East Ukrainian rebels inspect the crash site of MH17

East Ukrainian rebels inspect the crash site of MH17

Is everyone enjoying the show? The ridiculously transparent attempt by the entire Western media and their political ‘elite’ masters to use the alleged shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 as part of their ‘asymmetric’ warfare against Russia and Vladimir Putin. Even the supposedly ‘leftist’ UK Guardian newspaper has been running headlines like World demands answers from Russia after Malaysia Airlines plane’s destruction over Ukraine and Hilary Clinton (wasn’t she fired?) wasted no time in declaring authoritatively that Russian rebels were responsible for the downing of the plane and that “Putin has gone too far”. Clinton’s statement clearly exposes her own and her former government’s complete lack of respect for due process, truth, and the extreme prejudice with which they both view the Russian Federation. It’s also clearly complete and utter BS because no one could possibly know who was responsible for the shooting down of Flight MH17 just a few hours after it fell out of the sky.

Then again, the US government never did let the facts get in the way of a good dose of propaganda, and to be fair, from the point of view of Clinton and her ilk, Putin has gone ‘too far’, but it has nothing to do with any Malaysian aircraft. Read More →

Dim-witted patsies, easy prey for British 'war on terror'-mongers

Dim-witted patsies, easy prey for British ‘war on terror’-mongers

More ‘Muslim terror plot’ horse-shit from the British authorities was revealed this week at the trial of three Birmingham men who were accused of planning a “mass suicide bomb plot” that would have been “worse than 7/7” according to hysterical British police and mainstream media. About 39 years ago, six Irish Catholics were tortured by British authorities and forced to confess to planting bombs in two pubs in Birmingham. Their deliberately and obviously wrongful convictions were overturned after they had spent 16 years in a British prison.

Reading the newspaper headlines you could be forgiven for thinking that British authorities had thwarted the worst criminal terrorist plot to wage mass murder on the British public since the Nazi blitz. If you look a little deeper than the headlines however, you’ll quickly realise that this is just more evidence that British intelligence agencies (like their US counterparts) dedicate themselves to finding young, (usually unemployed) British Muslims who are low on intelligence and high on personal hubris and bravado to parade in front of the British and World public as ‘evidence’ of a ‘Muslim terror threat’ and, therefore, why the British public should look to the British establishment for protection.  Read More →

The Century 16 movie theater early on Friday morning, July 20, 2012. A 24-year-old man gave himself up to police after telling them he “possibly” had explosives in his home.

Claiming 70 victims, 12 confirmed dead and 58 injured, the mass shooting Friday at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, about 10 miles from Denver, is the worst mass shooting in US history. Cinema goers were 30 minutes into a sold-out midnight screening of the newly-released third installment of the Dark Knight Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, when someone described by witnesses as dressed “entirely in black” in full SWAT/riot gear – including gas mask, ballistic helmet, bullet-proof vest, bullet-proof leggings, throat and groin protection, and black tactical gloves – entered an emergency side exit of the theater.

After releasing cannisters of tear gas into the packed movie theater, he proceeded to calmly shoot members of the audience, picking off anyone who tried to escape along the aisles. Most of the movie-goers were between 15 and 25 years of age. When the gunman decided he was done, he exited the way he came, downed his weapon and gave himself up to police. A law enforcement source told CBS News the suspect was well-equipped, with one rifle, two handguns and a knife. There were also unidentified explosives found in his vehicle. He also informed them about “possible” explosives in his apartment. When Aurora police showed up at the University of Colorado medical campus address, they found his apartment rigged with trip wires, thousands of rounds of ammunition, jars full of highly flammable liquid that would explode on mixing and 30 improvised grenades. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said “I personally have never seen anything like what the pictures show us is in there.”

There’s more to this story than meets the eye, however. Read More →

Low budget Pentagon psyops production

Sometimes the hypocrisy and lies get so blatant, so egregious, that life has a to step in to tell it like it is because no one seems to be getting it. The only problem is that ‘life’ usually speaks in metaphor or symbols that require sharp eyes to spot. But even so, the recent case of American soldiers pissing on dead Afghans was hard to miss as a perfect description of US government and military attitude towards Afghanistan, and, come to think of it, the rest of the world. Read More →

'Yahweh' in his 'fiery chariot'

Think about it, he has to be. Anger, jealously, covetousness, vengeance, extreme bias towards his ‘chosen people’ in the Israel-Palestine conflict, all these are hallmarks of the politics of a die hard Republican. Well, we should probably say ‘were’ hallmarks of a die-hard Republican. Nowadays they are also the hallmarks of die-hard Democrats, the two-party system having apparently given way to the unifying power of “Christo-Judaism” and the influence of their representatives on earth – the Washington Neocons. Read More →

So a ‘lone wolf’ ‘home-grown terrorist’ has been apprehended, in the nick of time, by the FBI and NYC cops. Or so the story goes. The problem is, we’ve heard this one before, many times. Jose Pimentel, like so many others alleged ‘jihadis’ before him, is undoubtedly the victim of yet another FBI sting operation rather than a dangerous terrorist. FBI sting operation? “What’s that?” I hear you ask. Well, in case you’ve fallen victim to the 10-year-long ‘war on terror’ government and media mind-job, allow me to explain, or rather, allow me to point you to some fairly reliable sources. Read More →

According to the US government, terrorists (not dressed like this) could use surgically implanted bombs to 'destroy our freedom and democracy'

I haven’t said much about the relatively new concept of ‘boob and butt bombers’, so I suppose it’s time I did.

While we were first treated to the ridiculous story of ‘Terrorists With Explosive Breast Implants‘ early last year (which led to thousands being groped at airports), the TSA regurgitated the ridiculous notion again this past July 12th, warning airlines around the world to the “potential risk of implanted explosives. Read More →

Where's wally?

I’m sure we’re all very tired by now of the Osama bin Laden nonsense, I know I am, and I really wish it would just go away. Sadly, that seems an unlikely prospect in the near future.

I’ve already provided more than enough evidence for all rational people to seriously doubt the authenticity of the “Osama bin Laden is dead” story. I’ve also exposed the many faked images and videos of the alleged terrorist mastermind that were released over the past 10 years. But the US government and CIA aren’t ready to quit just yet. It would appear that they’re determined to push the boundaries of belief and exploit public credulousness to the max (and perhaps beyond).

You’re probably aware that yesterday, Sat. 7th May 2011, the US government released “new” videos of ‘bin Laden’ that they claimed were part of the haul from the ‘compound’ in Pakistan, which, by the way, is very conveniently scheduled for destruction. Read More →

That’s what we all should be shouting today. After all, ‘Bin Laden’ has died several times already, and there have clearly been several ‘Bin Ladens’ over the past 10 years:

First there was this Bin Laden:


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