MI5/CIA Pick Up ‘Chatter’ – Invent ‘Boob Bombers’ – Media Likes It

According to the US government, terrorists (not dressed like this) could use surgically implanted bombs to 'destroy our freedom and democracy'

I haven’t said much about the relatively new concept of ‘boob and butt bombers’, so I suppose it’s time I did.

While we were first treated to the ridiculous story of ‘Terrorists With Explosive Breast Implants‘ early last year (which led to thousands being groped at airports), the TSA regurgitated the ridiculous notion again this past July 12th, warning airlines around the world to the “potential risk of implanted explosives.

The idea of boob and butt bombers seems to have originally sprang from the fertile (if depraved) minds of England’s MI5/MI6, by way of right wing pundit and editor of Worldnetdaily Joseph Farah who originally published the claim on his news outlet back in February 2010. Apparently Farah then spoke to the UK Sun tabloid newspaper and the story got new legs (and breasts and buttocks). The Sun reported that, after the Christmas knicker bomber farce, MI5 “picked up chatter” that led them to the belief that boobs might be the new bombs. If this is true, then it’s probably not, given that English ‘intelligence’ agencies have a long track record of telling humongous porkie pies about terrorism.

Clearly the Christmas crotch bomb was a failure. Would boob or buttock bombs fare any better? It’s unlikely. First of all is the fact that the would-be bombers body would absorb most of the blast. Secondly you have the problem of how to detonate the fantastical device. “Excuse me madam, what is the purpose of those wires attached to your bosom?”

Even individuals who make a living from promoting the bogus war on terror seem reluctant to endorse this particular scare tactic. According to Seth Jones, a senior political scientist for the RAND Corp.,and who served until March 2010 in the Special Operations Command at the U.S. Defense Department in Arlington, Virginia, “destroying a plane in the air that way would be a really, really tough thing to do,” he said

Former TSA acting deputy administrator Tom Blank also reluctantly admitted that “for such an attack to succeed, a lot of things need to line up.”

So you get the picture. It’s all for your entertainment, or your brainwashing, depending on how informed you are.

By the way, the suggestion that this clearly made-up threat is designed to justify the continuation of the TSA’s ‘enhanced groping’ policy at airports and thereby increase job satisfaction among employees and intimidate ordinary citizens, has been rejected by official sources as evidence of ‘clear-headed thinking’ and therefore potentially a federal crime.

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