3 thoughts on “My Latest ‘Debate’ on Press TV: President Macron?

  1. Good job Joe. Yes, I am sure I heard the words "vote rigging" uttered at some point! 😉

    For the other guest to make such a disingenuous remark on the 'Russian' Macron leak was simply pathetic and indeed laughable. So glad you pulled Mr Mason up on that, and the role of the French MSM in their blatant support for that sickly 'Macaron'.

    After the shock of Brexit, I don't think the Establishment would have allowed a Le Pen win. It surely would have been the final nail in the EU coffin, not to mention affecting French foreign policy.

    So Macron (Hollande 2) won 66% of the votes, yet the French public views Hollande as the “most unpopular president in recent French history” with approval ratings sometimes as low as 4%.

    Even allowing for the antipathy of some towards Le Pen, I can't see how Macron accrued such a winning margin – legitimately. Something really stinks about this election. La farce française!

    Keep up the good work.

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