>Two things to remember:

Number 1:

It has been proven that the US, British and Israeli governments and affiliated ‘intelligence’ agencies deliberately lied about the Iraq war and the ‘war on terrorism’ in general. It is not about terrorism, it is (largely) about oil and control of that vital resource. Any testimony from the the US, UK or Israeli governments and ‘Intelligence’ agencies about the war on terrorism should therefore be automatically rejected as not credible.

Number 2:

Don’t expect the mainstream media to ever admit the truth about the Iraq war or that which led to it. The mainstream media’s promotion of the Bush government lies about the Iraq invasion means they are complicit in the murder of more than 1 million Iraqi citizens. Like any accomplice to a crime, they will do all they can to hide their culpability.


“I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows, that the Iraq war is largely about oil” – Alan Greenspan former head of the Federal Reserve

Tin-pot Iraqi dictator-in-waiting, Ayad Allawi was the US-appointed ‘interim-Iraqi Prime Minister’ for 9 months in 2004-5. Today he defeated incumbent Nouri al-Maliki to the position of Prime Minister by 10,000 votes according to reports.

Now there’s one more CIA stooge ruling over yet another formerly sovereign nation and people.

Under CIA direction he ran an exile organization, the Iraqi National Accord, in the early 1990s that sent agents into Baghdad to plant bombs and sabotage government facilities in an effort to depose Saddam Hussein. Their targets included a mosque, a movie house and a newspaper — the latter strike killing a child passing by. Ex-CIA operatives said a bus full of schoolchildren was also blown apart.

As interim Iraqi Prime minister in 2004-5, Allawi was responsible for operating death squads out of the Iraqi interior ministry in an effort to divide Iraqi society and create the appearance of ‘civil war’ between Iraq’s Sunni and Shia populations and thereby divide and conquer the Iraqi resistance to US occupation lead by Moqtada al Sadr.

On Thursday 14 October 2004, Allawi stated: “[w]e have asked Fallujah residents to turn over al-Zarqawi and his group. If they don’t do it, we are ready for major operations in Fallujah”. Fallujah, a city of 300,000 people was then mercilessly bombed. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians were killed, many of them horribly burned with illegal white phosphorus shells.

In 2004 it was reported that Allawi personally executed six bound ‘insurgents’ – ordinary Iraqis fighting US occupation.

On at least one occasion in 2004 Allawi personally intervened to prevent a ceasefire and peace talks with the Iraqi resistance because he realised that any just peace settlement in Iraq would, by popular mandate, not include either him or his CIA masters in a controlling position.

In 2005 arrests were issued for Allawi and 27 of his former ‘ministers’ in the interim government over the alleged disappearance or misappropriation of $1 billion in military procurement funds.

With Allawi as Prime Minister, Iraq will be more secure as the latest trophy in the American Empire’s cabinet, as will the the illegal contracts originally signed by Paul Bremer in 2004 to give all of Iraq’s resources to American companies.

>Strange things, such strange and stoopid things…

Back in February this year, we were treated to the ridiculous story of ‘Terrorists With Explosive Breast and Implants‘, although at that point the story appears not to have been given much in the way of wide-spread coverage.

Fast forward to the end of March and amid reports that the images of your private parts taken by airport scanners are not exactly private and resistance to the use of the scanners on the rise, the follow story broke:

Woman ‘ogled’: airport worker warned over body scanner use

A security worker at London’s Heathrow Airport has received a police warning and faces disciplinary action over claims he ogled a female colleague using a full-body scanner, officials said yesterday.

The 25-year-old worker made lewd comments after his colleague Jo Margetson, 29, mistakenly strayed into the scanner, which can see through clothes to produce an image of the body, the Sun newspaper reported.

Ideally this story would have been used by the mainstream press to represent the growing public consensus that the scanners are a serious breach of privacy, but this is no ideal world, and the mainstream press has long since been little more than the government’s press office. The very same day then that the ‘Ogling’ story broke, for some cynical reason, mainstream media outlets chose to revisit the ‘Boob bomber’ with a vengeance. Google “breast implant bomb” and you’ll see that virtually all reports are from the 24th and 25th of March.

As to the very idea of boob and butt bombers, that apparently came courtesy of England’s private army, MI5/MI6, by way of right wing pundit and editor of Worldnetdaily Joseph Farah who originally published the claim on his news outlet back in February. Apparently Farah then spoke to the UK Sun tabloid newspaper and the story got new legs, breasts and buttocks. The Sun reported that, after the Christmas knicker bomber farce, MI5 “picked up chatter” that led them to the belief that boobs might be the new bombs. If this is true, then it’s probably not, given that English ‘intelligence’ agencies have a long track record of telling humongous porkie pies about terrorism.

Clearly the crotch bomb was a failure. Would boob or buttock bombs fare any better? It’s unlikely. First of all is the fact that the would-be bombers body would absorb most of the blast. Secondly you have the problem of how to detonate the fantastical device. “Excuse me madam, what is the purpose of those wires attached to your bosom?” You get the picture. It’s all for your entertainment, or your brainwashing, depending on how informed you are.