any standards

ImageThe world is so messed up that calling it a ‘freak show’ doesn’t quite do it justice. We need a new word to capture just how backwards, upside down, screwed up, and utterly freakish our world really is. Thankfully, we may have found one, thanks to our friends in Russia and an odious little troll known to inhabit the U.S. State Department until approximately 1 week ago. The whole world is psaki. We may also have found a word to describe the only proper response to seeing just how psaki the world is, thanks to Jen Psaki’s equally cringe-worthy, ‘ex-CIA’ deputy, Marie. There’s only one thing to do when you’re confronted by such a scale of lies: to harf.

What makes the world so psaki? Why does it make us want to harf? Well, let’s start with the people who inspire the words. What can we say about Jen Psaki and Marie Harf? They’re both perfect poster children for the banal psychopathology upon which the USA, and by extension the rest of the world, is built. They’re oh, so ‘normal’ with their cute smiles, propensity to humor and the ease with which they handle difficult situations. They’re not just living the American dream, they are the American dream. But closely study these people, what they say and the way they say it, and you realise that those charming traits are used to mask a cold-blooded and ruthless ability to tell bare-faced lies to the world. And not just any old lies, but lies that obscure the fact that the US government is responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians on a daily basis. When you realise that, the smile and lighthearted manner isn’t so ‘cute’ any more. Then again, they are the official State Deptartment media liaisons, and therefore are tasked with white-washing the crimes of the massive planetary boil that is the US government and all of its institutions.

Having said that, we took the announcement that Psaki would no longer be gracing the State Dept. stage with her question-dodging and lie-spewing with a bit of disappointment. Harf was a decent replacement, but Psaki was such an easy target for us to highlight US government duplicity, and her regular ‘endearing’ blunders and non sequiturs and seeming inability to distinguish truth from falsehood, provided morbid entertainment to those who could see behind the veil of cuteness. As an example, here’s what Psaki had to say on February 23rd about American stooge and president of Yemen, Hadi, who was recently deposed in the coup which sparked the Saudi and US bombardment of Yemen.

Unbelievable. If anyone’s ‘revising history’ it’s Psaki. Newsflash, Jen: the Maidan coup in Ukraine was unconstitutional. We would recommend you to actually read the Ukrainian constitution and see for yourself.

Here she is defending Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk calling Russians ‘subhumans’, and their Foreign Minister calling Putin a “f***er”, from June of last year:

As for Mini-Psaki, Marie Harf, here she is giving what she gleefully considers a ‘straight answer’ to a yes or no question, in which she refuses to answer yes or no. It appears she has graduated from the same school of governmental bullshit as Psaki:

Psaki must have been proud. Nothing is psakier and more harf-worthy than being deliberately obscure, smug, insulting, and presenting black as white. Then again, that’s the US government for ya!

Psaki and Harf are just two relatively minor and worthless humans in the grand scheme of things. But their positions make them perfect examples of pretty much everything that is wrong with this uni-polar, US-led global society that is soon to go the way of the dinosaurs: they lie, they’re arrogant, they’re smug and self-certain, they’re insulting, they’re so wrong they’re ‘not even wrong’ about anything of importance, they’re apologists for terrorism, torture, murder, and rape. This is the face of empire: all that is contemptible in human affairs, covered up with expensive clothing, expensive hair-dos, and forced smiles.

In fact, everything is backwards. Chances are, if it’s common knowledge – if you hear it coming from the mouthpieces of Western governments, media, and institutions – it’s a load of psaki harf. And it’s astounding that lies are so consistently and so strongly peddled and defended, when they’re obvious nonsense. Let’s look at just a few examples from fields other than politics that are, nonetheless, intrinsically connected to it.


Twenty years ago, practically no one knew what a sinkhole was. Now there are reports of them swallowing up sections of roads, vehicles, homes, and even people on a daily basis. The official explanations of ‘burst pipes’ and ‘subsidence’ are ludicrous. Obviously something has changed in a pretty fundamental way over the last couple of decades, but no one seems to notice. Even the earth can’t seem to ‘keep it together’ any longer. The planet is ‘opening up’, and has begun to ‘swallow’ people, cars and homes. If that doesn’t make people sit up and take notice, we don’t know what will…then again, people, in a general sense, are complete idiots. So let’s not hold our breaths. We feel compassion for them, but in the way that you feel compassion for a drowning person who won’t allow you to come near them because they won’t stop freaking out and threatening to drown both of you. You just have to keep your distance and shake your head in dismay at the tragedy of it all.


Either human life spans have become remarkably short, or something is up in the skies too. Because ‘once in a lifetime’ fireball/meteor sightings are now extremely frequent. As usual, there is no official explanation, just the repetition of “extremely rare” or “once in a lifetime”. Now and again some NASA fool pops up to explain that there are millions of space rocks circling our planet all the time, so it’s not so unusual that we would see them in our atmosphere from time to time…like once in a lifetime, or every day. It’s all in the complicated science, so don’t think too hard about it, until one lands in your neighborhood. Even then, don’t think too much about it. It was probably a gas explosion or a fertilizer plant exploding for some banal reason. Check out the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians instead.


It’s not that surprising that no one seems to be noticing the fireballs, seeing how ridiculous comet science has been for the last century. Comets are not dirty snowballs. That’s been obvious for generations, but it doesn’t stop so-called scientists from continually being baffled when the obvious smacks them in the face, or when a dirty snowball beats the odds of a snowball’s chance in hell and flies through the Sun’s atmosphere intact and they still call it a ‘dirty snowball’. NASA scientists are like an educationally challenged infant that just can’t seem to figure out that fire burns and keep sticking their hand on the hot plate.

Global Warming

Speaking of shoddy science, you’d think that these idiots would be able to realize that global warming is a fraud for the simple reason that there has been no global warming for the last 18 years. But facts mean little to government scientists and their lay lackeys, especially when they can be covertly skewed or the declining temperature data ‘hidden’ in exchange for a fat pay check.


Just take everything Psaki says about Ukraine, turn it into its opposite, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s really going on. The Maidan coup was illegal, violent, fascist, sponsored by the U.S., and aimed at making Russia angry. There hasn’t been any Russian invasion, the rebels in the east are not terrorists, and the current regime in Kiev is founded on rape, murder, and torture.


Crimea democratically chose to return to Russia. Russia didn’t ‘invade and occupy’. Crimeans are now happy to be part of Russia, much happier than they would have been suffering the “glory of Ukraine” in the form of psychopathic low-life Right Sector terrorists ‘cleansing’ the region of all things Russian. Remember that the next time you hear some brain-dead moron bemoaning the ‘loss’ of Crimea from Ukraine, and Ukraine’s ‘glorious’ ambition to take it back.


Russia is not an aggressive state. NATO has been the aggressor, and Russia has been responding as reasonably as possible given the psakiness of the morons with which it has to deal (e.g., Dr. Breedlove, or how he learned to stop thinking and love the bomb). Putin is not the next Hitler; in fact, he’s probably the sanest, smartest, most insightful and capable leader on the world stage today, leagues ahead of ineffectual puppets and intellectual minnows like Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Poroshenko, Harper and other harf-inducing excuses for human beings.


Hadi was and is a U.S./Saudi puppet. The people didn’t want him in power any longer. Rather than take the example of so-called Russian aggression in Crimea as their model – peacefully protecting the civilian population and allowing them to express their will – Saudi Arabia and the rest of the corrupt pseudo-Muslim royal family freaks in the Gulf went with the so-called democratic option: bombing the hell out of the place.


ISIS is not the greatest threat to countries like the United States. It is a collection of psychopathic mercenaries created, trained, funded, and armed by Western and Gulf states for the purpose of ‘asymmetric’ warfare against nations it wishes to destabilize and to prevent from becoming self-sustaining, stable powers in their own right. The so-called coalition fighting against ISIS is a joke. The airstrikes are ineffective. The U.S. and UK regularly air-drop supplies to ISIS and provide military advisers. It’s theater, and very poor theater at that.


Assad runs a secular, moderate government. He didn’t gas his own people. He is doing a better job fighting ISIS than the almost unimaginable might of the 60 nations allegedly ‘fighting ISIS’. That’s because ISIS’s purpose just happens to be exactly the same as the U.S., Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s purpose: to destabilize the region and effect regime change to ensure the status quo us upheld.


Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program. The ‘negotiations’ are a joke: they are negotiating about a non-existent issue. Iran is shackled with sanctions because Israel and the U.S. want to punish the country, keep it isolated, and make the Middle East ‘safe’ for Israeli dominance. Israel, in the form of Netanyahu, has been claiming Iran is “about to get the bomb” for 20 years! Why does anyone take this person seriously? He’s obviously not a serious person.


Democracy is a hollow word. No, scratch that, it’s actually a complete bullshit word devoid of any meaning. Calling the system of government in the ‘freedom-loving’ West ‘democracy’ is like saying that inmates of a mental asylum enjoy all the benefits of democracy. They are free to run around and bang their heads off walls and smear food on their faces all they want. On the other hand, any semblance of real democracy in the world is labelled ‘authoritarianism’ (as in Russia), or ‘illegal’ (as in Crimea), by the West, while gross violations of democratic principles and practices are lauded as perfectly all right: illegal invasions, murderous predator drone strikes, systematic torture, stifling of dissent, mass surveillance, rigged elections, false-flag terrorism. But we suppose that ‘rule by the people’ still makes sense, if the only ‘people’ are the 1% and the others are only ‘subhumans’, as Yats sees Russians.


The police force in the U.S. is no different than an organized crime mob. Actually, scratch that, they’re worse. They lie, cheat, steal, rape, and murder without consequence. They kill more civilians in a month than the UK police force does in a century. They are not here to ‘serve and protect’. Most of the people who want to become cops are people who enjoy power for its own sake, who enjoy violence, and who don’t have much going on in the region of the head that usually contains the brain. But they do have a serious inferiority complex. These people should be knocking each other senseless in a boxing ring, not charged with a position of any social responsibility.


Modern western culture is shallow, crude, hedonistic. It disparages real thought, values, and spirit. Western philosophy is even worse. Truth is confined to an abstract realm that ignores the facts of human experience, or confined to a narrow category of things that can make money. When matter is the be-all-end-all, there is no room for values, and anything is permitted: for example, making up test results, silencing authors of unpopular or inconvenient truths, and letting science essentially become a ‘propaganda catapult’ in service of business interests and profits, not truth and actual social usefulness.


Have you noticed that almost all the food that ‘they’ said would kill you in no time at all 20 years ago is now sort of essential for optimal health? And conversely, all that you were meant to stuff down your gullet with wild abandon is now being described as possibly deadly? Who are these jackasses that pass themselves off as doctors and scientists? The fact of the matter is that pretty much everything you think is true in the realm of medicine and health is probably completely wrong. We wonder how that happened? Saturated fat bad for you? Nope. Cigarettes the biggest killer? Not even close. Carbs are good for you? Fat chance. We eat the wrong foods, swallow pills we don’t need, suffer and die, all to feed an industry more interested in making a buck than making us better.

So there you have it. Anyone who has any issue with any of the above, please feel free to write to your local, state or federal politician so he or she can have a good laugh at your letter and carry on wasting/stealing your tax dollars; covering up the evidence that they and their ilk enjoy sexually abusing your children and teaching you to do the same, until your children are old enough to be conned (and encouraged by you) into joining the military (or a bank) and thereby contributing to the murder of innocents in “far off lands” for the profit of the same kind of psychopaths to whom you sent your complaint letter.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Because it ain’t gonna.

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    1. Glad I could brighten up your day with some unpalatable truth! But let's not get down about it. All things end, and the human race is just one species among many.

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