Iraqis murder US soldiers on the battlefield, Freddie Gray murders himself in a police van

police-stateIt’s the first of it’s kind they say, and I believe them. For all of recorded history, when soldiers of one country invaded and occupied another, deaths among the invading forces were accepted as ‘casualties of war’, not homicides. A soldier on active duty in a war zone couldn’t be ‘murdered’. At least until now. This week, a British national, Anis Abid Sardar from north-west London, has gone on trial for the ‘murder’ of Sergeant First Class Randy Johnson in roadside attack outside Baghdad in 2007.

Johnson was attached to the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment. The US army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment was directly involved in the appropriately-named 2007 ‘Operation Imposing Law‘ (O.I.L.) that aimed to ‘take back’ Baghdad from, well, Baghdad residents. By the time the operation came to an end in Nov. 2007, thousands of Iraqis civilians had been killed as ‘collateral damage’, most of them as a result of US military fire and bombings falsely attributed to ‘al-qaeda’. Sergeant First Class Randy Johnson was just one of those killed, but he wasn’t a civilian, and as a member of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, he clearly played his part in the slaughter of Iraq civilians.

According to media reports, British national of Iraqi parents Anis Abid Sardar’s fingerprints were allegedly found on fragments of a road side bomb that was linked to the one that killed Johnson, and Sardar is therefore standing trial for Johnson’s murder. Some choice comments by the clearly deluded prosecuting ‘Queen’s Council’, Max Hill, include:

Sardar “was involved in offenses of the most serious imaginable”. Yes, fighting against an occupation force that had, by that time, killed 600,000 Iraqis is serious business, and understandably ‘offensive’ to the British and US elite.

Max Hill, QC, WTF, LOL.

He was “directly involved in making bombs for use in Iraq during 2007, several years after the 2003 war” (apparently this pompous ass of barrister thinks the Iraq war ended when that other ass – Dubya Bush – pronounced ‘Mission Accomplished’.

Sardar was a “guilty participant in this deadly trade, making bombs so large that they could and did cause significant damage to heavily-armoured US military vehicles, killing the unfortunate Sergeant Johnson”. Indeed. War tends to be a ‘deadly trade’ including the making and detonating of explosives with the intent of causing significant damage to the military vehicles of the invading forces and, if possible, killing the invading troops.

Common sense does not, however, appear to form part of what is shaping up to be a kangaroo court trial. All that is necessary in this case is a new definition of justice and international law whereby a member of an invading force that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians can be wrongfully killed by one of those civilians in an effort to defend himself and his people.

This court case is therefore the latest attempt to rewrite the history of the US and British invasion of Iraq. In the new, even more heavily abridged version, not only was the genocidal attack on Iraq an altruistic bestowing of “freedom and democracy” on the Iraqi people, but the actors in this benevolent drama weren’t even soldiers, but rather something like humanitarian relief workers who could, therefore, be “murdered” by backward and ungrateful Iraqis like Anis Abid Sardar.

This is but one small example among many of the increasingly putrid state of our global society as it has been shaped by the toxic influence of psychopaths in positions of power around the world. The recent murder of Freddie Gray is another.

Cop-Assisted Accidental Suicide

Freddie Gray victim of the psychopathic ideology that dominates the US police force
Gray was unlawfully detained by police in Baltimore who fabricated evidence that he had a switch-blade knife. He was then beaten (a common part of arrests of black males in America) and had his hands and feet shackled before being bundled into a police van without being secured by a seat belt. Police then took him on a ‘nickle ride‘, for fun presumably, where the van was driven at high speed with sharp turns in a deliberate attempt to injure Gray as he was thrown around the interior. As a result, Gray broke his neck. When officers stopped to check on him, he was unresponsive. Rather than take him to hospital, they proceeded to pick up another prisoner and take both men to the station. When they arrived, Gray was dead.

When members of the black community protest against these kind of blatant, racist murders by member of the police, the mainstream media focus on the inappropriateness of the very justified anger in black communities and demonize them as ‘thugs’.The truth, that the vast majority of these protests are peaceful, is ignored.

These examples of egregious injustice, and many more that we document on a daily basis on, are but symptoms of the fundamentally anti-human nature of our global system of social ‘values’. When that system was built, and is today maintained, by the fundamentally inhuman psychopathic elite, how can it be any other way? But rule by a psychopathic ‘elite’ should not be taken as an opportunity to absolve ourselves of responsibility. Through their active participation or passive ignorance, almost every single person on this planet today has participated in the creation and maintenance of the system under which we all live.

They say that the people of any given nation get the rulers they deserve, but on a broader scale, it is equally true to say that humanity gets the future they deserve, and our future is predicated most immediately on this planet’s viability as a host for human life. On both the social and environmental levels, that viability is in serious peril. Psychopaths rule, society disintegrates. Society disintegrates, the planet follows suit and society plunges further into chaos. As chaos reigns, psychopaths reassert their authority and give vent to their destructive natures, provoking more social and environmental chaos. There’s nowhere to go but down. Enjoy the ride.

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  1. Bloody hell! That sounds awful. What a mess on 3d reality, which is where 4d are in possession of the minds and souls of those who have unconsciously opened themselves up to them. 3d is a hell realm and it is so sad to see what is happening to those who are easy portals for these demonic forces. It's such an awful thing to witness, especially when the Truth is so simple and that is to know who you are on the deepest part of your Being. Then these 4th dimensionals can't touch you and that frightens them. If only people knew the truth of who they are, then they would return to their innocence and their humaness and this nonsense would no longer be necessary for their experience. We are all Christed Beings. If only people knew that.Thank you Joe Quinn. I have been listening to you for a while. You are definitely worth listening to. Bless your beautiful heart. Love Katerina Louise.

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