California Cops Assassinate Fleeing Suspect From Helicopter after causing him to crash into second vehicle

The suspect’s SUV was ‘riddled with bullets’.

The U.S. police state is no longer ‘burgeoning’ but rather in full operation. Until now, cops in the USA have had a barely plausible explanation for their summary executions of citizens: they ‘feared for their lives’ and were in direct contact with the victim.

But a car chase yesterday in Northern San Bernardino marked the first time in decades that a citizen has been executed from the air, game hunting style, by a police sniper in a helicopter.

According to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Olivia Bozek, the unnamed driver was a robbery suspect who police had attempted to take into custody during a traffic stop around 12:49 PM.

When the driver refused to stop, he was chased through Fontana on the 215 freeway until he reached northern San Bernardino. After a period of driving the wrong way down the freeway, the man got out of his Chevrolet Tahoe and “failed to park the vehicle properly”, causing it to “crash head-on into another vehicle” injuring its three occupants.

This narrative, however, is contradicted by news reports that show the man’s vehicle riddled with bullets, suggesting police shot at his car while he was still in it. It seems, therefore, that the injuries to the three people in the other vehicle were a direct result of police firing on the suspects vehicle while it was still moving, forcing him to abandon it.

Further, the body of the suspect is seen lying on the freeway covered with a yellow plastic sheet. This suggests that the man was shot and killed from the helicopter after he exited the vehicle, a point at which he presumably posed no direct threat to anyone.

Deputy Bozek’s comment that the shooting was needed to prevent “more injuries to the public” appears to back up this version of events, while ignoring the fact that the the only injuries to the public were likely caused by the reckless police shooting at the suspect’s car.

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