Canadian Plane ‘Crash’ Coincides With Military ‘Air Disaster Simulation’

Spotted this:

“A 737 passenger jet crashed Saturday near Resolute Bay, Nunavut, in Canada’s High Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others on board.

Nunavut RCMP said First Air charter flight 6560 was travelling from Yellowknife to Resolute Bay with 15 people on board, including four crew members.”

And couldn’t ignore this detail:

“Hundreds of military personnel are currently in the area for the massive military exercise Operation Nanook. But the co-ordination centre says that the incident was not a part of a simulation planned for the operation.”

Checked into the details of the operation:

“The second part of Operation NANOOK 11 is a Canadian whole-of-government exercise that includes a simulated Major Air Disaster and maritime emergency scenarios […]

The major air disaster exercise will be conducted in the vicinity of Resolute Bay”

I mean seriously, what are the odds…

And of course, the scenario wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the warmongers-in-chief:

“Canada has also invited the United States naval destroyer USS Porter, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alder, and the Royal Danish Navy ocean patrol vessel HDMS Vaedderen and offshore patrol vessel HDMS Knud Rasmussen for the purpose of exercising and increasing its interoperability with Arctic allies.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the survivors and eyewitnesses say…if they’re allowed to say anything at all. Luckily enough, PM Harper was pre-scheduled to arrive in the area on Monday, so, let the white-wash and spin begin.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Plane ‘Crash’ Coincides With Military ‘Air Disaster Simulation’

  1. Cmon man!You really think all what you write?They are doing this exercise each year and they dont crash a plane each year aren't?

    1. That\’s not really the point. The point is that there was an air crash disaster simulation going on at the time of the crash. At the very least the possibility of the crash being caused by some aspect of the \’simulation\’ should be investigated.

  2. Indeed, had the same thought when the story broke. Also, while the leader of the opposition was laying in state, where is the warmonger-in-chief, up-there of course hawking gold mines and military ops – what a guy.

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