UK Parliament Vote on Bombing Syria Makes a Mockery of Both History and British Politics

cameron-ISISWatching British MPs try to make the case  for authorizing the British military to “bomb ISIS” in Syria is reminding me of the time I saw a cat try to bury shit on a tiled floor.
It’s a somewhat disturbing, yet poignant, farce.

While almost every one of the “honorable gentlemen” waffle on about protecting people from “Daesh”, not one appears to have any awareness of the fact that the entire situation in Syria is caused by Western imperial designs on the Middle East, in this case to remove the Assad government to secure control over Middle Eastern oil and gas resources and thwart Russian expansion. I mean, it’s not like that’s anything new to anyone with a passing knowledge of history.

Many of these alarmingly ignorant people echoed Cameron’s words about not being “haunted or hamstrung by past mistakes” i.e. the Iraq war,  but if they went back a little further than 2003, to 1979, they would remember that their chief ally, the US government, funded, trained and armed tens of thousands of jihadi rebels, just like “ISIS”, to deal a blow to Russia in Afghanistan.

If they recalled that fact, they would immediately understand the cause of the Syrian situation and the reason they are being asked to vote for further UK and NATO bombing in Syria. They would also understand who was behind the Paris attacks, and why and how those attacks are being used to emotionally manipulate them into supporting further slaughter in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, as the vote nears, news reports tell us that “ISIS” is building a ‘retreat zone’ in Libya, from whence they came, after NATO bombed Libya in 2011, allowing for “ISIS” to establish themselves there, with CIA help.

3 thoughts on “UK Parliament Vote on Bombing Syria Makes a Mockery of Both History and British Politics

  1. The criminal cabal of Khazarian mafia must be dismantled… removed from all political and financial offices, arrested, and tried. This mob of evil who seek world domination cannot be tolerated any longer. If there is such a thing and justice, please free us from globalist "terrorists" who are making the world a hell. Israel and Saudi Arabia should be eliminated and the US severely chastised.

  2. Many thanks to Joe Quinn, as always wonderful articles, never miss one. Keep them coming, thankyou, Annmarie.

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