William Rodriguez Gagged

William Rodriguez with his WTC1 pass and skeleton key

William Rodriguez worked as a janitor at the North Tower of the WTC and was in the basement of the building on the morning of 9/11 2001.

For the past 7  years, Rodriguez has been traveling the world, speaking to audiences about his experiences that day, specifically, that about 10 seconds before he and his colleagues heard the sound of Flight 11 hitting the upper floors, there was a massive explosion that came from the sub-basement mechanical level below them.

Here’s a short summation of Rodriguez’s experience in his own words:

Today, I received the following from a trustworthy friend, who is also a friend of William Rodriguez, I have no reason to disbelieve it:

“Willy Rodriguez called me yesterday to share a recent ordeal. On 9/10/11, he was scheduled to appear for an on-air interview with Voice Of America. This was to be followed, on the same day, by an interview with CNN.

Obviously, this was a huge opportunity to reach millions — possibly billions — of people around the world.

Well, needless to add, “The Authorities” were fully cognizant of the potential damage this kind of publicity could have unleashed by unraveling The Big Lie.

When Willy turned up at the Federal building in NYC where VOA’s offices are located, he was promptly arrested by DHS goons and thrown in the slammer — sans charges — for a full 24 hours.

Once they made certain Rodriguez had been denied this singular opportunity to address a global audience, he was released, and all “charges” (whatever they might have been) were dropped.

When Willy appeared in court for his arraignment the following day — mandated by NY law — the judge informed Rodriguez that his case did not even have a Docket Number. In other words, it did not exist — a fact the judge himself admitted was absolutely shocking, and unprecedented in his many years on the bench.

Such is the power of the forces at work (not that you need to be reminded).”


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