Establishment Shunts Macron into the Élysée: More Warmongering To Follow

Emmanuel Macron
Trust me, I’m a Rothschild banker…

In his “victory” speech in the 1st round of the French presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron said he will represent all French people “in facing the threat of nationalists”.

Apparently being a French nationalist is now a hate crime.

It is highly suspicious that Macron went through with most votes and will now likely win the Presidency on May 7th.

Here’s a 39 year old Rothschild banker who was virtually unknown less than one year ago, endorsed by Obama and NATO, never elected to public office, spent a couple of years as a shoe-in economy minister under Hollande where he proposed a ‘labor’ law that bears his name that hundreds of thousands protested against and had to be forced through by executive decree and with a manifesto slightly less bland than his personality. Hollande’s presidency, under which Macron served, is probably the least popular in French history. And yet we’re expected to believe that a majority of French voted for this guy??!

Sounds like a rigged game to me.

Yet despite the media already assuring everyone that Macron will easily take the laurels on May 7th, the game may not be over.

Mélenchon (the uber lefty trotskyist nut job) who received about 20% of the vote had the role of drawing votes of the large number of those disgruntled with the system away from Le Pen. He did his job well. But now Mélenchon has to decide how to urge those who voted for him to vote for Macron. Those who voted for him did so largely out of severe distaste for an establishment dupe like Macron. To avoid exposing himself for the shill he is, Mélenchon has said he will not endorse either Le Pen or Macron but will instead ask his 450,000 party members to decide via his website.

This is a sneaky move, because when he does endorse Macron, he can blame his party members. Nevertheless, his supporters may not be fooled and the result may be that they will turn to Le Pen as the only “anti-establishment” option. It’s a long shot, I know, but remember Trump. In fact, a similar scenario played out in the USA last year, when Clinton screwed over Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination. When Sanders then endorsed Clinton, many of his supporters, feeling betrayed, voted for Trump in protest.

The other point of interest is the 1% of votes won by candidate François Asselineau.

In the French regional elections in November 2015, with little to no mainstream media coverage and with only 12,000 members of his party (UPR), Asselineau received 190,000 votes, which worked out at 1% of the vote.

Today, with 26,000 party members, a month of decent mainstream media coverage, 11 million views on his youtube channel and many rallies attended by thousands of people, his total votes  increased to 300,000, which somehow works out to 0.8 %. Go figure. Voting is a murky business, hard to figure out. Open to being meddled with. Just ask the Russians.

All in all, it’s not looking good for France or the French people, all of whom would be well advised to prepare themselves. Postmodern, globalist, nihilistic, warmongering and REAL racism against Muslims everywhere has installed itself fully in La Republique.

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