My Recent Interview on Iran’s Press TV

In my latest appearance on PressTV’s World News, I was asked to comment on US President Obama’s statements regarding the shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet last week. Have a listen to US foreign policy explained in under 3 minutes…


4 thoughts on “My Recent Interview on Iran’s Press TV

  1. You nailed it Joe, in just a few minutes! I really hope you continue to get more air-time on Press TV and other outlets, to succinctly expose the official US 'foreign policy', masking the real imperialistic agenda, which is widely propagated by the absolutely pathetic mainstream media. Great job again. Gary

  2. Joe,

    You have been in my top 20 list of journalists across the world since even before you did your Underwear Bomber analysis which I thought was totally brilliant. Meanwhile the world is increasingly going to hell, and I have never actually bothered to try and comment on SOTT…but I wish you well. I have only ever had one thing to seriously disagree with you. Sure They Kill – but They Also Fake Stuff. The photographic evidence is overwhelming. Dave McGowan – had a spat with you about it..The Boston Bombings. I agreed with him..and questioned you on your blog (not Sott). That's O.K. – you replied ( I think you even wrote a book on the subject with Niall is it?) Sadly Dave McGowan (Center for an informed America) died this year.

    This article by your colleague Pierre Lescaudron "The Fear of Death and the Human Need for Heroes" is quite wonderful…but I am not 100% convinced that his Grandmother is still alive at the age of 101 and said that. However, I would like to point out, that my Mum – who spent a few years after the first World War as a peasant girl in France with her Grandma and her Dad (survived 4 years in The Trenches)…was born in 1915 and would be 101 in 3 months time. She was born in London. The daughter of a Music Teacher. She died holding my hand at the age of 86.

    Happy New Year,

    Tony Opmoc

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for the compliments and comments. We'll have to disagree on the Boston bombing thing. As for Pierre's grandma, I can confirm she really did just celebrate her 101st b'day, and she really did say that!

      Hope you can stick with us in 2016, as we try to continue to bring some light and truth to the situation. We're gonna need all the support we can get!

      Best wishes


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